Tuesday 21 November 2017


11 year-old Barron Trump taller than mom!

President Trump has put more than 36 people from the George W. Bush administration into his administration.

Bush veterans have been put in charge of  implementing foreign policy.


Donald Trump has surrounded himself with Bush associates, says longtime Trump associate Roger Stone.

Taller than mom!

Stone notes Trump's missile strike in Syria.

Stone notes Trump's agreement to send more U.S. troops to Afghanistan.

Stone notes Trump's plans to limit tax deductions for state and local taxes.


Donald Trump's backers include: Dick Cheney [4] and Donald Rumsfeld [8]

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At 21 November 2017 at 02:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barron, in fact, is almost as tall as his dad

At 21 November 2017 at 05:09 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Even the Alt-Right says the Alt-Right is Jewish

From an 'Alt-Right' publication, the 'Renegade Tribune', article by Roger Mace -

14 Jewish or Jewish-linked « e-celeb personalities, 'leaders' of the Alt-Right Alternative Right aka Zionist Right ... No wonder Jewish journalists can’t get enough of this 'movement'!»

« Mike Cernovich: Twice admitted to Jewish ancestry, never criticizing Jews

Mike 'Enoch' Peinovich: Married a Jewess, used to be pro-Israel on his website 'TRS - The Right Stuff'

Ramsey 'RamZ' Paul: Admits to Jewish ancestry, behaves like an FBI informant, close friends with Jewish journalists, joking about paedophilia

Milo Yiannopoulos: Jewish, homosexual

Stefan Molyneux: Jewish, has an obsession with pitting children against their parents

Andrew 'weev' Auernheimer: Jewish

Curtis Yavin: Jewish, Zionist supremacist, associated with Peter Thiel

Richard Spencer: Supports Zionism, rumours about Jewish ancestor

Alex Jones: Married a Jewess, never criticizes Jews, pushes implausible conspiracy theories that point away from Jews and Deep State operations

Jared Taylor: Supports Jewish supremacy, ardent Zionist

Theodore Robert Beale aka 'Vox Day': Supports Israel and Zionism

Jason Kessler: FBI associate, probably Jewish

Pax Dickinson: Founder of 'Alt-Right' party with ultra-Zionist Jewish Peter Belau

Matt Forney: Had Jewish girlfriend Ann Sterzinger »


At 21 November 2017 at 10:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel to deport 40,000 African refugees without their consent

At 21 November 2017 at 11:13 , Anonymous Ghost Who Walks said...

Ugh! Bring back the good old days of George Lincoln Rockwell and the evening email compilation at VNN! Itz time to "unlike the K*ke!

At 21 November 2017 at 11:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 21 November 2017 at 13:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting. Almost perfect trap to seduce goyim...

Circle. And majority of sheeple wonder how few can controm the many.

At 24 November 2017 at 00:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do the two photos of Barron look like two very similar people but not quite the same person. Is there two Barron trumps?

At 24 November 2017 at 00:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonder where they are planning to send them to. Musical countries, who will take away the next seat!

At 24 November 2017 at 09:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i believe i read he is 5 10, for a 10 yr old, odd. Odd because how do you react to hi as a little boy? I would think hard to do.

At 24 November 2017 at 09:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read they have doubles, i thought as much, but maybe it is camera angle and we don't know the ages of the pics?

At 24 November 2017 at 10:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not appear the same person.


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