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Kim Jong-Un, "pictured above left, took part in his school musical, Grease."

Kim Jong-Un was most likely mind controlled at his school in Switzerland.

Kim Jong-Un is most likely a CIA asset.

Above, "we see Kim Jong-Un at school in Switzerland".

Kim likes American movies, such as Jurassic Park.

Above, "we see Kim Jong-Un at school".

All the children of Kim Jong-il are said to have lived in Switzerland, as well as the mother of the two youngest sons, who lived in Geneva for some time.[26]

Above, we see Kim Jong-Un's aunt, who lives in New York.


According to Tom Heneghan's Intelligence Briefing's Blog, Kim Jong-un has has received a lot of money from the USA.

"It can now be reported that a P140 U.S. aircraft cargo plane left Langley, Virginia at 3:30 p.m. EST destination North Korea.

"The aircraft contains $3 BILLION that was made available by the Dallas branch of the German Commerz Bank.

"The $3 BILLION will be delivered directly to North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un by U.S. officials.

"The U.S. team is headed by former Clinton Administration official, North Korean bag man Bill Richardson.

"Kim is receiving these bribe funds in exchange for his playing a role in a scripted 'black op' that is designed to effect worldwide financial markets."

Continued here: Tom Heneghan's EXPLOSIVE Intelligence Briefing's Blog - Myspace

"U.S. military planes flew from an air base in Guam to Pyongyang and back on April 7, 2012, and again on a longer visit lasting from Aug. 18-20, the sources said.

"It is believed that those aboard included Sydney Seiler, director for Korea at the U.S. National Security Council, and Joseph DeTrani, who headed the North Korea desk at the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. DeTrani left the post in May.

"They met with North Korean officials and discussed policies....

"The third visit that The Asahi Shimbun has confirmed is one that took place in November 2011."

Kim Jong Un. Soviet records show that Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong il was born in the village of Vyatskoye, near Khabarovsk, in 1941, where his father, Kim Il-sung, commanded the 1st Battalion of the Soviet 88th Brigade. 

Berne is a major base for the CIA and its friends.

In 1943, future CIA Director Allen Dulles moved to Bern in Switzerland.
Kim Jong-Un has been mind-controlled by the CIA?

The purpose of Kim Jong-Un is (1) to help the US Empire to weaken the economies of South Korea, Japan and China,  and (2) to help the US military-industrial-complex.


Aug 11, 2017 - Kim Jong-Un and his elite friends are said to have a Pleasure Squad made up of kids as young as 13. Inside North Korea's secret sex parties

Aug 11, 2017 - CIA ASSET - KIM JONG-UN (right) What is the purpose of the North Korea missile crisis? President Donald Trump now says he wants to ...

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Apr 12, 2017 - Kim Jong-Un was most likely mind controlled at his school in Switzerland. Kim Jong-Un is most likely a CIA asset. Above, "we see Kim Jong-Un ...

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At 5 September 2017 at 08:43 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Tho I agree Kim Jong-Un may be a mind-controlled, manipulated personality ... I see China as quietly part of the lead in the programme to manipulate him & this whole 'war in Korea' situation ... Kim Jong-Un is likely of the belief that he can fly out of Pyongyang to safety in China before the two Koreas are destroyed

It seems that North Korea is entirely dependent on China for key economic & infrastructure supplies, & that anything Kim Jong-Un is doing, could be stopped if China wishes to do so

China & the USA both have huge unpayable debt burdens which seem to be not far from exploding ... the Deep State in both regimes would feel better blaming a crisis on some foreign devil ... China & the USA are secretly connected through Jewish-Israeli billionaire Sheldon Adelson, gambling king of Macau, & in many other ways


And though like many I have come to believe that nuclear 'weapons' are fake & never existed - Hiroshima & Nagasaki were chemically firebombed - actually 4x worse in Tokyo; Swedish nuclear expert & nuclear weapons denialist Anders Björkman; etc -

A war in Korea could leave similar devastation, just by artillery shells hitting the South Korean nuclear power plants (nuclear power being real, unlike the 'weapons')

Koreans are the most technically advanced culture right now ... destroying the Koreans would serve many purposes, including quite central ones for both China & the USA


The petition in the USA to name George Soros a 'terrorist' has gained more than the required 100,000 signatures ... meaning that now US President Donald Trump is bound by law to provide a response to it

At 5 September 2017 at 09:11 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Aung San Suu Kyi, First Counsellor of State of Myanmar (Burma), received the Nobel Peace Prize & used to be one of the great glorified heroines of Western media & governments

Now Aung San Suu Kyi is becoming one of the most vilified national leaders by the Western apparatus, because of her indulgence of actions of the Myanmar government against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's Rakhine region, a campaign scorned as constituting an ethnic cleansing pogrom of genocidal character

The Myanmar 'nazi Buddhists' say three things in their claim that war with the Rohingya is a matter of national survival:

(1) The Rohingya are illegal migrants from next door, even poorer, Bangladesh
(2) The Rohingya are a Trojan horse for ISIS-type Muslim terrorists
(3) The Rohingya are a Trojan horse for Islamic conquest by population invasion, & for de-stabilisation & conflict creation in Myanmar society

Regarding terrorists among the Rohingya, M K Bhadrakumar writes:

« The region’s ethnic problem has morphed in recent years into an Islamist insurgency financed by Saudi Arabia. The jihadi Rohingya Salvation Army is led by one Ataullah abu Ammar Junjuni. Ataullah’s stated mission is to create an Islamist state. Ataullah is a Pakistani from Karachi, born into a Rohingya family, who grew up in Saudi Arabia, receiving a Madrassa education, & was duly spotted by Pakistani intelligence as a promising young ‘jihadist’ & taken home to be given military training in guerrilla warfare. He also worked as a Wahhabi Imam in Saudi Arabia before being inducted into Myanmar. »


Myanmar is far from the only case of aggressive, militant Buddhists

Buddhists of Sri Lanka conducted a brutal civil war against their Tamil Hindu minority, ended just a few years ago

Tibetans tell an un-wanted story of how the predecessors of the Dalai Lama ran Tibet as an extremely cruel feudal theocracy, so brutal that Mao's Communists were at first seen as liberators, with Mao a divinely-inspired being ... That opinion only faded when Han Chinese also became cruel, and the Beijing overlords restored the old cruel Tibetan landlords as their agents ... after that the Tibetans became anti-Beijing, on the idea it would be easier to deal with their own local Tibetan Dalai Lama mafia, rather than the Beijing mafia ... The Dalai Lama, from his CIA-funded base in India, & out of power, now mostly speaks in the language of a very compassionate Buddhist ... but he seems to avoid discussion of the ruthlessness of past Lamas when they ruled Tibet with great harshness

At 6 September 2017 at 03:06 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

For a lighter view of the 'nuclear war' fears sweeping the world, a mash funny photo of North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, China's Xi Jinping & USA's Donald Trump, joking together like The Three Stooges comedy troupe

(The Three Stooges were a very popular USA Jewish 'slapstick' comedy group, some of them brothers, Moe, Larry, Curly & later Shemp replacing Curly ... They made many short cinema films in the 1930s-1950s, about 15 minutes each, later rather popular on television in both the USA & some European countries. The films often ridiculed wealthy & pompous people. Young boys especially liked to watch 'the Stooges'. Many short films & clips on YouTube.)

At 6 September 2017 at 09:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So shame for Aung, former dissident :
but also it is difficult to understand these affairs from our Western points of view :
Buddhists DO have rights to protect themselves !

And many prefer Buddhist that muslims, to which i agree :
muslims got VERY bad PR this days. Looks like nwo elites doesn't like them, huh ?
On the other hand, they just killed -year by year - in this bloodbath called aid so many innocent lambs, creating hell of bad karma for themselves...

Crazy world ! Ommm, greetings from France


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