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Elisabeth of Bavaria

The past is sometimes a guide to the present.

At the age of 15, Elisabeth of Bavaria was sent to France.

On arrival, she was told that, within a few days, she was to marry the 17-year-old King Charles VI of France.

The 15-year-old Elizabeth became the Queen of France, as part of a political deal.


When Charles VI came to the throne, "certain of the nobles ... proposed that the expulsion of the Jews be demanded..."

There were attacks on Jews.

In 1394, Charles VI declared that all Jews were to be expelled from France.

In 1392, Charles began to have bouts of madness.

There were rumours that he was being poisoned.

At times, King Charles VI became violently insane.

This led to a civil war between the King's brother, Louis of Orleans, and the Dukes of Burgundy, who were also related to the King.

When Elizabeth sided with Louis, she was accused of adultery with Louis.

When Elizabeth sided with the Dukes of Burgundy, she was put in prison.

Louis of Orleans was assassinated by John, Duke of Burgundy.

The war ended when Elizabeth's eldest son, Charles, assassinated John, the Duke of Burgundy.

Elizabeth then signed the Treaty of Troyes, which decided that the English king should inherit the French crown after the death of her husband, Charles VI.

The treaty was undermined by the deaths of both France's Charles VI and England's King Henry V within two months of each other in 1422.

France is a Christian country.

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At 19 September 2017 at 00:30 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Netanyahu alliance with neo-Nazis ... Israel impeding residence / citizenship rights for Jews who support boycott of Israel / ending West Bank occupation -

The Israeli 'law of return' for world Jewry, has long been dishonoured, particularly in the case of black African Jewish religious tribes who are descended from Jewish settlers in Africa who married black women, and whose descendants have clearly black skin colour, Lemba - Remba tribes and others

Israeli rabbis use various pretexts to deny these blacks are Jews despite how they follow Jewish religious practices ... whereas white European Jews who observe no religious practices at all, are welcome in Israel

An interesting article by British activist and Nazareth, Palestine resident Jonathan Cook, speaks of how Israel's Netanyahu is making an alliance with even the anti-Semitic Western alt-right and neo-Nazis, with the instinct to show all other Jews that Israel is their only home & safe haven ... and hence the 'progressive' Jews should abandon any support for boycott of Israel or for Palestinian rights.

And also, the 'alt-Right' and 'white nationalist' movement, is increasing positive links with security-fence-building, also-ethnic-nationalist Israel, which gets praise even from the anti-Semitic-meme creating USA neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin.

A fascinating sub-aspect here, is the intra-Jewish spat between Bibi Netanyahu and George Soros

Jonathan Cook writes:

« US alt-right [& ultra-white-nationalist] leader, Richard Spencer, appeared on Israeli TV last month to call himself a "white Zionist"

The Israeli prime minister has repeatedly called on all Jews to come to Israel, claiming it as the only safe haven from an immutable global anti-semitism. And yet, Mr Netanyahu is also introducing a political test before he opens the door.

Jews supporting a boycott of Israel are already barred. Now, liberal Jews and critics of the occupation like Mr Soros are increasingly not welcome either. Israel is rapidly redefining the extent of the sanctuary it offers – for Jewish supremacists only.

For Mr Netanyahu may believe he has much to gain by abandoning liberal Jews to their fate, as the alt-right asserts its power in western capitals.

The “white Zionists” are committed to making life ever harder for minorities in the West in a bid to be rid of them. Sooner or later, on Mr Netanyahu’s logic, liberal Jews will face a reckoning. They will have to accept that Israel’s ultra-nationalists were right all along, and that Israel is their only sanctuary.

Guided by this cynical convergence of interests, Jewish and white supremacists are counting on a revival of anti-Semitism that will benefit them both. »

At 19 September 2017 at 08:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All "Christendom" is "Christian" on account of the
"Messiah" for "Israel".

Israel is a people...the white People of Europe, if there
is any validity to the "Holy Scriptures" at all...

Modern day so-called "Jews" are merely "Proselytes" to
the BAD FAITH so-called "Religion" of the Money Changers
and Pharisees...most of the so-called "Jews" from the land of Gog & Magog could leave the stool sculpture deity cult compound
by simply knowing the truth about the Talmud...& Kol Nidre

Moses was not a "Jew" and there were no "JEWS" in Egypt
Abraham was not a "Jew", Samuel was not a "Jew"...

The story of the Children of Israel in the Bible is not about "Jews"...

is it any wonder {{{{THEY}}}} are paranoid schizophrenic
psychopathic warmongers that always employ their preemptive
strikes as targeted killings and not premeditated MURDER
you know like with malice aforethought and all....

just sayin' ...John 8:44 is Jesus talkin
not some self hating "JEW"...

is it true if a "JEW" no longer "believes" in the
Talmud, and "accepts" Jesus & the Truth that being
"Jewish" ceases and they can be a "Christian"...?

where do JEWTARDS go to collect their reward for
"Jew" worshipping..?



At 19 September 2017 at 11:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Davy.

At 22 September 2017 at 12:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good comment.

This process of bringing Jews "back" to "their" land is called Aliya.

BTW, Annir : France is not anymore Christian...only looks like. Is not anymore prosperous, or happy, only looks still like this.
But or tourist France still looks damn well...

Greetings from France et merci pour cette belle chanson " La douce France".

At 22 September 2017 at 12:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ommmm for peace !

As Icke wrotes, Israel was created to generate constant upheaval and chaos in the Middle east.
At it can be mearcilessly destroyed by Zionist some time soon.
This "elites" neither care for their own folk, nor or any casual jews around the world.

And -paradoxically, these jews will be more safe in Europe or usa than in Israel, but many o them will emigrate ace more struggle.

Sign of times, maybe. But don't forget do give fresh water to your birds or other home pets.

La vie est belle.


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