Saturday 1 July 2017


Which news sites and bloggers do you trust?

We think that the trustworthy folks are those who support some of the following ideas:

1. Venice, Florida, is one of the keys to understanding 9 11.

MadCowNews by Daniel Hopsicker.

2. The Obama regime organised the Arab Spring.


3. Victor Rothschild had strong influence over MI5, MI6, Churchill, Thatcher and Heath.


5. There are a large number of crypto-Jews in top positions.


Rafi Eitan, the Israeli spymaster, "is Castro's business partner and the largest land-owner (of stolen land) in Cuba. "Israel is ... one of the leading foreign investors in Cuba, with private Jewish businessmen involving themselves in everything from Cuban citrus exports to real-estate projects." interview by Haaretz. How Zionist Pirates Hijacked America. Castro is a Sephardic Jew.

6. Fidel Castro was a friend of Mossad.


August Kubizek. Adolf was friends with August Kubizek and they developed a "romantic" and "intimate" relationship.

7. Adolph Hitler was gay and partly Jewish.


8. Wars are started by secretive cabals.


David Seaman has promoted the above photo which pretends to show Obama at Comet Pizza. In fact the photo shows Obama in the White House.
Yugoslav kids in World War II

10. The US empire tries to destroy all rivals.


It is possible that Muhammad lived from c. 570 - 632 AD, and that his religion was one of peace and tolerance. It is possible that Islam was relatively obscure until it was hijacked by Abd al Malik ibn Marwan, the Arab Emperor from 685 - 705AD. Abd al Malik ibn Marwan may have turned Islam into the official religion of his warlike empire.

11. The official stories about Prophet Mohammed and Jesus are false.



12. Most humans are bisexual.


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At 27 June 2017 at 04:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top article!

Before Trump was 'elected' it became clear to me that this so-called election process was the biggest psyop since 9/11. In best US fashion, we were given a spectacle of such size and depth that it seems most were enchanted or appalled and began to take sides.

Of course, the entire performance is a classic "Divide and Conquer" routine with about as much chance of real debate/change/development as comes from watching a Punch & Judy show or shouting, "He's behind you!" at a pantomime.

And so the media, the political class, senior law enforcement, business leaders, religious leaders, military and legal sector are largely onside as the Trump psyop buttresses the staus quo. That is his real job - to make a lot of noise, but change nothing of importance for the vast majority. A bit like Obama really.

Since the 'election' many so-called alternative media sites and publications have written millions of words in countless articles, either for or against Trump. Equally the US legal system is still split and spending untold hours debating these Israel-friendly travel bans.

Today the BBC considers a poll by Pew (v dodgy) showing how different nationalities supposedly view The Donald. Interestingly, they claim only two populations think Trump is better than Obama - Israel and Russia.

And this site has shown us plenty of evidence why that may be the case.

At 27 June 2017 at 04:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump lawyer's firm steered millions in donations to family members, files show

Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal Jay Sekulow approved plans to push people to give to his Christian nonprofit, which then paid big sums to his family.

Jay Sekulow: How a Jewish Lawyer from Brooklyn Came to Believe in Jesus...

Jews for Jesus

At 27 June 2017 at 05:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel

...(interesting, just sharing).

At 27 June 2017 at 07:45 , Blogger Unknown said...

And it must be noted that untrustworthy folk get scared at the mention of Flat Earth...the real acid test for the Truther community...&strangely absent from so many so called truth seekers...go figure it out kids..& see through them like water ..flat water! Freedom of speech but just don't mention Our Beautiful Flat Earth...Why Not? & what's at the centre??...Check Out Devin Madgy channel..he doesn't keep taking U round & round on a wild goose chase..cheers

At 27 June 2017 at 15:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

But water isn't flat. Nothing is.

Just as there are no straight lines. Words such as 'flat' and 'straight' describe imaginary qualities because no surface or plane is ever really flat. Our senses may tell us things are approximately flat or straight, but upon closer inspection flatness turns out to be anything but and straightness only exists as the opposite to gayness :)

What next, the Flat Football Society?

Can ya kick it?

Can ya fuck!

At 27 June 2017 at 16:05 , Blogger Tony Ryals said...

I was early on a big fan of Daniel Hopsicker and madcowprod but I have come to realize he is also a disinfo agent as well.His attorney tried to get me to remove all my posts using that mentioned Lebanese American Makram Chams owner of the KwikCheck in Venice that cashed checks from Dubai sent to Atta supposedly by Khalid Sheik Mohamed.Chams disappeared from Venice just after 911 leaqving his former KwikCheck mentioned in the official 911 Report of W Bush.Henry Kissinger even though Chams is not mentioned at all.He immediately reappears in Saudi ARABIA AND BEGINS TO SUE HIS PREVIOUSLY UNDISCLOSED FORMER EMPLOYER TITAN CORP THAT IS LATER INVOLVED IN TORTURE ABU GRHAIB IRAQ AS A U.S.GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR AND ALSO INVOLVED IN A BIG 5.5 TON COCAINE PLANE CAUGHT IN MEXICO THAT INVOLVES A PENNY STOCK FRAUD CALLED SKYWAYS ALSO MENTIONED HOPSICKER.
While complaints re disinfo by Hopsicker can bE found on my blog
it should also be pointed out Daniel Hopsicker never mentioned Atta speaking Hebrew if indeed he did but most egregiously he has never mentioned ICTS International and its Israeli government connections that had control of Logan Airport Boston on that infamous day when flights 11 and 175 alledgedly plowed into the WTc from there.He has covered up for Israel numerous times leading me to believe he is a Zionist or in their pay.

At 27 June 2017 at 16:06 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

It is not easy to sort the truth-tellers ... once you dig you find you have another hoaxer on your hands

For example, Israeli agent Daniel Hopsicker of Mad Cow News, #1 in the list above ... was exposed as a gov-tied shill 12 years ago

Hopsicker early on tried to sell the same old gov story, that Israel had nothing to do with 9-11 ... it wuz da Saudis wot dun it all

Just like Michael Moore suggested in his corrupt film ... like Israeli agent & new 'alt-media star' Eric Zeusse tried to hoax us with recently ... and like Israeli agent & hoaxer Joel van der Reijden of ISGP, who uses the Marc Dutroux paedophile dossier as the cheese in his mousetrap, lying about 9-11 & more recent paedophile crimes ... and many others

More recently, Hopsicker is pumping the US intel agency absurdity, that Russia is doing everything bad in the world, hacking everyone, manipulating world elections, controlling world propaganda, owning & controlling Donald Trump etc

Hopsicker attacks people who point to Israeli involvement in 11 Sep 2001 ... e.g., he & Joel van der Reijden etc all sell the blatant lie that an aeroplane actually hit the Pentagon

Despite how even, e.g., US Army Major General Albert Stubblebine III, declared with certainty that a missile, not a plane, hit the Pentagon & the US gov't is lying

As everyone living around the Pentagon saw that day - the damaged Pentagon clearly visible from surrounding motorways - there was no plane wreckage visible (some was trucked in later), & the Pentagon's grassy front lawn was magically undamaged ... Very funny photo page on this blatant fraud:

For the Hopsicker debunk, scroll down about 1/3 of the page to "Which brings us to another high profile 9-11 investigator. Daniel Hopsicker of Mad Cow Morning News"

Joe Quinn, 'Ruppert & Hopsicker Co-Opting the 9-11 Truth Movement', 'Signs of the Times', 7 February 2005

At 27 June 2017 at 17:09 , Blogger Chris B said...

Most of these 'truthers' are simple carpet baggers, retirees with varying degrees of expertise who seem to be more interested in revenue than truth. It's obvious that sustaining an audience - and thus income -via the internet requires ever more 'interesting' content.
Truly interesting content (and truly interesting VERIFIABLE content) is usually highly time-consuming and expensive to assemble and disseminate.
And so we see a constant shift to the extremes, with WOW, WTF click bait revelations from 'top secret' intel, off-planet, or inter-dimensional 'sources' of extraordinary, earth shattering events.
And these 'exclusive' sources have chosen to share these 'amazing' disclosures with such-and-such and their audience because they're the ONLY ones who are "really awake" and "aware" of the REAL TRUTH.
There is much reliable and verifiable information out there. Much of it comes from establishment media, academics and organisations, such as NASA, MIT, the Financial Times, Foreign Affairs and Brookings/Birch ect societies. You just need to be able analyse, discern and read between the lines.
But of course, that's far more challenging and less interesting than being spoon fed a delectable, easily digested conspiracy smorgasbord like Pizzagate!
- Chris B

At 27 June 2017 at 17:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flat Earth: the new frontier for the REALLY, TRULY WOKE folk. But for those even more truly wuly woke, consider flat atoms, flat electrons, flat people, flat brains, flat-ulence.
- Chris B

At 27 June 2017 at 21:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The earth may be hollow, not flat. There are many rumored entrances to inner earth. Some cultures describe their ancestors emerging from the ground after a cataclysm (Destruction of Atlantis or Lemuria?)

At 28 June 2017 at 00:00 , Anonymous Bigmoo said...

Speaking of smorgasbord - NASA????? Your joking right? 'Easily digestable' is more appealing than 'nil by mouth' and 'drip fed' tripe from those liars. Evidently you still, therefore believe those tubes went to the moon. Nothing whatsoever supports that utterly ridiculous assertion. Next we'll be told they've been to Mars.

At 28 June 2017 at 03:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

:) I had a flatmate once *

*Title of new book by as-yet unnamed Tory MP.

At 28 June 2017 at 03:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, thanks for info.

At 28 June 2017 at 03:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, like an onion. Funny that the supposed safe browser is called The Onion Router...

Tor blimey!

At 28 June 2017 at 03:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You just need to be able analyse, discern and read between the lines."

Chris doesn't say believe every word - but Bigmoo has an important point.

At 28 June 2017 at 03:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If hollow, why such strong gravity?

There are known underground caverns - does this not explain myths of people, "... emerging from the ground after a cataclysm"?

At 28 June 2017 at 03:58 , Blogger Anon said...

I trust Hopsicker more than Joe Quinn. Hopsicker HAS exposed the CIA and Jewish connections to 9 11. Joe Quinn seems to have been sympathetic to Trump.

- Aangirfan.

At 28 June 2017 at 04:03 , Blogger Anon said...

Hopsicker DOES mention Atta speaking Hebrew.

- Aangirfan

At 28 June 2017 at 06:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The earth is round.

Tyres are round.

Tyres go flat.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

At 28 June 2017 at 06:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gravity doesn't exist. Perhaps density better explains things. A bit controversial perhaps, however, do a bit research. There is no evidence gravity exists. As for living on a spinning ball that turns at a 1000mph. Doesn't make sense either. Research both. You will be amazed what 'actual' science compared to pseudo rubbishthrows up. Tinfoil hat material (I know). However, 10 minutes of research on jootube using scientifically tested material might just throw a spanner in the works of the spinning ball nonsense.

At 28 June 2017 at 09:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few questions then.

1. What do you think gravity waves might be?

2. Why are there time zones?

3. Have you ever had 'jetlag'?

4. Have you never been on a roundabout?

5. Have you ever looked through a telescope at a planet, moon or star?

6. How do you know that "gravity doesn't exist"?

Finally. please tell us more of this as yet unidentified "actual science". Any theories or ideas that can be covered in a 10 minute video should be piss easy to explain to a novice like myself, especially for someone in the know ;)

At 28 June 2017 at 10:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

... and ducks go Quack! all over the planet.

But the Earth is not round. Try oblate spheroid or oblate ellipsoid.

At 28 June 2017 at 14:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric Dubay 200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball.

At 28 June 2017 at 16:35 , Blogger Chris B said...

Been to Mars? I thought that's where we came from!!!
But seriously, guess where you'll find the best evidence for those physics-defying tin tubes and tin-foil clad Luna Landers having never got outside of earth orbit? (big tick if you guessed NASA).
Know thy enemy...

At 28 June 2017 at 16:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"actual science" meaning psychiatry I suspect

At 28 June 2017 at 22:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

people who are asleep can dream any phantasy or theory. The worst type of dreamers who make big statements as if they know are those who believe they are awake but are still deeply asleep. All theory is grey and only the tree of life is green... Lay down on your bed, concentrate on your heart while falling into slumber and leave the physical body and astral project, this way you can investigate the universe for yourself and not let the big mouths take you down their crazy illusionary rabbit hole...

At 28 June 2017 at 23:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As opposed to fake tripe offered up by NASA and all the pretendy institutions. A good example of actual science. WTC7 hitting the ground (all 47 floors) at near free fall speed. Response from the 'paid for' science community and their 'paymasters' - zero. As though it didn't happen. Keep your trolling and make sure you hold on tight to your spinning ball. Wouldn't wsnt you to fly off into space. Mind though, try not to hit your head on the firmament on the way past.

At 28 June 2017 at 23:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Physics defying' tin tubes. Thanks for the laugh. It's raining heavily and you've cheered me up. Meanwhile let's just ignore Newtons 3rd Law and the fact that the enormous petrol tank for the tin tube doesn't appear anywhere in the official photos.

Peace to you.

At 29 June 2017 at 04:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there is no gravity why didn't Building 7 rise up into the air when it's steel frame had been destroyed?

How do planes fly with no gravity, and why do they need maximum trust to take off and why is landing dangerous? Indeed, why do planes crash?

Perhaps you can explain what makes things fall down?

Have you ever personally fallen upwards?

Have you ever wondered why we float in water?

Perhaps in your worldview the "trolls" somehow make all this fake falling happen.

To me, a troll is somebody that offers silly arguments with no proof and then labels others "trolls" rather than explain.

It seems that in your desire to reject all established theories you're happy to embrace ideas that most folk left behind millenia ago.

Understandable but still wrong.

At 29 June 2017 at 04:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there is no gravity, why do you need a bed? Indeed, if all one has to do is meditate, everything should have been discovered thousands of years ago as mystics have been around since people began.

As Dr Johnson showed many years ago when he kicked a stone to prove the material nature of things around him, most of us can experience the universe without having to lie down in a quiet room.

At 29 June 2017 at 04:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasted some time watching this video by Dubay. Sadly it was nonsense from start to finish.

That people even entertain such rubbish is testament to the success of the powerful interests who work to dumb down the ordinary people.

This stuff is of same level as nutty US Christian End Days prophecies, the Rapture and Father Christmas.

In the final analysis, BS like this is all part of the shit they throw in the peoples' eyes to hide the real important fact of our lives - Class War by the Rich on the Poor.

At 29 June 2017 at 05:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A good example of actual science. WTC7 hitting the ground (all 47 floors) at near free fall speed."

You should be on the stage. Your example is a proof of gravity. What exactly do you think "free fall speed" is, and how is it calculated? Try working out free fall speed without gravity. What makes the rubble fall at any particular speed?

It is because people know the force exerted by gravity that we can say with some certainty that Building 7 was demolished and did not fall naturally.

I've got to ask, do you work for NIST?

At 29 June 2017 at 07:03 , Anonymous Bigmoo said...

To answer your questions.

1. Building 7 didn't fall 'up' as you put it - because it is heavier than air.

2. Planes don't need gravity to fly. The 2 giant engines strapped to the wings produce 100s of thousands of pounds of thrust. The wings have pivoting ailerons to produce lift and Newtons 3rd Law should suffice the rest of your question.

3. Density makes things fall down. You can play at home if you like.

Buy two balloons. Fill one with helium and the other with the exhale from your lungs. The helium balloon will fly upwards as it is lighter than the surrounding air. Your breath filled baloon will fall to the ground as it contains carbon dioxide molecules. Density playing its part. Your methodology supporting the non-existent gravity should see both baloons fall to the ground at the same time. Perhaps you could enighten me as to why your method and gravity fails this simple test.

4. No I haven't personally fallen upwards. I am certain I am heavier than air.

5. As a trained rescue diver and an advanced mixed gas diver. I do not wonder why I float in water. I know why I float in water. Its called positive buoyancy. However you can also sink - thats called negative bouyancy. The 3rd option is neutral buoyancy. An optimum position for a diver. You will float in water because your lungs are a cavity that holds 20 cubic litres of air. Water is denser than air. You will float. Exhale your air. You will sink.

This is best explained using Boyles Law. 'Actual science': The absolute pressure exerted by a given mass of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to the volume it occupies if the temperature and amount of gas remain unchanged within a closed system (your lungs).

6. To me, a troll is somebody that offers silly arguments with no proof and then labels others "trolls" rather than explain. 

These are your words. I agree totally. I have explained to you using 'actual science' - you have put forward a series of 'what if....' style questions. I have answered them using 'actual science'.

7. Further to your planes question. Why do they crash? Pilot error, bad weather, poor maintenance, run out of fuel and bird strikes are probable causes.

Why is landing dangerous? Because you ate approaching a solid object at around 250mph.

Landing is accomplished by slowing down and descending to the runway. This speed reduction is accomplished by reducing thrust and/or inducing a greater amount of drag using flaps, landing gear or speed brakes. When a fixed-wing aircraft approaches the ground, the pilot will move the control column back to execute a flare or round-out. This increases the angle of attack. 

Can you imagine how much harder that would be if you were flying perpendicular to a run way that was moving at 1000mph. Hmmmmmmm?

As you have now been schooled in 'actual science' and that my understanding of physics and mathematics is without question. Ask yourself this - why is it then I don't believe we live on a spinning ball and gravity was 'the chicken to support the egg' (sorry, oblate spheroid).

A rhetorical question. Equally, Copernican Heliocentric thinking has only been around circa 500 years.

Tycho Brahme was the master and his understudy Keppler was a fraud.

I'm just teasing fellar. We have been lied to about almost everything. Sorry to say. Just how it is.

Lets not fall out. Go look at the Eric Dubay stuff and critically analyse it. Seriously.

If your a troll - go fck yourself. If you are a decent human then peace to you.

At 30 June 2017 at 06:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did look at Dubay but they weren't proofs but opinions.

This density stuff of which you speak - why should denser material fall if there is no force like gravity acting upon it? What is the mechanism that causes this? With the gravity model everything is attracted to everything else, but denser things are more attracted, so things appear to rise and fall.

A plane flies by overcoming the pull of gravity by causing uplift when air passes over the shaped wings. If there is no gravity what force opposes the uplift? Why doesn#t the plane simply shoot upwards?

If there is no gravity why do broken planes crash to earth?

The atmosphere and everything in it travels at the same speed as the planet (albeit with a little drag) that's why the landing strip is relatively stationary to the landing plane.

As for falling out, I agree, why spoil a possible beautiful potential friendship. Let's agree to disagree on the physics for now. Can you explain how my life would be different if I adopted this paradigm? I want you to bear in mind that I am someone who has already considered much of what I took for the truth when younger and evolved considerably by changing opinions and worldview when evidence showed my former beliefs were wrong, inadequate or antiquated.

In this context, a troll is someone who enters discussions in bad faith. For my part I apologise for arrogance and aggressive replies previously.

So let's see if together we can shed light on this important debate.

At 30 June 2017 at 11:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anybody who doesn't agree with you a 'troll'? If not, what criteria did you use to even suggest that?

Trolling stops debate. The are a range of tactics used by both individuals emotionally disposed to want to spoil others' discussions and paid people working for the dark side who learn from manuals how to disrupt and degrade real conversations that just might say something challenging to power. Or even just make a community stronger. So trolls spoil and disrupt.

So it's a strange thing to accuse me of, for asking reasonable questions about how the universe works without gravity.

You mentioned 'actual science' - if asking questions is considered to be trolling - then it doesn't matter what kind of science you dcall it, you won't find out anything worth knowing.

Last time I looked, the scientific method involved observing some aspect of life, then creating a theory to explain it, finally letting everyone else experiment and test the idea and see if it can be falsified. If the idea cannot be falsified then it's likely to useful as a representation of reality.

Anyway dear friend, I could and will happily explain subsequently why every one of your replies to my earlier questions was wrong according to millenia of collected knowledge of the universe aka physics.

There's two reasons why I think it is important to argue strongly in this case; first for the benefit of other readers and second in respect to the great work done by this site in spreading alternative truths/knowledges. For I was thinking earlier about our conversation when sitting on a bus and I realised that for every person posting comments on this brill blog, there must be very many more that only read. I just read the articles and comments for quite some time before commenting.

If critics can show this world-ranking site is pushing Flat Earth-no-Gravity-Take-your-pick-Science it will detract from the crucial insights we all come here to gain. And if new visitors come here to learn some of the secrets of the world, it's up to us readers to assist that process.

Calling 'Troll' is a lot like calling 'Wolf' and we all know how that ended don't we mate.

At 30 June 2017 at 12:42 , Anonymous Bigmoo said...

Cool fellar. Nice response. Peace to you. Everything is totally upside down and back to front. Inverted, as it were.

You have valid questions. A lot of material on this subject is based on 'plain science'. A lot of what we are told is at best theoretical. The stuff you get at school or uni.

A good saying 'you can't prove a theory with a theory.'

We are all on a journey through this life.

I respect your candour and am pleased you came back with a considered response - albeit more questions. (Off out, however will try and get back to you.)

That said. I digress, a similar thought.

Anatomy and physiology.

The human body has 11 systems arranged symbiotically from the endocrine to the exocrine. The heart contains neurines similar to the neurons in your brain. You are brought to life then made to die. Your DNA is a unique identifier code and your rational consciousness cannot be explained to this day by science.

The question therefore, is who am I? Who are we? And fo we have a purpose?

At 30 June 2017 at 15:56 , Anonymous Bigmoo said...

Gravity by definition is a proposal. It has not been proven to exist nor is their imperial data to support this assertion. All academia agree that gravity is theoretical. Albert Einstein makes his proposal in his 'Theory of General Relativity'. Einstein’s Theory abrogated earlier work from Galilei and Newton both of whom offered exceptional theories. You cannot use a theory to prove a theory. Countless other academics for centuries have studied this too.
Physics is full of theories - theories are unproven You can assert anything you like, make all sorts of wild assertions. However, my background as a professional investigator among other things has taught me this: Only believe what you can prove and would it stand up under professional scrutiny in a court of law? Speaking of law, it is important to differentiate between the laws of physics and theoretical physics. The laws can be proven using 'actual science' the other can only be explained by Freemasons and those who seek to deceive us.
The balloon test which I mentioned (a little flippantly)earlier is in fact serious stuff. If gravity was a constant force whereby everything is attracted to everything else and as such has a 'pull' - why does the helium balloon float upwards yet the carbon dioxide balloon fall? They occupy the same mass yet one falls and the other rises. Gravity should cause both to be 'pulled' to the ground.
A plane flies by overcoming the force of gravity you seem to suggest. Unfortunately this is not the case. Sorry, back to physics. A plane flies because of the role the engines, airframe and wings play on overcoming force. To understand how planes fly, you need to be clear about the difference between the engines and the wings and the different jobs they do. A plane's engines are designed to move it forward at high speed. That makes air flow rapidly over the wings, which throw the air down toward the ground, generating an upward force called lift that overcomes the plane's weight and holds it in the sky. So it's the engines that move a plane forward, while the wings move it upward. Gravity plays no part. Equally, aerodynamics are important According to a principle of aerodynamics called Bernoulli's law, fast-moving air is at lower pressure than slow-moving air, so the pressure above the wing is lower than the pressure below, and this creates the lift that powers the plane upward. This is (to say the least) massively over simplified, however uses proven principles and the laws of physics. It’s the only way to explain this. Laws and principles - no theories allowed.

At 30 June 2017 at 15:56 , Anonymous Bigmoo said...

part 2

Broken planes crash to earth due to the principles stated above. The mass/weight without propulsion will see it drop like a stone due to its density and relative weight. A relative of mine found this out to his cost when his helicopter developed a technical fault. It wasn't the fall that killed him it was the kinetic energy contained in the rapid deceleration.(Flippancy for effect, however, a true story).
We are told by the same clowns that tell us everything 'we need to know' that the atmosphere travels at the same speed as the planet. Remember (never make assumptions.) Atmospheric pressure is not a constant. The relative pressure changes with altitude 1.2kpa per 100 metres up to the height of the mesosphere. At approximately 6500ft atmospheric pressure is half of what it is at sea level. In water, every 10 metres of depth 'so-called' atmospheric pressure increases by 1 factor of 1 (ie 20m 3atm, 30m 4atm etc).
Observable phenomenon such as weather proves the atmosphere anomaly as fallacious. Again, no evidence the atmosphere moves at 1000mph. It would be quite windy me thinks. Weather is observable and measurable a 1000mph atmosphere isn't. Planes do not factor in curvature when flying from point to point any more than ships sailing. The 'accepted' science on the curvature of the earth is for every 1 mile of surface there is 8inches squared to accommodate the curve. This has never been observed, measured or proven. In fact, the opposite is true.
I could write a thesis on this subject and still not cover even 1 percent. A few words opens a door. Walk through, take the red pill, walk by, take the blue pill. Or if you are like me, take a handful of both (lol).
Your life is in your hands (you exercise free will) on a human level. You are already looking. I sincerely hope you find the truth.

At 1 July 2017 at 01:39 , Anonymous Bigmoo said...

I am only going to answer 1 last question. You ask how the universe works without gravity? Again another strange question that is easily explained.

I will however have to revert to mainstream science for your answer.

Every single question you have asked I have given a full explanation using provable and tested physics.

How does the universe work without gravity sums up beautifully your muddled thinking.

Space according to all mainstream science is a Zero G environment. Meaning there is no gravity up there. This what we have been told - remember?

I have now answered all your questions - the last answer I have given you is the kast scientific answer you will receive.

You have asked me to put aside physics to continue the debate. There is no debate. I have explained all of your 'What if...' questions. All I get was more questions.

Good luck with your journey.

At 2 July 2017 at 01:53 , Blogger Chris B said...

"...nor is their (sic) imperial data to support this assertion"
Imperial data has been shown by empirical observation to originate from the Death Star.

More importantly, however, there is no need for proof of flatness as proof absolves faith, and without faith we are nothing. The more ludicrous the claim, the greater the faith required. Thus he who can believe the utterly ridiculous has discovered the highest truth: the truth bestowed by irrational faith.
- Chris B


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