Wednesday 10 May 2017


Donald Trump Holds Meeting with Henry Kissinger on Syria.

On 10 May 2017, Henry Kissinger and Donald Trump met to discuss Syria.

'US and UK forces on the border with Syria'

"The United States, the United Kingdom, and Jordan are mobilizing their troops along the border between Syria and Jordan."

Massive US Troop Movement Reported Along Syria-Jordan Border.

Trump is going to topple Assad, save ISIS and help create a Greater Israel?

Donald Trump 'plotting US Syria invasion to oust Assad'.

Trump has been at war with Assad for some time.


Henry Kissinger helped to organise the deaths of at least one third of the population of East Timor, where the people are Christians.


Kissinger is now advising Donald Trump, whose Indonesian allies are in bed with an ISIS-backed militia seeking to put Trump's friends into power in Indonesia.

Kissinger is in bed with Trump.

"Dr. Kissinger," shouted twenty-eight-year-old Ellen Kaplan, "is it true that you sleep with young boys at the Carlyle Hotel?" News SpikeTowards the end of World War II, Kissinger was in US military intelligence, and reportedly had the job of protecting and recruiting top Nazis. ASCII text - 

Kissinger's policies helped kill millions in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia and even Cyprus.

Donald Trump, 'who is German Jewish in origin', is the Deep State.

Trump's Older Brother Fred Joined a Jewish Fraternity Trump proclaims May 'Jewish American Heritage Month'

Henry Kissinger wants Freeport to continue to loot Indonesia.

Freeport collects export permit after Pence visit .

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At 10 May 2017 at 17:31 , Blogger Rob Watson said...

Please Consider

At 10 May 2017 at 18:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That evil Kissinger has been working his dark arts since the Nixon era. Trump is putty in his hands.
And of course, so is Putin.......over ten meetings (most recent in February) and 'they communicate all the time."

At 10 May 2017 at 22:10 , Blogger John Poot said...

Someone needs to give Kissinger that one last after dinner mint.

At 11 May 2017 at 01:30 , Blogger Chris B said...

So rest easy Trump-a-phobes, the US has been in 'safe' hands all along. From Kissinger running the show on behalf of the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations "under" Nixon, to Brzezinski running things on behalf of the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations "under" Carter, back to Kissinger (Regan + Daddy Bush), to Brzezinksi (Clinton), Kissinger (Idiot Bush), Brzeniski (Obama) and finally back to Kissinger under Trump.
"Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac" and Henry's still horny as all hell - especially when it comes to war porn.
- Chris B


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