Tuesday 11 October 2016

The difference between US and Russian airstrikes on ISIS

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At 11 October 2016 at 08:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, since there are no comments yet, and what I am about to point out is relevant to this column, I'll jot down my thoughts here about the other nights election debate which might hold vital clues as to both of their involvement with "The Deep State".

However much obfuscation and dancing around subjects both candidates did the other night they still left tantalizing ques as to who they are both working for. Drumpf hinted many times that Hillary's foreign policy was horrendous, TRYING to allude to the FACT that her, the Obama and the Bush Cartel has been arming 'rebels' or terrorists for quite some time now. I don't know if Drumpf is allowed to let the cat out of the bag in that sense or if, at this point, it is a matter of national security that he doesn't. I'll bet apples to oranges he was told by the intelligence apparatus that it was a national security issue and that the American People would not be too comfortable hearing the plain truth from another party candidate live on TV. It seems as though "they" prefer to wait for Assange to release this vitally clarifying piece of information.

But no, they chose to make it about their sexual proclivities filled with the same old hyperbole about their personal lives. Hardly professional politicians to say the least.

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear could see that this debate had an aura of glaring contradictions. Drumpf could have easily used Gennifer Flowers testimony that Bill told her she was Bi-sexual, that he didn't care, and that she "ate more p***y than he did". If he really wanted to pull some punches all he had to do was put the meme into the ears of the American public that she was just as 'unfaithful' in her marriage as he (Drumpf AND Billy) had been and that it was ALL a cover for her political ambitions. I do not believe the 'silent majority' of Hillary's special voting apparatus would appreciate hearing that the Christian marriage she purported to be in was all a sham.

Nay, none of the real sexual dirt will come out on these compromised politicians because the real dirt is TOO THICK. The 'Christian' backed families that are supporting both could not handle the truth of what these people REALLY do in private. The truth would make the Clinton and Drumpf Christian fronting families look like the cult 'devils' they really are.

Another thing I noticed was that the MSM and Drumpf minimized and IGNORED the key aspect of why Drumpf brought four of Bill Clinton's accusers out for the debate, and that was that she was INSTRUMENTAL in suppressing and intimidating these women into silence (once again, in abject and in sight of her political goals only).


At 11 October 2016 at 08:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hitlery as well could have easily brought up Drumpf's intimate friendship with his pal Jeffrey Epstein. She could have mentioned that a current victim of his just happened to be culled out of his Mar-A-Lago Resort in Palm Springs, Florida. But we all know what kind of loop-de-loop that would have created because someone else very close to Hitlery also rode on that plane and played on Lolita Island. If we wanted to get very personal she could have suggested to the world that since his grandpappy was a saloon and inn keeper, the Drumpf family fortune was made off the backs of prostitutes, and that The Donald may have carried on part of that tradition with his own hotels. She could have mentioned that Drumpf's million dollar loan from Daddy was embezzled monies from the HUD Program and New York City's poorest.

Nope. None of that occurred. And it should have if EITHER of them was legitimate in this presidential race.

WE know these things about these candidates because we have done just a cursory amount of research on these people, it is all plainly evident. Yet, since these candidates refuse to release this information ON EACH OTHER, that suggests ONE major theme, COLLUSION. For what purpose?

The only thing this debate proved was that the both of them are highly proficient self aggrandizing narcissistic liars propping each other up and deceiving the public for a greater goal.


At 12 October 2016 at 18:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting and well reasoned analysis.


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