Tuesday 1 November 2016


At Veterans TodayIan Greenhalgh writes about the 'Hail Mary' move to influence the US election'.

Among the points made:

1. Reagan was a puppet of the Zionist crime cabal.

It was Roy Cohn who was behind it all.

Donald Trump was created by Roy Cohn.

Donald Trump, New York Mayor Ed Koch and Donald Trump's mentor Roy Cohn.

2. Israel, via their Mossad disinfo operation Wikileaks, have released more and more emails taken from Hilary's email server.

These emails have been 'sexed up' in order to make Hilary look bad.

There are no white hat hackers passing this info to Wikileaks.

Rather, the NSA has been passing the raw data to Tel-Aviv.

With this new set of emails, the FBI has joined them in committing treason.

The reason Hilary was using a private server in the first place was to attempt to keep her important communications away from the prying eyes of the Israelis.


Trump and Felix Sater

Trump is in bed with certain Russians?

Felix Sater is Russian.

Trump's friend Felix Sater launched the Fort Lauderdale Trump Tower.


Felix Sater's father "is a Russian Organized Crime boss."

Donald Trump made $90 million dollar profit on a Palm Beach mansion he sold to Dmitry Rybolovlev who is a Russian Mobster, who was indicted for rubbing out his chief business rival in what Russian news agency TASS called a “contract hit.”

Donald was pocketing $90 million of dirty cash from the Russian Mob.

Donald Trump, Dirty Money, & the Filthy Rich in Palm Beach.

Giuliani, who is backing Trump

Michael Collins Piper, at American Free Press, December 2007, writes about ' rudy giuliani godfather of the russian mob'

According to Piper:

Giuliani closed down the local, mainly Italian-American, mafias.

This allowed certain foreign mafias to take over.

These foreign mafias were mainly Jewish and mainly from Russia and Israel.

"Several of Trump's businesses outside of Russia are entangled with Russian financiers inside Putin's circle."

Donald Trump's Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia

Max Boot wrote in the Los Angeles Times. "Trump has sought and received funding from Russian investors for his business ventures, especially after most American banks stopped lending to him following his multiple bankruptcies."

Three of Trump's top advisors all have extensive financial and business ties to Russian financiers, wrote Boot.

In 2015, Trump foreign policy advisor, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, flew to Moscow to attend a gala banquet celebrating Russia Today, and was seated at the head table near Putin.

Donald Trump's Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia

Tevfik Arif, with Ivanka and Donald Trump

lawsuit claimed that the business group, Bayrock, underpinning Trump Soho was supported by criminal Russian financial interests. ..

More here: Donald Trump's Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia

The Bayrock Group has been associated with Tevfik Arif, who was arrested in 2010 Turkey as a suspected organizer of an international ring involving young girls.

turkishinvitations / nydailynews.com

Trump, Tamir Sapir and Alex Sapir at the Trump Soho Launch

In 2009 it was reported that Trump Soho was being developed by Trump and Alex Sapir whose business partner was Sam Kislin.

Sapir / RUSSIAN MOB | New York Post

Sam Kislin is 'a Ukraine-born and now New York-based patron of Israel'.

Kislin is reportedly linked to high-ranking figures in the 'Russian' mafia.

Kislin raised more than $2 million for Giuliani’s intended bid for the Senate in 2000.

The initial base of operations for the Jewish (so-called 'Russian') mafia was the Brighton Beach area in Brooklyn.

Giuliani 'looked the other way'.

rudy giuliani godfather of the russian mob'

Donald Trump with Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the 'Mossad agent' Robert Maxwell. Ghislaine reportedly supplied young girls to Trump's close friend Jeffrey Epstein. Trump has had business partners, Engin Yesil and Raoul Goldberger, who have been involved in the trade in Cocaine.



BREAKING: Comey Admits to Fabricating Email Investigation, Rigging Election in FBI Secret Memo

Entire US political establishment serving Israel: Analyst

Israel’s Netanyahu and the Jewish Neocons in America Vow Revenge

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At 30 October 2016 at 09:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks as though the convent schoolgirls are right.

Time to strip away from all the guesswork and head into the wave.



At 30 October 2016 at 09:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that's horrible... I forgot to add the link:

Next News Network


At 30 October 2016 at 11:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The reason Hilary was using a private server in the first place was to attempt to keep her important communications away from the prying eyes of the Israelis."

Anyone who knows anything about information security and has looked at the management of Clinton's server know this is complete bullshit. If it was foreign intelligence she was worried about she would have employed a much higher calibre of people and technology to assist her.

At 30 October 2016 at 11:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 30 October 2016 at 12:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

no comment needed


At 30 October 2016 at 12:49 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Hillary Clinton to be replaced by Bernie Sanders on 8 Nov ballot?

In this wild USA election scene, another story has surfaced from leftist writer Richard Oxman, a close colleague of André Vltchek & thus of Noam Chomsky

Oxman claims that per his sources, the strange public FBI move against Clinton at the last minute, was green-lighted by the USA Democratic Party oligarchy

Because the US elites have realised from internal polls, how thoroughly hated Hillary Clinton is by the US citizenry ... so even rigging the election for Hillary may not be credible

Per Oxman, FBI Director Comey's public undercutting of Hillary, is pre-staging Clinton's resignation from the candidacy in the next few days ... which apparently allows US Democratic Party leaders to make an emergency substitution of Bernie Sanders

On one level this seems far-fetched ... tho Bernie Sanders seems to be the candidate who could best 'stabilise' the USA, assuming that is what the oligarchs want

Bernie Sanders is quite like Noam Chomsky, both are Jewish intellectuals, talking lots of leftist critique & even (partly) critical of Israel ... but ultimately serving the system

e.g., Noam Chomsky's opposition to JFK assassination truth (which rocketed him to US media favour in youth), & also opposing 9-11 NYC towers truth, which Chomsky claims are both 'unimportant' ... and we saw Bernie Sanders' total abandonment of all his claimed principles to support Hillary the other month

This year, Israeli-kibbutz-veteran Bernie Sanders also sadly turned away from the spectacular offer to head the USA Green Party ticket, when his fellow, also partly-dissident Jew, Jill Stein, offered to step aside for Sanders

With his millions of youthful energetic supporters, Sanders not only had a chance to collapse the corrupt US 2-party system, but even a shot at winning the Presidency via electoral votes in a 4-person race (if not too many were rigged)

Sanders would have been the stand-out candidate against both Trump & Hillary, & the goofy libertarian ... Many if not the majority of Hillary voters, & many angry Trump voters, too, would have picked Sanders

My overall guess remains Murdoch-Fox-backed 'surprise Trump victory' Nov. 8 ... but I see some chance as well for either a rigged Hillary victory & early resignation in favour of Tim Kaine ... or this Bernie Sanders bit of cleverness too

Richard Oxman's article suggesting it will be Sanders-Trump on Nov. 8

At 30 October 2016 at 15:18 , Blogger Steve said...

The sheep are being led into another psy-op channeled sheep pen with Trump, agreed. Yet VT is strangely supportive of Hillary (who is Gordon Duff?), which makes no sense. So what is really up with them? All we know is no one is worthy and the NWO marches on. Left wing, right wing, same bird. Elana Freeland notes that Russia and China are both spraying their skies with chemtrails, perhaps the most insidious health and mind-destroying program there is. So where are the liberators and do-gooders? Any assumed deity forgot about the planet a long time ago. It's just a penal colony and farm. IMO, of course.

At 30 October 2016 at 19:03 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Seems Hillary's Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine, tied to Honduran death squads, is the most mentally unhinged psychopath of all the 8 USA national president - vice president candidates

These are truly shocking audio tapes linked below

Yet mainstream media is now suggesting Kaine may replace Hillary as lead candidate for USA President

Here, Tim Kaine apparently is abusing his mistress with verbal violence, screaming at her like a deranged & mentally unstable psychopath, 2min20sec


And here's Tim Kaine, in another audio tape, where he is apparently abusing his own 11-year-old daughter (!), with obscene language & gross psychopathic verbal violence, 2m12sec


Below is from Tim Kaine - Liar / Jesuit / CIA Operative with Dark Past

« Kaine was sent down to Honduras during the tumultuous time when the Jesuits were working with CIA operative, Ambassador John Negroponte ... Both these men created a scenario of “blood and guts” spilled all over cocaine crates & countless thousands of dead innocent Honduran bodies

« The reason Kaine and Negroponte were in Honduras at the same time doing the devil’s work was to create an illegal army 'the Contras' to fight in Nicaragua against the Sandinistas. “American troops poured in for saber-rattling maneuvers to intimidate the Sandinistas. American intelligence agents [Tim Kaine] trained Hondurans in surveillance, interrogation and torture" ... Without a doubt, Kaine was also involved in the CIA inspired drug runs between Honduras & Florida »


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