Saturday 8 October 2016


1996 - Ivanka sits on Donald Trump's lap. 

Some conservatives get angry when it is suggested that Donald Trump is 'leud'.

As a guest on the Howard Stern radio show, Donald Trump agreed that his daughter Ivanka Trump is 'a piece of ass'.

Donald Trump / Howard-Stern

On the Howard Stern radio show, Trump said that he had had sex with a 'hot little girl ... the hot little girl in high school."

Donald Trump / Howard-Stern

In a October 2006 interview, Stern and Trump discussed Ivanka's breasts.

'She's always been quite voluptuous,' said Trump.

During an interview from 2006, Stern asked Trump, who was aged 60 at the time, if he would be willing to have sex with 24-year-old women.

'Oh, absolutely,' Trump replied.

Stern asked Trump if he had an age limit.

Trump replied: 'No, I have no age - I mean, I have age limit. I don't want to be like Congressman Foley, with, you know, 12-year-olds.'

Donald Trump / Howard-Stern

CS (CanSpeccy) comments that what the above picture shows "is a perfectly normal picture of father and daughter."

Some conservatives get angry when it suggested that serious child abuse has taken place in Canada, and elsewhere.

Reportedly, around 50,000 aboriginal (native Indian) children died in residential schools in Canada.

Canadian children suffered 'beatings, electric shocks, forced sterilization, medical experimentation, starvation, rape as well as various other forms of sexual abuse, and murder'.

In one of our posts we referred to The Allan Memorial Institute of Montreal where Dr Ewen Cameron of the CIA carried out 'Nazi-style' mind control experiments on children.


CanSpeccy, a fan of Breitbart and Trump, commented on our post about the high death rate in residential schools in Canada:

"The inference that high mortality due to TB was tolerated with genocidal intent is open to question...

"The allegations ... are largely based on hearsay evidence... And I doubt very much if most of the nuns and priests who ran the residential schools were psychopathic child abusers..."

Trump was recorded having an extremely lewd conversation about women

Certain conservatives are angry that 'Trump is being treated unfairly'.

They see Trump as being simply a typical macho, Alpha male.

Don and Kevin were murdered.

We used the above image in our post about CLINTON AND COCAINE.

The post produced no angry comments.

Some conservatives will be angry that we show the above photo.

According to an Indy Star profile, Mike Pence was born and raised a Catholic, an upbringing where attending Mass and serving as altar boy was an important part of his life. Mike Pence considered becoming a priest at one point.

Famine in Sudan by Tom Stoddart

This child has had his food stolen from him, by the man on the left.

We used this image to illustrate HILLARY CLINTON'S LEGACY OF TERROR.

The post received no angry comments.

When we put the above picture on our blog, it made certain conservatives very angry.

You may have noticed that "Right-wing blogs reek of blood and guns, violence and revolution."

Angry Conservatives

"A paper by John Hibbing of the University of Nebraska ... argues that political conservatives ... are physiologically more attuned to negative (threatening, disgusting) stimuli in their environments."


When this blog gets very angry comments, they are always from conservatives.

Victims of Marc Dutroux.

Angirfan used the above image on a post.

Bloggers who post pictures of children should be arrested, according to some conservatives.

Certain conservatives become angry when it is suggested that top Republicans have been linked to the Dutroux, Franklin and Epstein child abuse affairs.

Bush-Cheney Cabal:Pedophilia, Arms Dealing, Murder

Photo by Bert Hardy.

Photos bring a story alive.


We used this photo to illustrate that not all Moslems are conservative.

Lolita Lvova, who has reportedly worked for MC2

We used the above photo for a post on TRUMP and MODELS.

We used the above image to illustrate "CLASSIC CIA PROPAGANDA - OMAR BIN LADEN".

This post got over 300,000 page views, mainly because of the photos.

Boy being killed.

We used the above image to illustrate our post entitled "OMAHA IS FAMOUS".

Certain conservatives might object to our having sympathy for Black children.

Dead Palestinian children.

Some Jewish conservatives get wildly angry when we refer to Palestine.

One of our critics refers to:

"The Islamist liar aangirfan who aside from denying historical proof is also denying biblical and genetic proof that most Ethnic Jews today indeed descend from the original Jews whom mostly were dispersed as the Bible and Ancient Historical Texts explain...

"The hateful Nazi aangirfan who has no sources..."


The problem with conservatives is that they tend to see everything in black and white.

Conservatives tend to be too loyal to the military, the police and other authority figures.

What if Trump and Clinton are both 'bad guys'?


Perhaps Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both conservatives.

Perhaps the Pedocracy runs things.

The Pedophocracy, Part I: From Brussels ... 
The Pedophocracy, Part II: ... to Washington
The Pedophocracy, Part III: Uncle Sam Wants Your Children 
The Pedophocracy, Part IV: McMolestation 
The Pedophocracy, Part V: It Couldn't Happen Here 
The Pedophocracy, Part VI: Finders Keepers
The Pedocracy | Crimes of Empire.

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At 8 October 2016 at 00:58 , Blogger Unknown said...

The Pedophocracy - an excellent set of links everyone should read.

At 8 October 2016 at 02:20 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Good to see that Aangirfan's blog posts sometimes spike to such high levels of page views

Despite, no doubt, some algorithmic 'de-merits' against this blog by the Yank-based internet search engines, who downgrade sites with 'too much truth'

In these times it takes bravery to blog the truth, even anonymously

And there are many frustrated people seeking internet targets for rancor


On conservative, right-wing-leaning, libertarian etc websites, it is popular to say that irrational anger is now led by progressive-leftist groups, the 'Social Justice Warriors - SJWs', carrying out the Herbert Marcuse 'cultural Marxism' agenda

This has been a big fad on the Yank USA university campuses, whereby, for example, someone who merely speaks the word 'chairman' ... is 'committing a micro-aggression' because his 'misogynist' word is 're-inforcing oppressive patriarchy', creating a 'trigger word' of 'emotional distress' for others ... leading to demands for grovelling apologies by the 'micro-aggressor' who spoke that word

This is related to people being charged with 'racism' for attempting to frankly discuss mafias associated with certain ethnic groups, migrant crime etc

Words are now increasingly an excuse for others to enjoy power acquisition over the speaker

Similar to how some in the Abrhamic religions eagerly adopt the conquest-domination language found in parts of the Talmud, Bible, or Qur'an, as a way to justify dominance over & cruelty to others

At 8 October 2016 at 06:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8 October 2016 at 07:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you perhaps suggesting that conservatives, most often displaying the character traits you so often analyze here on your blog, like those of an increased fear of stimulus, change, and new environment, with often repressed sexual desires that run into their most core belief systems that create such contradiction and friction that their perceptions, along with their reaction to that stimuli, is distorted, that in a way every time they see a photo that implies the aim Aangirfan is so infamously noted for, their inner amplification, and subsequent comment, project an inner angst that happens to betray their personality.

In other words: "Doth do protesteth too much" lofl.

Would those same conservatives have reacted the same way if they were aware that Alex Jones has thrown Time Kaine under a bus implying not only that he displays homosexual traits, but that he is a compromised pedophile with connections to the Barney Frank, Dennis Hastert, Bush/Clinton Cabal sexual/ritual/trafficking pipeline?

Would they be elated, or furious? The current temperature of politics would suggest these conservatives would simply separate these people into party semantics instead of logically concluding that the entire system is corrupted this way.

Desensitized and dissonant, that is America today.


At 8 October 2016 at 08:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


On the Wayne Madsen Report, Wayne illustrates quite well Aangirfans contribution to the World Pedocracy when he states in "The EU: a powerhouse and protection mechanism for a pedophile hierarchy":

"Although the British corporate media, along with the BBC, have done their best at ignoring the pedophile elites in Britain and the EU, the Internet and social networks have provided the British middle and working classes with the truth about the danger posed by the enablers and practitioners of child sexual abuse."

The world is a very different place than what most "conservatives" think it is.

Get used to what Aangirfan and others have to say through prose or picture because we are NOT going away.

Mad. You don't know what "MAD" is.


At 8 October 2016 at 08:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

provocative post!

You're right, but my own comment is just one against the millions of people who are fed by the main news for all their life.

How many people know the Clinton's affairs in Arkansas?
You have to look at the right authors. Saying this, you cut out 90% of the voters, the old SILENT MAJORITY.

At 8 October 2016 at 16:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Netanyahu visits Trump in his home on a weekend and shortly thereafter Trump performs less than great in the first Presidential Debate (which is ultimately a show of course, just like the elections), his tax records and losses get leaked, or at least news are getting pushed about them, and now this comes out.

By the way, how does that even work that Netanyahu visits Trump just like that? But so an Israeli visit happened to happen after all shortly before the election and it was Trump.

Wonder what they discussed with his buddy Netanyahu. Did the deep state decide to shut down the Trump act for some reason?

Trump being buddies with a Bush cousin and it's getting somewhat publicized in this case could be also almost as significant maybe as the main story, and of course in reality there's more going on with Trump and his connections than stuff like this.

Although I can't see that they could sell a war with Clinton, a woman as President. Trump would fit that role more actually and simultaneously the Democratic party could play the role of reducing anti-war activism to just theatrics about Trumps' antics. But the common perception about Clinton is already that of being a complete establishment puppet, so a situation like that would just expose them even more.

From that angle it's interesting maybe, but maybe I'm completely off.

At 8 October 2016 at 17:14 , Blogger CS said...

"When we put the above picture on our blog, it made certain conservatives very angry."

It should have made anyone angry, given the context in which you placed the picture. What is shows is a perfectly normal picture of father and daughter, but you presented in a context implying that Trump is a pedophile and that his daughter was an actual or potential victim.

But you will delete this comment as you have deleted the last several comments that I have made here.

At 8 October 2016 at 19:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how upset some conservatives would get if they were to find out that certain of their precious 'institutions' were not so 'benevolent' and 'innocent' as they once seemed? If they've ever wondered where that strange, seedy feeling comes from that surrounds all sports?

Ritual Sports: Baseball's Occult Connection Re-enacts Story of Hiram Abiff


At 9 October 2016 at 11:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's say - as NSA Contractor - I have a server used in some operation. On the server I find some files, as a list of mails and other documents that could be 'leaked' on some public site.

Just imagine that some leaks are done on purpose, as to check who browse those leaked files, which blogs and journalists publish some parts and how the information spreads online.

It seems to me a perfect gatekeeping operation:
release old mails and check who hunts them better, so you know who is the potential enemy.

At 9 October 2016 at 11:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hah... maybe Bibi wasn't satisfied with some responses and here come the "leaks".

At 9 October 2016 at 21:08 , Blogger cheesemissile said...

CS, the way his hands are digging into her flesh, his smug expression vs her alarmed posture, is not exactly normal. Was she trying to get up, and he's holding her there?

At 9 October 2016 at 22:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a product of conservative (i.e.: Republican) parents I can attest to a pride that republicans used to wear as a hallmark, namely Democrats were the ones who got America into foreign wars while Republicans always avoided foreign entanglements because their emphasis was on the good of America.

Now those same parents, old today, are blood thirsty for the slaughter of Muslims, and believe America's military must rule the world and believe all Muslims must be ruled with an iron fist otherwise they'll immediately 'get outta line'.

Point being: most republicans have no clue as to the original definition of their 'party'. Democrats, by and large, as just as misguided.

There are so many revolutions that must be undertaken before we can find peace for our offspring. The banking/usury cartel must be brought to heel, the military industrial complex must be starved to death, and political parties must be made criminally and financially responsible for the actions of their leaders.

I don't know ladies... I don't even know at this point where to start. It's not a revolution against a system, it's a revolution against all pillars that support the systems that intertwine their various powers to destroy human life and destroy this planet for the sake of increasing stock prices and profit.

We've 'invested' our taxes in so-called 'SuperMax' prisons here in America. I know many who are most deserving of a long stay behind these draconian bars. Trump and Hillary should share the same miserable cell.


At 9 October 2016 at 22:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump's done a perfectly good job of implying it himself.

And then there's the waiter's story..

And the 'Jane Doe' story..

And the Lolita Express story..

Some might say you're blind to the implication for some reason.


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