Tuesday 1 November 2016


Alisa Swidler (right) with son Ash Swidler, Husband Joshua Swidler and Hillary Clinton.

Alisa Swidler, originally from New York city, is a wealthy Jewish friend of the Clintons.

Alisa has a  mansion in Windsor Great Park, in the UK.

Alisa has served on the board of Save the Children.

She plays cards with Bill Clinton / Tory donor Alisa

Save The Children is a front for the CIA?

Alisa Swidler is a Trustee of Sabin Vaccine Institute.

Alisa and her son Ash took first-aid kits to a remote area of Liberia.

'The village was hit by Ebola a week after they departed.' 

Alisa and husband Joshua.

Alisa Swidler is married to the wealthy hedge fund executive Joshua Swidler.

"Her knuckles shimmer and dance with diamonds, a golden jaguar prowls along one finger.

"Her groomed hair and burnished skin give the impression of one used to strolling the decks of super-yachts." 


Alisa Swidler is on Hillary Clinton's finance committee.

She is one of the 'international donors' that Donald Trump claims 'control every move' Hillary makes.



Alisa has five children.

Her two sons are at Eton.

Ash Swidler is good at raising money.

Ash Swidler.

The Swidlers are friends of the former UK prime Minister David Cameron.


Alisa Swidler grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Her mother is a child psychologist.

Her father was a school principal.

Alisa says of her childhood: "We were always marching for something – no nukes, civil rights."

Alisa at the Conservative Summer Ball.

Alisa Swidler chaired the 2016 Conservative Summer Ball at the Hurlingham Club.

She was seated between David Cameron and Israeli ambassador Mark Regev.

She has has organised numerous events for the Clintons.

She plays cards with Bill Clinton

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At 29 October 2016 at 17:09 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

The US $2 million bribe to President Truman that bought US recognition of Israel in 1948, per Gore Vidal / John F Kennedy

Mossad role in the FBI actions against Hillary Clinton

US President (1945-53) Harry S Truman « was frequently exasperated by the Zionist lobby & on one occasion had a delegation thrown out of the White House for their table-thumping antics. He wrote: "I fear very much that the Jews are like all underdogs. When they get on top they are just as intolerant & cruel as the people were to them when they were underneath."

« American author Gore Vidal provided an intriguing insight, [telling how] "Sometime in the late 1950s, that world-class gossip & occasional historian, John F. Kennedy, told me how, in 1948, Harry S. Truman had been pretty much abandoned by everyone when he came to run for president [for his 2nd term]. Then an American Zionist brought him two million dollars in cash, in a suitcase, aboard his whistle-stop campaign train. ‘That’s why our recognition of Israel was rushed through so fast’ ... the serene corruption of American politics." »



« There are no white hat hackers passing this info to Wikileaks, rather, the NSA has been monitoring all communications, passing the raw data to Tel Aviv where the Mossad have filtered & vetted it in order to find anything they can use against Hillary

« This makes the NSA guilty of treason, they are aiding & abetting a hostile foreign power in its attempts to exert a nefarious influence over US politics. Today, with this new set of emails, the FBI has joined them in committing treason ... a most cynical attempt to swing things in favour of Trump ... in announcing this investigation with just 10 days to go until polling day, the FBI have acted on behalf of Israel. »


At 29 October 2016 at 20:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiya, fab blog, thank you.

unrelated but thot u mite wanna c this

*400* msm reports on The Family/Children of God Cult
about 50 mention UK {although i may have overlooked some}


At 13 October 2019 at 21:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This woman unexpectedly died in September. https://www.townandcountrymag.com/uk/society/a29062686/alisa-swidler-obituary/


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