Thursday 1 September 2016



John Coatman MBE - the Crusaders and Urban Saints Youth Group Leader - has been found guilty of sexually abusing a 14-yr old boy.

Donald Wiseman worked for military intelligence.

Wiseman worked with the Christian Crusaders organisation.

He was leader of the class at Finchley, which included Cliff Richard.[14]



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At 28 August 2016 at 11:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wiseman = maybe his real name is Weissmann, therefore Jewish>

At 28 August 2016 at 11:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank u 😚

At 28 August 2016 at 13:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the 'gongs' real reason for being 'bestowed' upon these degenerates being any more in our faces regarding the recipients 'services' ... for example, as above, Mr John Coatman MBE, for 'services to young people'. Oh how they must snigger at us.

At 28 August 2016 at 13:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Australian film ‘Stone Cold Justice’ on Israel’s torture of Palestinian children

At 31 August 2016 at 07:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

adam pearce who was a rent boy in norfolk said on radio that the krays rented out cliff richard to wealthy homosexuals, he is known to have visited elm house

At 31 August 2016 at 07:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


More of Cliff's "Crusaders" involved in csa -

Cliff Richard's drag queen friend and supporter, Paul O'Grady worked at care homes where Jimmy Savile abused and where Crusaders were charged with abuse.

see bottom of post

At 1 September 2016 at 08:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yet another Crusader leader, a Church of England vicar, was found guilty of sexually abusing children …
Vicar Rev David Henry McIntosh abused children at Crusader holiday camps - a boarding school in Swindon, Wiltshire, and at a church commissioner's home and was an associate of Graham Webb:
FORMER West Kirby residential school head Graham Webb and fellow Crusader leader vicar Rev David Henry McIntosh face indecency charges.
Head and vicar face sex trial
23 May 1997
The Rev David Henry McIntosh,
who sexually assaulted young boys during naked “shower games” at holiday camps organised by a Christian youth group has been jailed for three years at Liverpool Crown Court.
The court was told that the “shower games” took place during Crusader holidays at a boarding school in Swindon, Wiltshire, in 1988,1994 and 1995 and at a weekend gathering of boys for a reunion at a church commissioner’s house in Llandudno in 1994.
His position was made more serious by the fact he had helped draw up documents advising leaders about appropriate behaviour with the boys.
The Church of England vicar, who resigned from his post at Barnton, near Northwich, after his arrest last December, used to work as part of a ministry team in Ellesmere Port.
He is charged with 19 indecent assault allegations at West Kirby, Swindon, Minehead, Malvern and Cheltenham, four matters of gross indecency at West Kirby and two other offences brought under the Sexual Offences Act.
He had been involved with the Crusaders for longer than his involvement in the church, attending more than 40 holidays during that period of time.

December 1997
A VICAR who sexually assaulted young boys during naked “shower games” at holiday camps organised by a Christian youth group has been jailed for three years at Liverpool Crown Court.

At 28 April 2017 at 13:19 , Anonymous goody said...

Former Croydon headteacher John Coatman has buggery convictions anulled by High Court judges

18 Apr 2017

A retired headmaster who had been found guilty of gross indecency with a 14-year-old boy has had his conviction nulled due to police and Crown Prosecution Service errors.

John Coatman, 76, a former headteacher at St Andrew's Church of England High School in Waddon appealed to the High Court to overturn his conviction for historic sexual abuse at the Old Bailey in August.

Senior judges this month overturned the jury’s verdicts that Mr Coatman, who had also been honoured by the Queen for his services to young people, had sexual activity with the teenager in the 1970s.

Three judges at the Royal Courts of Justice quashed his outstanding convictions on April 6, ruling that Mr Coatman should not have faced the charges under section 1 of the Indecency With Children Act 1960 and section 13 of the Sexual Offences Act 1956.

The Right Honourable Lady Justice Hallett DBE stated: “Both (the police and Crown Prosecution Service) were wrong (to pursue these charges).

“The appellant could not be charged with offences under section 1 because of the age of the complainant at the time and could not be charged with offences under section 13 because they were time barred.”

Mr Coatman could not have committed an offence against a 14-year-old boy in 1973 under Section 1 of the 1960 Act because the law did not relate to alleged victims of that age until 2001, Lady Justice Hallett ruled.

Buggery charges levied against Mr Coatman under Section 13 of the 1956 Act – provided at the time under the heading ‘Indecency with Men’ – were ‘inapt’, the judge ruled, because the alleged conduct amounted to an assault towards a victim, rather than a sexual act with another man.

Lady Justice Hallett added: “Over the last few years this court has issued repeated warnings about the dangers of poor drafting of indictments in cases of alleged 'historic sexual abuse'."

A Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) spokesperson said: “We have contacted the complainant in this case to explain the issue and apologised.

“The CPS has issued advice to our specialist sexual offences prosecutors about the appropriate offences to charge in these particular circumstances, to reflect the changes in the law and recent Court of Appeal judgements.

“Cases currently before the courts have also been re-checked to ensure the error does not happen again.”

At 11 August 2021 at 13:25 , Blogger John b said...

I went to his crusaders group defo nonce headmaster of St. Andrews since 1986 went on camping weekend that included trip to alto towers. The boys had to draw lots to see who would share his tent. I had to share with him. He said to me just before sleep it’s weird how we kiss our parents goodnight but not each other. I looked at him as if to say fuck of you weirdo. He was looking for opportunity to abuse . I was 14 at the time. The police didn’t look for any other victims they don’t give a fuck


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