Sunday 5 June 2016



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At 6 June 2016 at 04:31 , Blogger Kaivey said...

That's a good documentary about China. So, they could be more benign and friendly than we are in the West.

Confucius taught that revenge is bad, and so Chinese children get it taught out of them, whereas Western culture is full of revenge, just look at our films and novels.

Confucius taught to lead by setting a good example, and so the Chinese government believes in doing the same thing. Rather than by imperialism and war, they want to countries to emulate China when they show just how effective their society is. They believe they have the model that other countries can use to get themselves out of poverty.

In the Western religion it is taught that man is sinful and can only be saved by Christ. But the Chinese believe that if children are brought up properly they will become good people. So parents need to set a good example, and bosses and the government the same, which fits in with the teachings of Confucianism.

The Chinese say that we in the West best believe that if we get the economy right then everything else fits into place, but they put more emphasis on balance, harmony, family, friendship, spiritually, so life isn't just about being well off.

The Chinese don't see the government as the enemy, in fact they rather like their government. Chinese emperors throughout history were expected to be good rulers and the benevolently, and the Chinese government is expected to be the same.

Not having elections to worry about the government was able to plan long term. To build China up fast over the last 30 years meant using lots of dirty fuel, but now they're investing in solar and wind power which have brought the costs right down so that it is cheaper than oil of gas. The pollution was unpopular but now they are fast cleaning up their environment.

Where in the West Big Oil poured money into propaganda campaigning against climate change science and so stalled investment in renewable energy, and now the Chinese are the world leaders in renewables. Once fitted to your house solar energy is almost free. And it can be used to charge your electric car for nothing too, so go where you like without ever paying for fuel again.

The Chinese have invested heavily in this and stand to make a big profit, but the US only pretends to like free markets and competition, but it doesn't like it when someone else wins. So they are trying to destroy the Chinese economy like they have done to Argentina, and are attempting to do to Russia.

The US is the great Satan.

George Bush: Money trumps peace. The time George Bush accidentally told the truth.

At 7 June 2016 at 03:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

>> ... but they put more emphasis on balance, harmony, family, friendship, spirituality [edit], so life isn't just about being well off.

Anyone in their right mind, east or west, does this.

>> The Chinese don't see the government as the enemy

It's probably illegal.

>> The US is the great Satan.

Meaningless - needs to be specific. The people, the land, the government, the banks, the intelligence agencies, the corporations, ... ?

At 7 June 2016 at 06:14 , Blogger Kaivey said...

Washington, I should have said is the great Satan and the US ruling class who own it, which means we don't have a democracy in the West. But are the average conservatives who make up a large section of the US any better? For more, stay tuned, our see my other recent post.

The Chinese government is not illegal because it make the laws. But what your miss is that the average Chinese person rather likes their government and would change their stem for ours. But I wouldn't replace democracy for their system either. It suits then because of their history, which had benevolent emperors, but our rulers are too corrupt and wicked to be trusted.

But could the Chinese be telling themselves the same goes types of myths that we in the west tell ourselves: that we bring democracy when we really bring dictatorships; that we bring freedom when we bring slavery; that we bring prosperity when we bring poverty; that we bring love when we really bring hate; that when we bring peace when we really bring war; when we bring safety when we really being terror.

At 8 June 2016 at 05:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't say the Chinese government was illegal, ffs.

I said 'seeing the government as the enemy' is probably illegal.


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