Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Looking for information about the spooks' links to false flags and terrorism and child abuse rings?

Try searching for - Aangirfan child abuse.

You may find beforeitsnews.com and twitter, but not this blog.

Google is to show the WRONG search results to people looking for key information



  1. It is true. No matter how many pages you go through this site never appears. You seem to have hit a raw nerve Aangirfan.
    David Shurter Interview.

  2. I've been saying that all along, but IE and Bing are okay. All I get is a v very old version of Aangirfan on Google.

  3. My blog has been tanked too. However we can assist each other by using google plus to share posts and add each other to blog rolls.

  4. When they say that google has not been paying tazes of course google has been paying taxes.
    well not in the official way but offering their services in burying some information and highlighting other.
    and of course all the data collection.

  5. I became aware, that Google is clearly manipulating searches of names of contemporary Swiss politicians in connection with a typical Jewish word/subject. (e.g. Hannukkah, Chabad etc)
    At times I am getting just a dozen results and then stone-walling..

  6. Those with just a tad of techie know-how and a bit of spare bandwidth should try Yacy . It's a p2p distributed search engine. I run a peer constantly and have Aangirfan - and many other suppressed sites - fully indexed. That index is available to anyone else running the software who can likewise index other suppressed sites they feel should see the light of day.