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'Teen Wolf' star Charlie Carver comes out as gay.

In December 2015, a Hindu leader in India, named Kamlesh Tiwari, referred to the prophet Mohammed as 'the world's first homosexual.'

Hindus should know that, in the Hindu holy books, Hindu gods indulge in homosexual activity.

Gay themes in Hinduism.

Muslims rioted after Kamlesh Yiwari called Mohammed gay

Muslims should know that Mohammed was Jewish and a bit gay, reportedly.

Tiwari was arrested and jailed.

All the fundamentalists are apparently gay/bisexual.

Chou (right) and his male lover.

The Secret Emotional Life of Zhou Enlai, by Tsoi Wing-mui, points at that Chou En-lai, China's first communist prime minister, was gay.

Babeu (right) and lover.

Republican Paul Babeu ran for Congress on an 'anti-illegal immigration' platform.

His Mexican lover then outed him as a gay man..

Republican Paul Babeu, Outed as Gay by Ex-Lover.

The Michigan pastor Matthew Makela promoted the idea that homosexuality is sinful.

He was then outed as being gay.

Anti-Gay Reverend Outed.

If you meet an American republican who is anti-gay, then you will probably find that they are very Gay.

Eisenhower chatting up young boys in Germany.

We should not confuse 'innocent' gay or pedophile people with 'nasty' gay or pedophile people.

Think about it.

Some time in 2014, Nick went to the UK police  and told them that he had been abused and tortured by a powerful cabal of gay paedophiles.

They included two generals, one of them Lord Bramall, Sir Edward Heath, the former prime minister, Lord Brittan, the former home secretary, and two ex-heads of MI5 and MI6.

Here we see Lieutenant Edwin Bramall receiving his MC from Field Marshal Montgomery in 1945.

Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (above) had "romantic friendships with young boys" including the 12-year-old Swiss lad Lucien Trueb.

The third sex that sustained the Empire - Telegraph

Admiral of the Fleet Louis Mountbatten (above) liked boys in their early teens.


Field Marshal Edwin Bramall served on Lord Mountbatten's staff in 1963. [7]

Field Marshal William Slim (above), the former Governor General of Australia, reportedly molested young boys.

Britain's 'finest WWII general' accused of child sex abuse in Australia - Telegraph

Fairbridge Farm School, Australia

Field Marshal Viscount William Slim reportedly molested young boys as they sat in his Rolls-Royce.

Reportedly Slim molested boys at the Fairbridge Farm School, in Australia.

In testimony to Australia's royal commission into child abuse, one former victim, Bob Stevens, says Viscount Slim arrived at the school and 'the next minute we were sitting on his knee and he's got his hands up our trousers'.

65 'victims of abuse' have taken action against Fairbridge Farm School, of which Viscount Slim was patron.

Britain's 'finest WWII general' accused of child sex abuse in Australia - Telegraph

Field Marshal Horatio Kitchener (above) was reportedly a pedophile.


Field Marshal Douglas Haig (above), who was reportedly gay, liked to have young lads around him.

(Cached) (Cached)

Admiral Sir Michael Boyce and General Tommy Franks

Sir Jimmy Savile is known to have had dinner with Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, Chief of the UK Defence Staff at the time of 9 11. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/)

There is no suggestion that Boyce has done anything improper.

General Bramall 1973.

In 2014, a man reported to the police that, as a boy in the 1970s, he had been sexually assaulted by Edwin Bramall.

The man making the allegation had been under 16 at the time of Field Marshall Bramall's supposed assault on him.

The boy was not a former soldier.

The name of Sir Peter Hayman features in Bramall's visitors' book, when both men were serving in Germany in the 1970s.


Lt Col Edwin Bramall and members of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Green Jackets Air Platoon in Penang, in Malaysia in1966. Seated (L to R clockwise round the table):Cpl P. Patrick RGJ, Rfn K. Richards RGJ, Cpl Wordingham RGJ. Corporal Peter Patrick died on 7 September 1967, aged 24, after being crushed between two armoured personnel carriers in Oxford Barracks, Münster, in Germany.

Bramall was also acquainted with Sir Anthony Blunt.

My Sweet Landlord @MySweetLandlord · Mar 8 @Snowfaked

Edwin Bramall lives at Bathurst House, Crondall, 20 miles from Dursford Abbey Farm, where Vishal Mehrotra's remains were found.

Vishal's father says that the UK police covered up evidence that Vishal's murder was carried out by top people in the UK government.

Father says police covered up son's murder by top government child abuse ring. / 'CHILD ABUSE'; IDAHO, LONDON, CRIMEA, GERMANY.....

In 1981, eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra was kidnapped near the Elm Guest House boy brothel in London.

In 1982, Vishal's skull and several rib bones were discovered by pigeon shooters in remote marshland at Durford Abbey Farm, at Rogate, close to the Hampshire-West Sussex border.


Tangley House (red dot top left), Crondall (red dot top right), Rogate and Brighton.

In 2000, Michael Colvin died in a mysterious fire at his Tangley House mansion, in Hampshire.

According to Scallywag magazine:

"Colvin had been speaking to Derek Laud days, if not hours, previously.

"There have been many allegations that Hampshire County Council, through the influence of Derek Laud and his friend Julian Lewis, is a central player in a national paedophile ring supplying young boys from care systems to VIP's."

Adrian and Lee Johns and siblings.  Adrian Johns died in a mysterious fire in Brighton/Hove.

"Diana Princess of Wales opposed the whole culture to which Laud aligns himself and challenged arms dealing with which Julian Lewis is closely linked.

"Deceased investigative journalist Simon Regan challenged both Laud and Lewis frequently and died 'after a short illness' soon after his final tirade against Laud and Lewis.

"The alleged victims of VIP abuse who died in the fire in Palmeira Avenue Hove (Brighton) in 1991 had also linked Laud, Lewis, and Greer, to the circumstances of the abuse they said they had suffered in care."

There have been allegations of a large child abuse ring, involving top people, in the Portsmouth/Hampshire area.

Police announced on 25 February 2008 that they were investigating claims that the Jersey child abuse case was linked to abuse at the Children’s Cottage Home in Portsmouth.

Policed reopen Hampshire child home investigation

Fort Monckton, adjacent to Portsmouth, is used for the training of MI6 agents.

(Sacked spy's blog takes on MI6).

The New Forest is near Portsmouth.


Former child actor Ben Fellows refers to a party in a house in the New Forest attended by the founder of a child protection charity.

Esther Rantzen and Sir Jimmy Savile.

Ben was around sixteen.

At the party Ben was given drugs, alcohol and was propositioned by men and women all night.

Ben ended up passed out in the garden.

The New Forest is close to a major base of MI6.

Derek Laud, who is gay, became the first and only black master of foxhounds when he took that role with New Forest Foxhounds in 1999. Derek Laud with Anne (left) and Cicely Meehan, the spinster sisters who gave Derek Laud a home. Cicely Meehan was a child psychologist. One Saturday, Anne drove young Derek to the house of 'a very grand lady ... who bore a striking resemblance to Mrs Thatcher'.

Derek Laud is a long standing family friend of Samantha Cameron's family and a personal friend of David Cameron and attended their wedding at Ginge, in Oxfordshire.

The list of Tory friends with whom he is known to go on holiday and socialise with includes Lord McAlpine, Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo.

Derek Laud, who is gay, became the first and only black master of foxhounds when he took that role with New Forest Foxhounds in 1999. (New Forest, MI6)

Derek is an acquaintance of Camilla Parker Bowles.

"He's a friend of royalty, advises Ministers and was the most cultured contestant on Big Brother - but those are the least surprising things about Derek Laud.

Scallywag magazine made some allegations against Derek Laud.

From Scallywag magazine:

"Derek Laud... ran a Pimlico PR agency called Ludgate Communications...

"(He was) in cahoots with Ian Greer Associates...

"Ludgate Communications was at the very hub of our investigation into .... allegations.

"At his Pimlico flat, and selected addresses in Dolphin Square nearby, Laud threw ......... parties."

Allegedly Ludgate Communications supplied children from children's care homes to top Members of Parliament.

Dolphin Square in Pimlico in London.

Former child actor Ben Fellows says that at the age of 13 he was sent, by publicist Max Clifford, to a night club called Stringfellows, along with other children.

Ben Fellows also talks about private parties in hotel rooms and about being sent to Dolphin Square.

Gordon Rideout.

Canon Gordon Rideout was chaplain on a military base in Middle Wallop, Hampshire, in the UK.

In the 1970s Canon Gordon Rideout was taken to a military court on child sex-abuse charges.

He was cleared by the military hearing.

Rideout was cleared of three indecent assaults by a court martial in 1972. One of Rideout's victims, June Potter said: "We went out of our way to write statements and everything. I gave them names."

Canon Gordon Rideout went on to sexually abuse young girls and boys across the south of England.

Rideout was chairman of governors at St Mary's special school in Bexhill until 2009.

Vincent S. aged 10 yrs, from Grafton Children's Home, was taken to Elm Guest House (above) and to a house in Bexhill.

Reportedly, pedophile rings use children's care homes throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

Elm Guest House in London, reportedly used by a man responsible for supervising the UK security service MI5.

Rideout abused kids at a Barnardo's home, at Ifield Hall in Crawley, West Sussex

He savagely beat the kids who tried to speak out.

Barnardo's is a children's charity associated with child abuse.

Prince Charles's wife Camilla became president of Barnardo's in 2007, replacing Cherie Blair.

Police have searched the home of Lord Bramall as part of their VIP child sex abuse inquiry

The police have carried out raids on the home of Harvey Proctor, the homes of Leon Brittan and the home of Lord Bramall which is in Crondall, near Farnham, Surrey.

The police's Operation Midland is examining the deaths of three boys.

Field Marshal Edwin Noel Westby Bramall, Baron Bramall served as Chief of the General Staff, the professional head of the British Army, between 1979 and 1982, and as Chief of the Defence Staff, professional head of the British Armed Forces, from 1982 to 1985.

He served on Lord Mountbatten's staff in 1963. [7]

He was made ADC General to the Queen in 1979. [21]

The 1980 Bologna Bombing was blamed on agents of the CIA and NATO, working for Operation Gladio.

He was Colonel Commandant of the Special Air Service Regiment from May 1985. [27]

Field Marshall Edwin Bramall's brother is Ashley Bramall.

MP Ashley Bramall was the governor of a school in Pimlico, a school which was under the governorship of Jack Straw.


Field Marshall Bramall was acquainted with Sir Peter Hayman and Sir Anthony Blunt.


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At 19 January 2016 at 03:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 19 January 2016 at 03:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 19 January 2016 at 05:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever the truth about Bramall himself, it is highly suspicious that the media seem to be fearful of the police even investigating allegations against people in his position, not to mention the sheer number of prominent people who, they would have us believe, are being unfairly smeared. It seems probable there are more allegations to be uncovered and the media are trying to warn off the police and public from inquiring further.
The difficulty in the case of some military men is that many are inevitably drawn to the forces by a love for men, or possibly develop such feelings while in the military. This is quite distinct from even being gay. Montgomery certainly loved men but I don't think it's completely clear he had homosexual relationships.

At 19 January 2016 at 06:46 , Blogger Michael K. said...

Remarkable research. Its almost like there is a team at work professionally to gather this intelligence and make it available for certain internet users. What is your secret?

At 19 January 2016 at 07:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a gay Muslim. There are those with an agenda striving to convince us that Muhammad had homosexual relations, like the freemason servant of Apollo who visited the Islam chat room a few years ago. He was with a couple cohorts making a gay-talk in the background while he tried to propagate the myth of a gay Muhammad and a purple silk shirt belonging to the prophet.
The man had some bad vibes and warned me off. He said something to the effect that only God forgives but he doesn't.
You can find about anything on the net, even about Aangirfan. One needs understanding to distinguish between right and wrong, truth and allegory.
Best regards from someone who at times admires what Aangirfan puts out and at other times would just dismiss it altogether.

At 19 January 2016 at 08:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Scallywag links alleged paedophile Lord Bramall to 'freemason' Lord Tenby, Wrexham Headquarters of the Royal Welch Fusilliers, VIP child trafficking, and Crondall village.



At 19 January 2016 at 10:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord Janner wrongly escaped prosecution for child sex crimes THREE times in 20 years and should have been charged in 1991.


At 19 January 2016 at 11:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord Bramall and Britain’s dirty secrets.


At 19 January 2016 at 16:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that a Hindu made the allegation makes it completely obvious that it is bullshit as they have been responsible for a number of atrocities against Muslims in India.

At 20 January 2016 at 07:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, considering this new article above it might seem you are just a little defunct on your history.

Just so there is no confusion:



At 20 January 2016 at 15:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


That is all I have to say about that.

At 22 April 2017 at 20:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hindu Gods and homoesexuality?

Utter bullsh#t

Hindu Gods are cosmic forces on macro and micro scale except the last five avatars of Lord Vishnu who were mortal forms with superior DNA of 13 strands or more

Almost all Hindu scriptures have been corrupted by British and Jewish historians in past 300 years with help of some traitor Indians

Man, you have knowledge but in some fields, its best not to venture out

At 22 April 2017 at 20:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, its indeed true that some "Hindus" are actually Jewish....like Chitpavans.

These are rascals who push such corrupted scriptures and are loved by bjg brother's media


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