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Heaven is achieved by avoiding the extremes, and deciding to enjoy the everyday pleasures, such as helping people.

In the film Groundhog Day, Bill Murray is a grumpy TV weatherman who covers an annual Groundhog Day holiday event.

He finds himself in a time loop, repeating the same day over and over again. 

Then he begins to re-examine his life and priorities.

He starts to befriend people, help strangers and enjoy life.

He exits the time loop and stops being grumpy.

McCarthy and Cruz - stuck in a time loop?

Paul Hannam has written The Wisdom Of Groundhog Day: How To Improve Your Life One Day At A Time.

His advice:

1. Make happiness your top priority.

Find enjoyment in the traffic jam.

Find enjoyment in the smell of coffee.

2. Choose a way of life that allows you to spend plenty of time with family and friends and the needy.

3. Be mindful of the interesting sky and the fascinating journey to work.

Studies have shown mindfulness improves your health.

Groundhog Day can be seen as being a film about reincarnation.

Groundhog Day: A Study in Reincarnation

"What we see is that even performing a multitude of good deeds is not enough to break the cycle of Reincarnation. 

"In some ways it is just another ego performance, thus partially ingenuous, though it might come from the right place... 

"Despite his own super powers, which seem to bypass natural law, he (Bill Murray) cannot change the laws of nature... 

"Eventually, Phil Connors (Bill Murray) finally embraces himself and his situation with unconditional love, enhancing his own life and the lives of all those around him...

"One definition of Ascension is a graduation from third density, physical life, breaking free from the repeated cycles of incarnation and karma, stepping into a new consciousness of eternal life as a unified being that spans the memories of many lifetimes, personalities, and experiences. 

"So by that definition, the film “Groundhog Day” seems to represent the Ascension process quite well." 


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At 19 January 2016 at 04:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reincarnation must be avoided

At 19 January 2016 at 04:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Groundhog Day is a movie on parallel universes, not reincarnation. Reincarnation, ha!

At 19 January 2016 at 13:49 , Anonymous brabantian said...

In the final 1945 days of the Third Reich, leading Nazis such as Joseph Goebbels said that, within 100 years, Germans would realise the Nazis were right & would resurrect a 'reincarnated' Nazi movement

We are now seeing the far right surge very fast in Europe ... backhand-assisted by astonishingly weak or visibly corrupt leftist leaders despite a clearly left-leaning European populace

The 'migrant crisis' with the mass rapes etc was clearly oligarch-fostered ... but did the oligarchs also foresee & desire the consequences we have now, such as the incipient break-up of the EU?

EU top leaders are themselves admitting that the EU could be a matter of weeks away from beginning its collapse

Operation Gladio veteran Jean-Claude Juncker warned « "Europe is on its last chance" ... before saying he hopes this isn't "the beginning of the end."

« Slovenian PM Miro Cerar said ... "Millions, and I stress millions of migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Morocco are ready to enter the EU once the weather improves in the coming months."

« EU officials who spoke to Reuters "in private." said "We have until March, the summer maybe, for a European solution. Then Schengen goes down the drain ... There is a big risk that Germany closes. From that, no Schengen ... There is a risk that February could start a countdown to the end." »

If you know people in the 4 Visegrád countries (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czechia), you know that citizens of those countries have already largely mentally 'checked out' of the EU, & are ready to leave it ... because of the migrants

These Eastern Europeans see Brussels & Berlin as being run by malicious people serving evil & satanic interests, who are also crazy ... because thinking they could impose this 'migrant' scheme

Pakistani journalist Shamil Shams writes about how the migrant admissions were a very stupid act of self-destruction for Europe. Of the migrant rapes he says:

"What happened in Cologne happens regularly in my homeland, Pakistan. The men are never ashamed, never feel guilty, never show remorse about the way they treat women in that part of the world ... The men who sexually harassed girls in Cologne ... knew what they were doing ... they did it with absolute contempt for European culture, its norms & its people."

At 22 January 2016 at 08:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

People in the UK have already largely mentally 'checked out' of the EU, & are ready to leave it ... because of the corruption, absence of democracy, expense, etc.

It's just taken other people longer to wake up.


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