Tuesday 22 December 2015



Spencer Cathcart video.

Anonymous writes:

"Well, I'm beginning to fast change my idea about people not having free will after listening to this broadcast (below) because it sounds like WW3 has already started.


"We got to be able to change minds and win hearts if we going to put an end to this craziness.

"Syria: NATO's 'secret' war with Russia but we haven't been told by the BBC or MPs

"Now Aangirfan recently put out an interview by Robert Fisk here which was very good, but he said that what first started the trouble in Syria was when Assad brutally fired on people who were demonstrating against his government. But it turned out that that was a false flag, jihadists had infiltrated the crowd and shot the protestors.

"Putin is playing his card as best he can trying to keep things under control for long enough hoping enough people catch on about the Western imperialist tactics and their evil.

"We been taught to be pessimistic by our ruling class, that we have to keep fighting wars to end wars because the world is full of bad people. But the evil is coming from our side yet again. It's time to put an end to their diabolical rule."

Many thanks to all the people who sent us the links.

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The idea that certain nations can band together to remove the executive power they object to in other nations, besides being in direct violation of the Nuremberg principle that the waging of aggressive war is the most serious war crime, is a formula for international chaos. What the purported good intentions of the US and its 'allies' (read 'puppets') have led to in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. has resembled ethnic cleansing more than anything else. Since the end-result is so radically at odds with the original stated purpose, the question must be asked: who benefits?

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How do they get away with it? The West shot down a Russian plane on purpose. The Russians had been telling NATO exactly where their planes were to avoid an accident, but the Russians were betrayed, and innocent man lost his life unnecessarily.

But we're told that the plane violated Turkey airspace but we're not told that it is okay to do that by the current rules if you are on the friendly side and it is only happens briefly. The propaganda is so loaded against Russia and Putin that people most think that Russia is still communist.

Ordinary people don't question things as they are far too overloaded with work. And although they are being scammed by the banking class, they get to have a pint at the weekend and watch some TV so they put up with it. And there is no real news in the news.

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Who benefits?.In the Middle East.Israel,because by getting rid of both non-Jewish people & governments paves the way for Eretz Israel - a.k.a Greater Israel between the Nile & the Euphrates.Just google the Yinon Plan.It's simple;break up the surrounding countries into little statelets & Israel is the boss of the whole area.Take it from there...


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