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Marie Black was sent to jail for child abuse.

She was given a life sentence.

Marie Black

In June 2015, the court in Norfolk, in the UK, heard that Marie Black's child abuse ring 'forced children to drink a baby's blood.'

The allegations about being made to drink blood were raised by some of the children to their foster carers and then passed onto social services, then police.

Norfolk 'paedophile ring' case: Baby blood allegations. / Marie Black case.

Reportedly, the authorities and much of the media like to cover-up reports of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

In 2010 the police had dropped their original investigation into the abuse.

Norfolk, North of London, has many links to child abuse rings and Satanism.

The 'child abuse ring' consisted of six women and four men.

The abuse was carried out against two boys and three girls in and around Norwich and London.

St Mary’s, Houghton-on-the-Hill, in Norfolk

In 2015, it was reported that a Mr Bob Davey had discovered that the church of St Mary’s, Houghton-on-the-Hill, in Norfolk, had been desecrated by satanists.

"They had painted the walls in blood with symbols of the Anti-Christ, scored an upside-down cross into the ancient masonry and lit fires in front of a pagan altar."

Bob says of the Satanists: "I turned them away and one of them - a tall, thin, young man dressed in black - tried to run me down in his car."



In 2006, it was reported that Norfolk in the UK was the location for a film, called Norfolk Coast, about a man haunted by flashbacks of ritual abuse from his childhood.

The Norfolk Coast has also been used in cult movies such as Perfomance, starring Mick Jagger, and The Wicker Man, which is about pagan rituals.

Satanism in Norfolk.

'Lisa' (Margaux)

There was a cover-up by the police and media in the case of Lisa in France.

Anonymous writes:

In France ... the same sick phenomena with a girl called Lisa in 'Réseau du Var'.

Three children denounced their father.

2 brothers and their older sister witnessed child killings in front of cameras at their dad's hands as well as at the hands of some of his friends ...

Last time, the children gave testimony about the murder of a child, a couple of years ago, the toll was 16 children killed.

As with Alisa and Gabriel's protectors, the three children were removed from the mother and protectors really fast. 

They're currently living with the "father".

Meanwhile the mother and grand father are both charged with defamation, without the police even having investigated...

The case is occurring in a region where a lot of 'very influential people' live - Saint-Tropez area (South of France).

The father builds houses for billionaires; mason and owner of his company ...

The Child witnesses refer to "cellars", that their dad could have built.

Abraham, Ella, Gabriel, Alisa. Battle for Free Speech in Social Media - WhistleblowerKids Hampstead.

Ella Draper and Abraham Christie's testimony:


"The story which Judge Pauffley gave to the media is that it is a custody dispute.

"Now this couldn't be further from the truth because I already had custody over my children so for me there was no reason to... well they said that I coached them - we coached them in order to get back at him. Well, why?

"I mean I had custody of the children. I didn't want anything to do with him.

"Why would I make the children give false allegations to the police to put them through what they are going through, and myself in this situation.


"Besides, I think it’s a quite serious crime - right? - to make false allegations on this matter.

"And not just that, if you want to get back at him, why would I include teachers, parents... police officers, social workers... Why would I do that?

"They would switch between two modes... They would switch from being angelic children and they would become demonic...

"One of the triggers for them changing was when they touched each other intimately.

"We learned that the father taught them and pressured them and terrorized them into touching each other intimately at least five times a day and they had become quite adept at doing it.

"They would often ask their mother to make food when they weren’t hungry in order to get an opportunity to touch each other intimately. They had a sign language that they would use to meet each other to touch in the bathroom.

JONAH RIEF a case similar to Hampstead.

"At one time we felt threatened by the children.

"We later learned that they had been brainwashed using some sort of mind control. The father was telling them to kill me...

"They admitted during disclosures that the father had also asked them to kill both of us and it was quite a few occasions that they mentioned that...

"They were happy that they were able to disclose and we were going to the UK to achieve justice and we’d get help from someone in authority.

"We were aware of the corruption in the social services and police but we naively assumed that there would be some good people who would help us. But we quickly learned that the people in positions of power all have members or people who are subordinate to cult members.

"They [police] tried to frame me as a madwoman... Then I learned that on [September] the 9th they already agreed what they were going to do...

"The social worker in a high position suggested that mother is crazy and most likely we coached them to say the story...This was a criminal case which was very quickly closed without even waiting for the medical results to arrive.

"The case was not investigated at all and whatever little was investigated was dismissed. In fact, the next day after the first interview [the detective] already said there was not sufficient evidence to support the allegations."

"They didn’t take into account that the children had given names and addresses, particular properties, the locations of secret rooms, escape routes, graphic details of distinguishing marks on the abusers. Nothing was investigated.

"They tried to impose psychiatric assessments of me, naming Abraham as a main abuser... They had to justify kidnapping the children with no intention to return them back to me or my family."

Battle for Free Speech in Social Media - WhistleblowerKids Hampstead.




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It was really nice to hear Ella's voice and get some information about the children even though the situation is still very ominous. Please stay strong Ella and Abe, something good has to come out of this.

God Bless and God Speed


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Thanks for this.....still chokes me up

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Rivers of Blood connections











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Scarborouogh,North Yorkshire and Nafferton, EastYorkshire twinned in child porn case


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Google "The FBI polygraphers will clean-up this mess"

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...the police had dropped their original investigation into the abuse.

Hmm, now what group of gangsters would have the power to force the police to drop an investigation into people drinking baby's blood?

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