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What is your image of the typical child abuser?

1. A distinguished London psychologist once told me that pedophiles are usually under-sexed.

A pedophile is said to be someone whose "primary or exclusive sexual attraction is to prepubescent children, generally age 11 years or younger."

2. Another psychologist once told me that he was treating a young boy whose sole sexual interest was in adult men.

Roman Polanski, who has been married several times and has had a number of relationship with a number of adult women. In 1977, Polanski was arrested for the sexual assault of 13-year-old Samantha Geimer.

3. I once met a distinguished headmaster who was later found guilty of sexually abusing young girls. 

According to the media, he would tap or fondle the children's bare bottoms.

This headmaster was married and had three children.

When Jerry Lee Lewis was 23, he fell for his second cousin, Myra Brown, who was aged13. She went on to become his third wife.

4. I once met a rich young American businessman who was married and who had two daughters. 

He said he liked sex with women, but, what he liked most was sex with underage teenage boys.

Epstein and friend. "Jeffrey Epstein was once presented with three 12-year-olds from France as a birthday gift...He brought over a 14-year-old from the Balkans whom he called his 'Yugoslavian sex slave.'" (Sex Trafficking - The Daily Beast )

5. I once had a female friend who was a school teacher.

She said that she, and most of her colleagues, found some of the schoolchildren sexually attractive.

However, she said that she would never dream of sexually molesting any child.

7. The United Nations suggest the number of girls from Papua New Guinea between the age of 15 and 24 exchanging sex for money, food, shelter, or other things such as school fees, is as high as two in three.

Conclusion: we prefer to use the term 'child abuser' to describe people like Marc Dutroux (married) rather than the term pedophile.

Perhaps we need a word to describe those adults who have sex with both adults and children.

Dutroux, his wife and some of their victims

The security services seem to have discovered some time ago that very large numbers of people are capable of finding certain children sexually attractive.


The security services appear to have promoted the Spartacus gay guide, the Pedophile Information Exchange,the sexualisation of children and various child abuse rings.

Michael Jackson worked for AmeriCares, reported to be a front for the CIA, and reported to have links to pedophile rings.

The Daily Mail tells us that, according to the FBI:

"750,000 UK men want child sex."

"One in 35 UK men pose a risk of being a child abuser."

"As many as 250,000 UK men may be sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children."


In 2014, "a warning that pops up in response to Google searches for illegal images of children was set off three million times in Britain.

"Yet Google is used in only about half the searches for child pornography."

"More than one in six prisoners is now a sex offender."

"British men are paying as little as $3 (£1.90) to observe sexual attacks streamed online from Asia."

"Today there are 100 million child abuse pictures online."

"Most child abuse takes place within the family."

The UK's National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children says that "the number of children in the child protection system had risen 80 per cent in just over a decade to 570,800 - while it estimates that for every one child officially identified as ‘at risk’, eight more suffer abuse."


The man above was a charity boss and a friend of the military.


In the UK, "one girl in four has been sexually abused by the time they reach the age of 16."

There Could Be 11 Million Child Sexual Abuse Victims In Britain. / As many as 11 million child sex abuse victims

This suggests that many millions of adults in Britain are sexually attracted to children.

"Many people who sexually abuse children are not exclusively or primarily sexually attracted to them." 

Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light

In other words, there are a lot men and women who enjoy sex with both adults and children.

A paedophile is said to be someone who is exclusively or primarily attracted to children.

"Paedophiles" are estimated to account for only 20% of child sexual abusers.

"Not all paedophiles are child molesters, and vice versa: by no means every paedophile acts on his impulses."

In a study by Abel and Harlow (15) of 2429 adult male child abusers, only 7% identified themselves as exclusively sexually attracted to children.

A Profile of Pedophilia has an article entitled: Meet pedophiles who mean well

Nick Devin is a happily married man in his mid-60s with four grown children. 

"I have advanced degrees from prestigious universities, a very good job, a lot of friends and am well-respected in my community," he writes on his Web site.

He experiences some attraction to adult women, but, he only fantasizes about pubescent boys.

He says he has never acted on his desires.

According to James Cantor, Ph.D., 'an international expert' on pedophilia, "It is extremely important not to confuse pedophilia - meaning the sexual interest in children - with actual child molestation. 

"Not every person who experiences sexual attractions to children acts on those attractions."

It is possible that most adults are sexually attracted to children, but most of them do not abuse children.

When the 'experts' are studying child abusers, they are usually studying the poorly educated 'losers' who get caught.

They are not usually studying the well-connected members of the elite, like lawyers, members of parliament or top officers in the military.

Think of some of the people who were reportedly pedophiles, ephebophiles or pedohebophiles :-

Lord Mountbatten, General Montgomery, Picasso, Shakespeare, Alexander the Great, Lord Baden-Powell, Graham Greene, Pope Julius III, Rudyard Kipling, and C S Lewis.


Channel 4's The Paedophile Next Door showed a man who confessed to sexual attraction to children.

Channel 4's The Paedophile Next Door Will Show Man ...

On the UK's Channel 4, 39-year-old Eddie admitted openly that he was sexually attracted to girl children, but insisted that he has never abused any child.

Apparently there are lots of so-called "virtuous paedophiles".

But there are also bad child abusers.

Ian McFadyen, 49, was abused by a schoolteacher as a young boy.

McFadyen was abused at Caldicott School near Slough, Buckinghamshire, in the 1970s and became a drug addict and child prostitute.

He wants a new approach to the problem of child abuse.

Channel 4's The Paedophile Next Door Will Show Man ...

Jon Brown, the NSPCC's head of strategy and development, says "The problem at the moment and over the last decade is the hugely increased availability of child abuse imagery online.

"That is a problem because that can fuel and stoke interest that for some people perhaps was not that great in the first place."

Channel 4's The Paedophile Next Door Will Show Man ...

Jon Henley has written: Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light

Henley notes:

1. In 1976 the National Council for Civil Liberties, made a submission to parliament's criminal law revision committee. 

This stated that "Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult result in no identifiable damage … The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage."

This caused hardly a ripple.

But, now we know about Jimmy Savile.

2. Paedophiles are not necessarily violent: no firm links have so far been established between paedophilia and aggressive or psychotic symptoms. 

Psychologist Glenn Wilson, co-author of The Child-Lovers: a Study of Paedophiles in Society, argues that "The majority of paedophiles, however socially inappropriate, seem to be gentle and rational."

3. Sarah Goode, honorary research fellow at the University of Winchester and author of two major 2009 and 2011 sociological studies on paedophilia in society, says the best current estimate - based on possibly flawed science - is that "one in five of all adult men are, to some degree, capable of being sexually aroused by children"Even less is known about female paedophiles.

4. Child brides were once the norm; in the late 16th century the age of consent in England was 10.

5. Tom O'Carroll, a former chairman of PIE, says "If there's no bullying, no coercion, no abuse of power, if the child enters into the relationship voluntarily … the evidence shows there need be no harm."

6. Donald Findlater, director of research and development at the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a charity dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse, says the notion that a seven-year-old can make an informed choice for consensual sex with an adult is "just preposterous. It is adults exploiting children."

Abigail Holloway, 33 was a gym teacher at a Christian prep school called Kings Academy, in Sunnyvale, California.Reportedly she had a sexual relationship with a 13 year-old girl.

7. A Dutch study published in 1987 found that a sample of boys in paedophilic relationships felt positively about them. 

And a major if still controversial 1998-2000 meta-study suggests - as J Michael Bailey of Northwestern University, Chicago, says - that such relationships, entered into voluntarily, are "nearly uncorrelated with undesirable outcomes".

Writing last year in the peer-reviewed Archives of Sexual Behaviour, Bailey said that while he also found the notion "disturbing", he was forced to recognise that "persuasive evidence for the harmfulness of paedophilic relationships does not yet exist".

Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light

Child abuser Sir James Savile, and the UK prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Some research suggests that the typical 'dangerous child abuser' is a married person with children who holds conservative views and who has links to the military and the church.

"One reason why acts of pedophilia committed by females are under-reported is that many acts are not recognized because they occur during the course of regular 'nurturing or care-giving activities,' such as when bathing and dressing children (2227).

"Another reason is that when adult females engage in sexual acts with adolescent boys, others do not perceive this activity as abuse but rather a fortunate rite of passage (27)."

A Profile of Pedophilia

Queen's University sexologist Dr. Meredith Chivers conducted a genital-based test on women, and found, that females respond sexually to everything - pictures of boys, girls, men women and even chimps.

Is pedophilia a sexual orientation? | Toronto Star

While at university I was told that, some decades ago, research was carried out on a typical cross-section of people to find out which images aroused them sexually.

The research was paid for by the advertising industry.

The researchers photographed the pupils of the eyes of the volunteers as they looked at photos of babies, boys, girls, men and women.

The pupils of the eyes greatly enlarged when people were 'turned on' by certain images.

Some men liked women with big breasts; some women liked cute babies.

It turned out that the most universally popular images, liked by both men and women, were those of cute looking 12-year-old boys.

The military loves child-porn.

America has a child porn crisis. 

The disturbing number of federal and state employees arrested for child porn charges makes this a national security issue.

Men, and some women, are down-loading child porn at the Pentagon, TheDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS), The Department of Justice(DOJ), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), The Department of Transportation (DOT), The Transportation Security Agency (TSA), TheFederal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), The Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) and police departments from Maine to California.


1. It may well be that most adults find children sexually attractive (but are not necessarily child abusers).

One child is raped in South Africa every three minutes, according to a 2009 report.

Child Sexual Abuse.

2. If there are 11 million abused children in the UK, that could mean that there are many millions of child abusers.

It will not be possible to lock them all up.

We need to be able to see the difference between (1) the paedophile girl guide leader who hugs a girl guide and (2) the mother who tortures and rapes a toddler.

3. In order to protect children we need a 'culture' that discourages child abuse.

This means removing the dangerous child abusers from such institutions as:

The security services
The military
The police
The legal profession
The media and entertainment industry
The social work departments

"The ordinary citizens will demand constitutional reform on a scale not seen since the 1640s."

4. The security services are the main enemy.

It would appear that they organised the epidemic of child abuse that began after the formation of the CIA.

Eisenhower at Bohemian Grove 1950.

The media has been telling us about the child abuse and child murders associated with such places as:

1. The Arthur G Dozier School, in Marianna in Florida

2. Boys town, in Omaha

3. Colonia Dignidad, in Chile

4. Certain children's homes and hospitals in Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK

5. Certain child brothels in Thailand, Cambodia, London etc.

6. Marc Dutroux's cellars in Belgium.

7. Certain pool parties in Hollywood.

Elliot Rodger - sex slave?.

Roger Dean Kiser-Founder of "The Whitehouse Boys", the boys of the Arthur G Dozier School. (

It has become clear that all of the above child abuse can be linked to the CIA, and its friends.

You could say that the culprits are a 'Zionist-Nazi-Mafia faction' within the CIA, Mossad and the Pentagon.

If the CIA wants to control the boss of MI6, or the Secretary General of NATO, or a top Hollywood entertainer, or the President of the United States, or a member of a royal family, or a newspaper editor, or a key employee of Google, it can supply them with young girls or boys.

In order to get the system in place, the CIA has to know where children will be available for abuse.

A guide book is helpful.

In 1964, an American called Bob Damron published a book listing gay bars.

The CIA is reported to have photographs of certain top foreign dignitaries visiting such bars.

From 1969/1970 onwards you could buy the Spartacus guide book which listed the child brothels all around the world from Port Au Prince to Pattaya.

It was a very fat guide book.

It was advertised in the mainstream media and was available in the larger bookshops.

In other words, the security services seemed to be encouraging people to buy the book.

Now, the big question is, how on earth did the Spartacus editors know the details of all these brothels around the world?

The people most likely to know all the details were the CIA and its friends.

The CIA has been linked to child abuse and child murder worldwide.

Former priest, John Stamford, publisher of Spartacus. BOYLINKS - USA, UK, EUROPE, THE WORLD

The Spartacus Club and Spartacus International were run from Amsterdam by John Stamford, a former Roman Catholic priest from the UK.

In 1995, Stamford died mysteriously in prison in Belgium, aged 56.

Spartacus members got a '10% Discount' at the Elm Guest House boy brothel in London.

Ex-Tory minister 'pictured in child sex abuse video' confiscated by customs

Peter Glencross, commercial manager of Spartacus, helped persuade Carole Kasir to turn her Elm Guest House into a boy brothel.

Peter Glencross reportedly set out to create a network of child brothels for Spartacus members.

Customers of the Elm Guest house included members of MI5 and a cabinet minister, reportedly.

Elm guest house scandal: Coded advert that gave signal to perverts

According to the German blog brunoleaks:

John D. Stamford "was responsible for the exploitation of children in Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines …"

In London five star accolades are given, by Spartacus, to - Heaven (Richard Branson),Subway, Napoleon, Bolts, the Tent...

Spartacus | theneedleblog

Ecole en Bateau, 'a front for a paedophile ring'. Azimuth Trust was linked to 'boat schools'

"The details of each of the Spartacus members, including their sexual preferences, the desired age of the children and preferred countries of origin were stored on a computer.

Paedophiles who prey on youngsters worldwide - World - News ...

"An estimated 200,000 Nepalese children have been sold into sexual slavery in India; in Thailand up to a quarter of a million children work in brothels; and in Colombia one third of prostitutes are thought to be under 14."

Paedophiles who prey on youngsters worldwide - World - News ...

In 1955, we have the earliest recorded instance of child abuse by Sir Jimmy Savile (above), who is believed to have worked for the security services. In the late 1950's, Savile visited Moscow. On one occasion he gave a talk to the Israeli cabinet. He was a friend of the Chief of the UK Defence Staff.

We can go back at least as far as 1950 when Eisenhower, Hoover and Edward Teller attended the Bohemian Grove in California.

Bohemian Grove is where the top people meet and reportedly get involved in child abuse and worse.

In other words, there is a long history of the top people being involved in child abuse.



What we are talking about is child sex slaves, produced by the CIA.

In 1953 the US government sanctioned Project MKUltra, the CIA's programme to produce mind-controlled people, including child sex slaves.

Experiments are carried out on large numbers of children taken from children's care homes, such as Boys Town.

A child victim of the CIA's MK ULTRA

The MK ULTRA scientists, working in around 80 institutions, included Nazi war criminals.

Donald Ewen Cameron worked on the programme in Canada and William Sargant worked on the programme in London.

The MK ULTRA scientists made use of torture.

Marianna and Marianna Army Air Field.

From the 1940s onwards, the Arthur G Dozier School, in Marianna in Florida, was a home for boys.

It is situated near a military base and may be linked to the CIA's MK ULTRA mind control programme.

When a child is being mind-controlled, he is often forced to watch the murder of another child.

Excavators have discovered at least 50 bodies buried in the grounds of the school, which was shut in 2011.

In 2008, the Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, was forced to launch an investigation into the "hundreds of unmarked graves located at the school".

Rape, torture and murder took place at this school in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

Dick Colon said he was forced to lie face-down on a blood-soaked pillow that had small pieces of lip, tongue and skin from the previous boy's beating.

Colon recalls looking through the steamed-up window of a tumble-drier in the school laundry and seeing a black boy inside, churning round and round.

Nazareth Lodge

In the 1950s and 1960s, in Northern Ireland, there was 'Nazi-style' abuse of children in children's care homes.

One former resident says that "he was in a chain gang polishing floors, bathed in detergent as punishment and sexually assaulted by a woman when he was aged five or six.

Church-run 'hell hole' homes were 'like Nazi concentration camps' / Children Forced To 'Eat Their Own Vomit' In Church-Run 'Hell Hole' / Children's homes 'like Auschwitz'


The top Zionists and the top Nazis work together.

In the mid 1950s, the charity Colonia Dignidad was set up in Chile by a 'Jewish Nazi' called Paul Schäfer Schneider.

Reportedly, the CIA, Mossad and the West German secret service used Colonia Dignidad for experiments involving the torture and mind control of kidnapped children.

"It was known since 1964 that the members of the commune were being subjected to torture; it was known since 1977 that political prisoners were tortured there; and the child abuse was known about since the 1970s."

Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad

Colonia Dignidad, which became Villa Baviera.

"Germans in the colony knew how to keep a person alive for several days or weeks while putting him or her through the most terrible agony and humiliation..."

Colonia Dignidad is said to have links to a large number of Nazis linked to Operation Paperclip, MK ULTRA brainwashing, satanic ritual abuse, AmeriCares, the Knights of Malta and the Vatican.

German authorities investigated charges that from thirty to forty children reported missing from the Bonn and Cologne areas wound up at Colonia Dignidad.

Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad

Michael Townley - "the primary liaison between Colonia Dignidad and the Pinochet regime was an American CIA agent named MichaelTownley who also served as a member of the Chilean secret police in addition to helping plan the military coup that ousted Allende." Latin American Cults Part I

In 1956, John Ross led a fact-finding committee investigating Australian children's homes to which British children had been sent.

He wanted 26 institutions blacklisted. His report was ignored by the government.

Large numbers of children have been tortured and raped in children's care homes in Australia.

The CIA is said to control the key people in Australia.

Boys' home horror recalled.

Often the police have been involved in the abuse.

Two journalists from Australia's Sun-Herald claimed see evidence of the satanic ritual abuse of children.

They interviewed six mothers whose children had disclosed experiences of Satanic Ritual Abuse and organised abuse in New South Wales.


Cathy O'Brien

In 1957, Cathy O'Brien was born.

She became a child victim of the mind control government project named Project Monarch, part of MK ULTRA

She recalls that as a child she was sexually abused by international pedophile rings, drug barons and satanists.



In 1957, 11-year-old Moira Anderson was last seen boarding a bus in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, Scotland.

According to The Sunday Times (Pressure on police to release paedophile dossier), 23 April 2006, Strathclyde Police have a dossier listing members of a child-abuse ring.

The dossier is said to implicate senior public figures, including senior police officers and members of the Crown Office and former Scottish Office.

The Bexley Boys Home in Australia - opened in 1915 and closed in 1979.

From the 1960s and 1970s onwards Boys were being 'rented out' for abuse at a Salvation Army boys' home in Australia.

"A man named FV told police that in 1974 the Superintendent of the Bexley home, Captain Lawrence Wilson, introduced him to a woman in Salvation Army uniform who was accompanied by a man.

"FV said they took him back to their home and sexually abused him."

Sir Jimmy Savile with Elvis.

In 1960, Jimmy Savile visited visits Elvis Presley in California.

Laurel Canyon

Billy Bryars, the son of an oil magnate, ran a 'boy brothel' at the summit of Laurel Canyon in California.

Customers at the boy brothel were said to include J. Edgar Hoover and his 'gay' partner Clyde Tolson.

Inside The Laurel Canyon.

California is a major site for CIA mind-control experiments.

Elvis is said to have been mind-controlled.

Harvey Proctor.

In 1961, in the UK, the Conservative Party's Monday Club was set up.

Its members have included Harvey Proctor, Rhodes Boyson and Peter Bottomley.

Members of the Monday Club are said to have visited the Elm Guest house boy brothel, and taken young boys to Amsterdam.

The Elm Guest House has been linked to MI5.

John Wetterer

In 1963, John Wetterer was active in Vietnam.

John Wetterer, set up the Shoeshine Boys Foundation.

Allegedly, the Shoeshine Boys was a pedophile ring serving the American military.

Wetterer was helped by Robert Macauley, the founder of AmeriCares, an organisation which has been linked to the CIA.

Kray Twins, possible victims of mind control. KRAY TWINS BRAINWASHED?

In 1963, Winston Churchill's close friend Lord Boothby was introduced to the Kray twins.

The Kray Twins were murderous gangsters who reportedly supplied young boys to the elite.

The Kray Twins reportedly had a connection to the security services.


Reportedly, around 50,000 aboriginal (native Indian) children died in residential schools in Canada

Canada has been a major centre of CIA mind-control experiments.

In 1964, William Combes says he witnessed "the abduction of ten fellow residential school children by the Queen of England and her husband in October, 1964 at the Catholic school in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada."

In the 1960's, child abuse was taking place at the Kincora boys home, in Belfast

Reportedly, Kincora was run as a boy brothel by MI5, which wanted to blackmail and control certain political leaders.

Jimmy Savile used to visit Northern Ireland.

In 1963, a male victim came forward to claim that Jimmy Savile raped him in Cheshire but he was told by police to "forget about it".

From 1965 - 1988, Sir Jimmy Savile was a volunteer porter and fundraiser at Stoke Mandeville hospital.

He had his own quarters there.

Reportedly, satanic ritual abuse took place at the hospital.

In 1965, Greystone Heath approved school for boys in Warrington was being used by a child abuse ring.

In 1966, Lord Mountbatten introduced Savile to Prince Philip.

In 1966,Jimmy Savile was awarded was honorary green beret by the Royal Marines.

In 1966, Michael Trestrail, 'linked to the Elm guest house boy brothel', became the Duke of Edinburgh's "personal police officer".

In 1967, Prince Edward became the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales.

Guy Marsden

In 1967, Jimmy Savile's nephew, 13 year old Guy Marsden, was frequently taken to the homes of wealthy celebrities.

In these homes, men sexually abused girls and boys as young as 10, with Savile present.

In 1969, Savile visited the island of Jersey, famous for child abuse, child torture and child murder.

In 1969, the BBC's Savile recorded 'Christmas Songs of Praise' from Calder High School.

The BBC is said to be run by the security services. Its key employees usually have links to the military and Israel.

From at least the 1970s onwards, Boys were being sexually abused at Boys Town, in Omaha.

Larry King got children for his Franklin child abuse ring from Boys Town, Omaha.

Child victims said that King took part in the satanic ritual murder of children. theNSAisWATCHIN.

The "Washington Post", "New York Times", "Village Voice" and "National Law Journal" referred to the accusations.

King was linked to Iran-Contra.

King was said to have provided the CIA with information gained from the users of the child sex ring.


Warwick Spinks (above) was caught on secret camera offering to supply a video in which a 10 year old boy was killed and another featuring the horrific abuse of a young boy.

The untouchable "Warwick Spinks ... built businesses and bought properties in South Africa, Namibia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, France and England..."


In the early 1970's, soldier John Peters, who helped make the 'Bjorn tape' video involving the horrific sex assault of an 8 year old boy, managed to go absent without leave.


In the 1970's and 1980's, pedophile rings for top people were operating in children's care homes in Islington in London.

This happened "under the watch of Margaret Hodge", the Islington politician who is a friend of Tony Blair.

In the 1970's, Sir Jimmy Savile becomes a regular visitor to the Haut de La Garenne children's care home on the child abuse island of Jersey.

In 1970 there was the first recorded instance of child abuse by Sir Jimmy Savile at Duncroft school in Surrey.

Savile and Heath

In 1970, Edward Heath, who was a frequent visitor to the child abuse island of Jersey, became Prime Minister.


In 1971, Claire McAlpine, who had been a young dancer on BBC TV,committed suicide at the age of 15.

In her diary she named showbusiness personalities whom she claimed had "used" her.

The allegations were dismissed by the police and by the BBC, and Jimmy Savile denied having known her.

Father Bruce Ritter mixing with the teenage boy prostitutes of New York.

In 1972, Father Bruce Ritter, a vice president of Americares, set up a charity called Covenant House, 'as a cover for a pedophile ring'.

Cia's 'Christian' faction; AmeriCares, pedophile rings.

In 1973, Michael Trestrail, linked to Elm Guest House, became the Queen's bodyguard.

From 1973 - 1982, Children from Grafton Close Children's Home were being abused at the Elm guest house by top people.


Right - Sir peter Morrison with Thatcher. Left - North Wales children's care home used as a boy brothel. ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE.

From 1974 - 1990, child abuse rings were operating at various children's homes in North wales.

Margaret Thatcher's close friend Sir Peter Morrison, and a McAlpine, were reportedly involved.

In the mid 1970's, the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was active in promoting the idea of legalising sex with children over 4.

PIE was financed and organised by people linked to the security services, reportedly.

In 1975, Prince Edward served as President of The Scout Association.

A large number of child celebrities are reported to be victims of the CIA's MK ULTRA mind-control.

In 1975, Project MKUltra was brought to public attention by the Church Committee of the U.S. Congress.

In 1975, Jimmy Savile made a 10 day 'state visit' to Israel.

He met President Ephraim Katzir and Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek, and was organised by John Levy of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust.

In 1975, Sir Jimmy Savile reportedly beat and raped a girl at Stoke Mandeville hospital as part of a satanic ritual with other adults in the hospital basement.

He chanted 'Hail Satan' in Latin.

Savile and Thatcher. Jimmy Savile spent several Christmases at Margaret Thatcher's home.

From 1975 - 1980, we had 'the Yorkshire Ripper murder spree'.

Jimmy Savile was viewed as a suspect in the Ripper murders and was questioned by West Yorkshire Police.

Moulds were taken of his teeth.

In 1976, Jimmy Savile, at Haut de La Garenne on the child abuse island of Jersey, sexually abused ''John'' who was aged 10 at time of assault.

Two top police officers officers have claimed that Jersey's Haut de la Garenne care home was at the centre of a ''well-protected paedophile ring''.

Victims of the Oakland county child killer.

From 1975 until 1976, Francis D Shelden owned North Fox Island, in Lake Michigan.

The island was a major centre of child abuse activity.

Reportedly, Shelden is actually Frank Torey, the editor of Spartacus and PAN (see photo) along with John Stamford.

The Oakland County Child Killer is an unidentified serial killer responsible for the murders of four or more children, two girls and two boys, in Oakland County, Michigan, United States in 1976 and 1977.

It has been alleged that Frank Shelden/FrankTorey was the killer.

Oakland County Child Killer.

In 1976, Jimmy Savile was in Belfast, the site of the Kincora Boy's Home brothel, and several mysterious killings of children..

Guatemalan children with the Toybox charity which has links to the 'CIA front' organisation World Vision.

In 1976, John Hugh Wetterer, a Vietnam War veteran, founded an orphanage in Guatemala City called Mi Casa.

According to reports, it becomes a centre of child abuse.

JOHN WETTERER, GEORGE BUSH, CHILD ABUSE IN Guatemala. / Cia's 'Christian' faction; AmeriCares, pedophile rings.

In 1977, in London, Peter Righton, and other members of P.I.E., began sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy.

The abuse continued for several years.

Sir Cyril Smith and other VIPs were allegedly involved.

From 1979-81, an 11-year-old called Vincent was being abused at Elm Guest house and at a house in notorious Bexhill.

In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became UK Prime Minister.

Martin Allen

In 1979, Martin Allen, 15, disappeared.

He was last seen by a friend at King’s Cross Tube station as he made his way home from school.

A man and boy were seen acting suspiciously at Earl's Court, just a few miles from Elm Guest House.

A photofit of the man 'bears a remarkable resemblance to Harvey Proctor'.

Corrupt targets

Published on 26 December 2014

I hope that the MPs and their puppet masters at Westminster realise that the investigation into paedophile rings in high places from the 1960s to the 1990s (there are published allegations of child murders, for heaven’s sake) exposes a significant number of MPs, Lords and Generals – those who think it is their natural place to rule the country – that this will be the end for them.

It will make the parliamentary expenses scandal look like stealing sweeties from the tuck shops of the privileged schools that most of them attended.

The ordinary citizens will demand constitutional reform on a scale not seen since the 1640s.

A rapid transition to full proportional representation for the Lords and Commons will only be the start of it.

Although that, per se, won’t keep the paedophiles from creeping back into the seats of power it, and the police record and intelligence checks that current workers with children are subject to, it will be a first step in the right 
direction. It would make representatives a little less dependent on a party political patronage system, now seen clearly for what it is – a number of cartels which promote nothing before self-interest, sometimes fatally corrupted self-interest at that.

We must, eventually, find a better way of selecting those who make the decisions we all depend upon.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road, Edinburgh

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At 26 October 2015 at 02:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 October 2015 at 03:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 October 2015 at 03:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 26 October 2015 at 07:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember years ago on Radio 4 many years ago some journalist was saying that during WW2 when the blitz was on they took most of the children out of London and many other major cities and put them in the countryside for safety, except one in three of them ended up getting molested by either their new foster parents, or teacher, or whoever. When I heard this I was totally surprised and thought, crikey, that can't be true! One in three?

Anyway, I recently did an exhaustive internet search on this and nothing came up, zilch. So I can only go by my memory, and the figure does seem incredible. Maybe I heard it wrong, but I'm sure I didn't?

At 26 October 2015 at 09:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very powerful article Aangirfan. Most people have not had the luxury of immersing themselves in the realm of child sexual abuse to have the fortitude to intellectually dissect these very complex issues. In that sense they will rely on heuristic cues fed to them through societal conditioning. Those of us that have become victims and/or perpetrators of this sort of violence are left with no choice but to ponder these questions on a daily basis. Although I do believe there should be a clear delineation between a pedophile and a child abuser, I do not believe a pedophilic relationship can ever be 'healthy' and most definitely not in this current societal paradigm. There is a priority to clear up these differences when evaluating potential offenders because there does inevitably seem to be a large portion of the population interested in the sexuality of a young child, not that it is right, it is just the truth, so obviously other solutions must be explored. Is this a factor of a horribly malnourished and intentionally distorted society? How much of it is Nature vs. Nurture? Either way, other options of classifying sex offenders must be achieved and the proper methods of treatment must be applied if this epidemic is to be confronted responsibly. It seems societies uncomfortablilty, or blind acquiescence to the issue of child sexual abuse is so obtuse and mis-understood that we seem trapped in a perpetual cycle of abuse and incarceration without successful treatment. Without these clear examinations between the differences in pedophilic attraction those at the top that have chosen to use pedophilia as a base for their immoral and horrific misuse, abuse, mistreatment and murder of children will continue to have carte-blanche over the innocent. These organisations rely on conflating these issues. Child abusers are attempting to create pedophiles through the dissemination of their own materials through the internet, combined with the statistic that part of the problem at the moment and over the last decade is the hugely increased availability of child abuse imagery online, many 'sex offenders' have become such because that sexual interest was stoked for some people that perhaps was not that great in the first place. Just like the availability of street drugs like heroin and cocaine became widely available and entertainment vice became mainstream, so has the ubiquity of sexual impropriety for that very means: to create beasts of us all (these maladies inflicted upon society are not only a test for humanity but also a reason for cleansing). These people know that they are giving the populace enough rope to hang themselves. These people understand that a human being not only has the innate sense of survival but is also a composite of his environment and experiences limited by his perception, if an individual is brought up in an environment of nothing but decay, a good portion of that population will display that decay. In other words, materials like drugs, sex and rock n roll are intentionally placed in our way knowing that a good amount of people will pick this vice up inherently simply based on our natures. In that sense, many people caught up in the sexual abuse realm are victims as well.


At 26 October 2015 at 09:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This does not exclude personal responsibility when involved in these acts, and one must understand their own fault and confront that fault and make it right. In this sense Jesus words ring true in "Judge Not Less Thou Be Judged" because everyone has that potential in them, murderer, adulterer, child abuser, it all just takes the right kind of mojo to make a monster and none of you can look at another person's life an ascertain what might have made them that way. Gurdjieff, as the theosophist khazarian spy that he was, was right when he said that the sexuality of a human being was the hardest occult knowledge to control and utilize properly, and I believe he said that for a reason because he knew that a great wave was about to hit the world in the form of eastern occultism using that very mechanism against us.

I believe that the world has too much cerebral work to do on this subject before the damn breaks and many many people will be caught up in the fray before it is too late.


At 26 October 2015 at 11:43 , Blogger Greg Pearson said...

Read Alex Constantine's Psychic Dictatorship in the USA for a study of the Children of God/The Family- a frightening glimpse of a world-wide child sex/mind control operation associated with heads of state everywhere including King Juan Carlos and Augusto Pinochet "and many Presidents" according to Berg's daughter- and here is a short article showing positive proof of harm caused by child sex/incest

At 26 October 2015 at 16:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these' (Matthew 19.14) (Parishes)

At 26 October 2015 at 17:06 , Blogger Roy Hull said...

Akhaldan Solo, Could you please tell me on what grounds do you call Gurdjieff a theosophist khazarian spy?
Best wishes

At 26 October 2015 at 20:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is all too apparent (to those who are able to believe it) that much of the 'popular' culture as we know it ('popular' insofar as it is mass-produced and hard to escape from) is an expression of almost devastatingly misguided, noxious priorities.

Like ice cream, while consumption of most of what is regarded as 'popular' culture is invariably unhealthy, the ill-effects of consuming small quantities may be relatively minor. Hollywood action movies, tawdry tabloid newspapers, and Big Macs, in moderation, may be considered to offer an acceptable benefit-to-cost ration.

But we are not seeing a moderate or safe amount of 'intrusion' by the 'popular' culture into everyday existence for those of us living in the wealthier nations. Instead, we are awash in junk culture from cradle to grave: from junk food, to junk television, to junk 'news' programming, to junk music and so on.

'Junk' culture as we know it in Britain and much of the globe today is most certainly *not* an organic manifestation of the true voices -- the creative and expressive impulses -- of balanced, globally aware, spiritually awakened, morally centred, emotionally intelligent individuals.

What we have foisted upon us (and what we are conditioned to clamour for) is not a 'bottom-up' 'real' folk culture of meaningful, enriching storytelling, but rather a 'top-down' 'saccharine' 'hollowed-out' assembly-line 'culture'. Of course, none of this is new.

What is new(ish) I fear -- or at least becoming more evident with every passing year -- is that 'popular' culture is now not exclusively or even mainly just a vehicle for transmitting the capitalist, materialist political ideology from which the global elite benefit so disproportionately.

Rather, it does seem that, increasingly, the 'popular' or 'junk' culture is increasingly the embodiment of a mindset and an agenda that is actually malign, and *intentionally* so. In which the worship of celebrity, sexual promiscuity, self harm, cruelty, and so on, is NOT driven by the predominant goals of maximising profits and maintaining elite hegemony through cultivation and exploitation of the consumers' baser appetites.

Instead, the goal and driving agenda of much of what passes for 'popular' or junk culture these days is -- one fears -- that of degenerating the mass of the global & international populace *for its own sake*.

Among the elites there are those that do *enjoy* debasing the magnificent spiritual and moral potential that is every human being. Not merely because it is economically and politically beneficial for these elites to cultivate spiritual, intellectual and imaginative zombies. But because the transformation of human beings into destructive units of fears, anxieties and selfish pleasures & desires produces in them (these elites) some weird euphoria and power.

Not being much familiar with satanism and occultism I couldn't describe exactly how this works -- much less why it works -- but I can speculate that as the Light of conscience and global consciousness, empathy, love and compassion is siphoned-off incrementally from the mass of humanity, this Energy lost from the 99% is absorbed by the 1% who caused the power transference.

Because this transference of Energy is to people who worship evil, the Energy absorbed -- irrespective of its source -- fuels only their wickedness...

At 26 October 2015 at 20:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

... This isn't, then, just or predominantly about greedy ueber-capitalists simply wanting to own the whole world and everyone in it.

This is about extremely proficient, devastatingly powerful *occultists* (who may be ueber-capitalists, but not in every case) who want not only to own the world and everyone in it, but to destroy everything Pure & Good both as means to an end, and as an end in itself.

Destruction. This is, in fact, something that the occultists designing and disseminating much of today's 'popular' culture perceive themselves to actually 'enjoy'. They strive to eat us.

At 27 October 2015 at 10:04 , Blogger Unknown said...

Some of these pictures make me feel very uncomfortable, are they really necessary? Your article is thorough and informative, without having to show some of the images.

At 27 October 2015 at 10:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please excuse me Mr. Hull I am not ignoring your question I just need some time to collate the proper response and research, and the time to find the specific reference. Thank you.


At 27 October 2015 at 11:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I feel compelled to reply to this comment as well, I do appreciate all the space you allow me for my comments Aangirfan.

I feel the need to apologize to Jp if he/she feels offended by the imagery chosen but feel the need to assure him/her that I believe each image is chosen very carefully for that very reason. Aangirfan is truly one of the only online commentators that is able to tell such a comprehensive story with such telling detail, and much of that story is told with those pictures. In many instances, although the proof provided would be circumstantial in a court of law, the material supplied by Aangirfan is enough for any discerning mind to come to their own conclusions.

Press on, for just as you are desensitized by your current paradigm the same method must be employed to reverse your polarization. Aangirfans imagery creates lasting associations.


At 27 October 2015 at 12:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Most people have not had the luxury of immersing themselves in the realm of child sexual abuse to have the fortitude to intellectually dissect these very complex issues"

A luxury ? Really ?I have dissected your opening sentence and you either want to choose your words more carefully, or...

At 27 October 2015 at 16:01 , Anonymous brabantian said...

Whilst oligarch paedophiles are indulged, we now have allegedly 'pro-child' agendas coming to extremes that may really be ultimately crazy.

Some seek to ban the 'schoolgirl' outfits etc from fantasies, theatre, porn & lingerie shops, plus any & all 'little girl' accoutrements long used by adult-adult-only partners. Anything 'cute' - bow in the hair - is now suspect.

In some countries, they have begun to prohibit pornography with small-breasted women who are in fact much of the world's female adult population, & more appealing to many males. Only alleged 'mature-looking' might be allowed in future erotica.

Others denounce the craze of female shaved genitals, tho it is unclear how much this is male desire, female desire, or females internalising submission to (imagined) male desire.

Parents in poor countries living in tiny places, sleep with children in the same bed, as used to be done in the West too, with children themselves often seeking to do this. But now immigrant parents, totally innocent & child-protective, can find themselves suddenly harassed & losing their children forever due to a fanatic Western country Gestapo.

Sometimes if a male walks streets with a tiny petite Asian friend, in fact a grand-mother, near his own age, but in good health & appearance ... he gets looks, scorn & comments from Caucasians who think the Asian lady is decades younger & he is some devilish exploiter tending toward the underage.

At 28 October 2015 at 04:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or what? I would have thought that by reading the rest of the comment you would understand that it is NOT a 'luxury' and might be able to grasp the concept of sarcasm.


Ps. People!

At 28 October 2015 at 10:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gurdjieff was a good man. Anyone in any doubt should read Boyhood with Gurdjieff by Fritz Peters. Fantastic book, one of my favourites. In Charles Nott's first book about his time with Gurdjieff there is a telling description of Aleister Crowley's attempt to meet with Gurdjieff and how he was given very short shrift indeed. Paul Crockett, the man who stood up to Charles Manson in Death Valley in 1969 was a follower of Gurdjieff. Actions speak louder than words.

At 25 February 2017 at 03:08 , Blogger Unknown said...

I think the pedophilic interest is mostly nurture, a manifestation of emotional stunting of adult minds in child-like states.

At 10 March 2020 at 05:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horrifying Berlin foster experiments saw kids DELIBERATELY given to paedos to see if sex abuse was ‘good for them’

Kentler war ledig, homosexuell und hatte drei Adoptivsöhne und einen Pflegesohn😈😨
Im Jahr 1981 berichtete er: „Diese Leute haben diese schwachsinnigen Jungen nur deswegen ausgehalten, weil sie eben in sie verliebt, verknallt und vernarrt waren".


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