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John Allen (Mr X) and kids.

Angus James, co-founder of Scallywag magazine, was reportedly murdered.

Angus James wrote about several people linked to Edward Heath, David Cameron and their Conservative Party.

Angus James wrote: Lord McAlpine and the Child Abuse Ring

According to Angus James:

1. "Derek Laud, close friend of Michael Brown MP, sodomised an underage boy at one children's home so savagely that the child received hospital treatment for a ruptured anus." 

Derek Laud, who is gay, became the first and only black master of foxhounds when he took that role with New Forest Foxhounds in 1999. Derek Laud with Anne (left) and Cicely Meehan, the spinster sisters who gave Derek Laud a home. Cicely Meehan was a child psychologist. One Saturday, Anne drove young Derek to the house of 'a very grand lady ... who bore a striking resemblance to Mrs Thatcher'. Derek Laud is a long standing family friend of Samantha Cameron's family and a personal friend of David Cameron and attended their wedding at Ginge, in Oxfordshire.

(Note that (1) Michael Brown writes of Edward Heath: 'I am appalled by this witch-hunt'. (2) Derek Laud has been a close friend of prime Minister David Cameron)

Former Member of Parliament Michal Brown.

2. "Young boys in care were systematically raped and abused by Mr X (JOHN ALLEN) and many other influential people ... children as young as four were schooled in the art of male prostitution."

(Reportedly the child brothels and abuse rings were organised by the security services)

3. "Luxury flats in London, Brighton and elsewhere ... were high class homosexual brothels, where Mr X kept, on a permanent basis, rent boys to cater for his VIP clients. 

"Regular visitors included ... Lord McAlpine ... the late Lord Kenyon, former chairman of the North Wales Police Authority, Wyn Roberts, MP for Conwy ... Adam Mars-Jones, son of Mr Justice Jones ... six police officers, among them a former superintendent and prominent freemason in Clywd, Gordon Angelsea..."

The sinking of Edward Heath's yacht

4. (There is a) "connection between the paedophile ring and close friends of  (former cabinet ministers) Michael Portillo and Peter Lilley."

"Paedophile material produced by one of Mr X's companies in Amsterdam (has been traced) to an address in Dolphin Square."

5. "It was almost inconceivably evil, to take little boys in care homes owned by Mr X such as 34 Inverness Terrace, Baywater, which has since closed down, or from homes in Castle Road and Finchley Place in London, and subject these children to systematic abuse over a period of years...

"Mr X also financially maintained numerous boys, at houses in Edgeware Road, London, Chester Road, Manchester, Nevinson Avenue, SouthShields, Queens Park, Wrexham, Rock Street Brighton, and so on. All these addresses were used by wealthy paedophiles for sex for cash.

6. "Mr X also had a ready supply of boys to use in his burgeoning film business, through a company owned by his niece in Copenhagen. 

"Paedophile material was transported to London for private showings in Dolphin Square and nearby Winchester Street, Pimlico, where Derek Laud, Michael Brown MP's boyfriend, had set up home.

"A source in Dolphin square told us: 'We often have underage boys wandering the corridors, totally lost, asking for the flat of a particular MP'...

"'David Steel, who has an apartment here, is rather fond of late nights'...

"Mr X supplied boys to Dolphin square on a regular basis..."


7. "Soon after their marriage, Mr and Mrs Portillo went on holiday with Michael Brown MP, and his 'friend', a black youth who they all nicknamed Golly... 

"Golly is none other than the half-caste nephew and research assistant of Lord Pitt (Baron Pitt of Hampstead)...

"His name is Derek Laud and it was he who introduced footballer Justin Fashanu to Westminster's seedier inhabitants...  

"Laud has also been on holiday (to Morocco) with Lilley, Chris Chataway, and Jeffrey Archer..."

Morocco's Prince Moulay Rachid in white suit

"After leaving a lunch with fergie's boyfriend, he then joined Andrew and a sailor pal at the royal home in Dorset for all sorts of fun and games.

"He was also involved somewhere in the middle of the Diana-Gilby scandal and is a frequent visitor to David Steel's flat in the now notorious Dolphin Square... 

"Laud is a consultant with Ludgate Communications, a high-powered political public relations outfit, which moves in political, business, and even royal circles. In this capacity Laud has even written speeches for Prince Charles.

"Laud is a frequent visitor to Conservative Central Office where he meets Alistair Cooke, one of the original right-wing conspirators of the Maurice Cowling days in Cambridge..."

(Alistair Cooke is David Cameron's former boss)

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The Moroccan elite are thought to be crypto jews...hence none of the "colour revolutions" afflicting other countries.(no revolution in Saudi Arabia for the same reason).
When Jews were expelled from Spain many travelled to Morocco to live.It is thought the barbary pirates were the equivalent of major drug organisations by jews..for example Guzman who recently escaped from prison)
Other jews went north to Holland and Britain...some retained their marrano cloak.John Kerry the US politician who is infact a marrano,demonstrates that Jews are still practicing this deception today.He can thus purport to be a neutral party when dealing with Israel.


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