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Homophobia is mainly a Jewish phenomenon.

The Hebrews wanted their tribe to produce lots of children.

The leaders of the Hebrews wanted their tribe to stand apart from the rival tribes, who were bisexual.

The Abrahamic religions spread homophobia around the world.

However, "historian Yaron Ben-Naeh has shown in his research that ... in Jewish communities in the Ottoman Empire same-sex relations were rather common." 

Homosexuality Is Part of Jewish Tradition.

Hans-Joachim Schoeps, a Jewish historian and theologian, argues that 'the prohibition in Deuteronomy' relates to a prohibition of a pagan cult and not to a prohibition of homosexuality.


"Homophobia does indeed exist as a specific classifiable mental illness, ranging from mild anxiety to paranoia."

A History of Homophobia: 1 The Ancient Hebrews.

The Hebrew leaders were somehat neurotic.

"Unlike their contemporary Greek, Egyptian, and other civilizations, the Hebrews held the view that sex, the sex organs, and nudity were shameful.

"In Leviticus 18.6-19 there are as many as 12 prohibitions relating entirely to nakedness...

"The Hebrew term for the male genitals, erva, means 'hideous flesh.' 

"Virtually every psychologist, anthropologist, and student of comparative religion now recognizes that the Hebrew ritual ceremony of circumcision is a muted form of castration and a symbolic attempt at genital mutilation...

"In Leviticus 15.16-18 semen is declared to be 'unclean' ...

"This attitude towards sex, the male genitals, semen and nudity seems to provide evidence for a pathological anxiety, a barely suppressed paranoia that may have been a national trait of these tribes...


"However, a strong political motive contributed to this attitude... 

"For purposes of political survival the Hebrew leaders were attempting to distinguish themselves from the Babylonians, Canaanites, Egyptians, and Assyrians...

"The Mishnah and Talmud prescribed stoning to death (as does Leviticus), and in due course there were discussions among the rabbis resulting in agreement that 13-year-old sodomites (i.e. minors) were not guilty of a crime...


"Male homosexual religious rites were commonly practised in the Temple of Jerusalem itself, and were an integral part of early Jewish worship (see II Kings 23.7)... 

"King Josiah (640-609 BC) ... began the campaign against homosexuality that has never ceased since.

"So militant homophobia began in what was basically the historical accident of a local sectarian feud. 

"Unfortunately this prohibition of a specific religious practice quickly became a prohibition of male homosexuality in general, and we are left with Josiah's anti-gay laws...

"Even 'the sin of Onan,' which came to be a condemnation of masturbation, derived originally from a prohibition against ritual masturbation before the idol of Baal...

A History of Homophobia: 1 The Ancient Hebrews.

Many of the Hebrew leaders, like most of the top Nazis, were both gay and homophobic.

Daniel Mauricio Zamudio Vera

In March 2012, in Chile, four sadists tortured Daniel Zamudio Vera, aged 24, to death.

The four sadists carved swastikas into Daniel's body, burned him with cigarettes and broke his bones with rocks.

Patricio Garay, Alejandro Tapia, Raul Fuentes and Fabian Mora have now been convicted of the murder of Daniel Zamudio.


Daniel was gay.

It is believed that the four sadists were gay homophobic Nazis of the sort that get sexual pleasure from torturing good looking young lads.

Mora - homophobic 'Gay Nazi'.

The attack on Daniel, committed by four people linked to a neo-Nazi gang, caused a public outcry in Chile.


Ludwig Lenz, who worked at the Sex Research Institute in Berlin, has said that "not ten percent of the men who, in 1933, took the fate of Germany into their hands, were sexually normal."

The Nazi Party began in a gay bar in Munich.

William Shirer says in his "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich," that Ernst Roehm like so many of the early Nazis was a homosexual."

Roehm became a political threat to Hitler. Roehm was assassinated in the Night of the Long Knives, "which was largely implemented by homosexuals."


Hitler's Brown Shirts were the creation of a homosexual called Gerhard Rossbach.

These Storm Troopers "were almost exclusively homosexual" and formed the leadership of the Hitler Youth.

Historian Louis Snyder says that Roehm recruited homosexuals because they would "kill and slaughter for the hell of it."

Hermann Goering liked to dress in drag, paint his nails and put rouge on his cheeks.

As a youth in Vienna, Hitler was as a male prostitute.

The sadistic macho gays of the Nazi party liked to target effeminate homosexuals.

Similarly the rich well-connected Jewish Nazis liked to target the poorer less well connected Jews.

Reportedly, at Auschwitz, "there was a considerable traffic in young children among homosexuals there."

A Nazi administrator at Treblinka, according to one historian, "had a harem of little Jewish boys" and "sought in Treblinka only the satisfaction of his homosexual instincts."

The truth about homosexuality and the Nazi Party - RenewAmerica

In some camps, SS guards lusted after the "young attractive homosexuals" but "lashed out with special fury against those who showed effeminate traits." 

One guard at Auschwitz reportedly "strangled, crushed and gnawed to death as many as 100 boys and young men a day while raping them at his leisure."

According to Historian Frank Rector, a film made by the SS showed "a wild drunken orgy of beautiful boys and handsome young men being whipped, raped and murdered by the SS."

More here: The truth about homosexuality and the Nazi Party - RenewAmerica

Victim Who Was Tortured by Gay Sadists For Being Gay..

Most homophobes are gay and dangerous.

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At 18 August 2015 at 04:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

While in no way an apologist for homophobia, I think 'certifiable mental illness' is the start of an extremely slippery slope. There are no physical diagnostic tests for any mental illness. The entire psychiatric cookbook is a consensual fabrication, and significant power tool for the bad guys, especially in the US of A.
(Are you saying gay people were responsible for the rise of Hitler ? :o) ).

At 18 August 2015 at 06:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a subject more convoluted and contentious than homosexuality, bi-sexuality or - same sex activity, something covered by neither of those definitions? Paradox-free, or better said, non-nuanced thinking isn’t going to be satisfied with the above presentation. The argument that ‘same-sex relations were rather common’ has been particularly driven and debated in the church through John Boswell’s writings. This could suit those for ‘gay-acceptance’ with its promotion, this is a longer and wider phenomenon, a small percentage of couples, finding open love with their respective gender.

Biblical traditionalist’s might also go along with this position but ensure it was said to be thoroughly established by Plato's Symposium (the main example) and at least contemporary colloquial currency by the early church and, critically, what Paul knew and saw when he wrote his letters. ‘Homosexuality’ might have been coined in the late 19th century but the claim is; mutual marriage-type relationships were in view when Paul, declining to use a number of words associated with same-sex activity, came up with a new word, or at least one we have no record of otherwise.

This lack of documentation and a sense we all, to quote wrote Rowan Williams, too often think ‘history is like now, in fancy dress’ means, I find the belief in overly widespread positive historical gay-acceptance less plausible. If Paul was addressing those who were expecting their faithful and permanent gay love to come to church, why not spell it out? Of course, the supposed verses do, for the slowly declining majority of card-carrying evangelicals who are increasingly loosing ground to those agnostic about it, or have crossed over to welcoming, albeit with heterosexual like conditions. For the early decades of the last century the debate could be kept polarised as - Liberals: believe Paul was wrong, verses Evangelicals: he never was. Over the past twenty years streams of thinking have burst the banks to new conflated stands.

I say - the final theological analysis is; this an argument against, out of a degree of silence and conversely for, but the pro’s have it, in the overall wideness of God’s mercy to include those who’re unmistakably attracted this way and enforced celibacy (respect if that's someone's willing way), could not be, the ‘gift of...’ that Jesus said we could and might receive.


At 18 August 2015 at 06:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy how you are able to make a subject clear as a bell Aang. So I guess what you are trying to illustrate is that what we are witnessing in contemporary times is exactly what has gone on in the past, history doomed to repeat itself and all that. Meaning, all the forms of hate that we are witnessing against homosexuality in it's purest form considering that human beings are all bi-sexual in nature today are constructs of repression from severely misconstrued 'laws' set forth in the Bible that were actually an attempt at stemming the EXTREMISM of sexual expression through ritual and sacrifice of the pagan religions. Basically, homosexuality and bisexuality were all accepted norms EXCEPT if you were using your sexuality to perform bizarre rituals to conjure up 'other' energies, just like what we saw with the Crowleyesque Nazi Party and currently with all these child raping/ritual sacrificing cults. So in essence the laws against homosexuals we see in the Bible are not references for the ordinary homosexual but for those rampant sexual abusers we are becoming so familiar with in our houses of government, military and entertainment complexes.

Nice take on things, very enlightening.

Thank you Aangirfan.


At 18 August 2015 at 12:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a good post, and I felt better after reading it. Some people on the Right, especially in the US, think that Jews are anything goes liberal hawks who are responsible for all promiscuity, homosexuality, liberal politics, liberal society, bestiality, and war. They think that the Jews are just as much into orgies of war as they are into orgies of promiscuous sex. I used to have trouble fitting all these opposites together, but I was recently thinking about how homophobic the Old Testament was with its ruthless non tolerance and death sentence. This is the very hawkish, right wing side which goes along with the war but it has nothing to do with being liberal. I'm beginning to realise that liberals have a higher morality than religious conservatives.

At 18 August 2015 at 13:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great that gays are more accepted now, they're nice people, as the videos show.

At 18 August 2015 at 20:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a tendency these days to classify anyone who does not view homosexuality as a worthwhile lifestyle to be referred to as a homophobe. Exactly what is the definition of a homophobe and who coined it? If someone prefers to have a cat as a pet instead of a dog, are they at cat hater or dogophobe? There is a tendency these days to vilify and stigmatize all who disagree with any one type perspective. It is the agree with me or you are a hater syndrome.

When we talk about the hebrews, well who were the hebrews? It all depends on your view of history. My view indicates the hebrews were the Falani tribe who came to palestine with their six pointed star, which means nothing more than tantric sex. Incidentally that is a prevailing view in India also. So their original views on homosexuality, LGBT or whatever the chic name for it is these days has little to do with anything. Now of course the current khazar/edomites who seem obsessed with homosexuality cannot seem to spread it around the globe fast enough.

Ones views on the subject have a lot to do with how they see the world and what is their goal in life. Whether one is seeking enlightenment through tantra or simply trying to get lucky. And yes of course many of the top nazis were homosexuals as well as khazars. That doesn’t tell us a whole lot about the original Falani hebrews however. And they were hebrews because it was said somewhere in the far distant past somewhere in India, Michael gave them the angelic language. During the days of the “hebrews” there was no such word as jew. It is a fairly recent phenomenon.

For example in the Hindu east homosexuality is looked at as a product of bad karma from a previous life. They do not castigate it as a product of the devil, but stress it is only evil due to the selfishness involved as it does not lead to procreation or enlightenment as is the goal of tantrayana. A 2004 survey indicated that swamis opposed a Hindu sanctioned gay marriage. Some ancient code books indicate ritual baths, fines all the way to cutting off fingers.

Taoism encourages one to balance their energies. It strives for the yin yang relationship, the male being yang and the female yin. Yang on yang relationships are opposed to this balance and considered destructive. They call it dragon yang and considered not to lead to human fulfillment.

Buddhism in The Edo era of Japan celebrated sex between young novices and elder monks. Sanskrit writings refer to it as insatiable lusts and defiled passions dominated by the libido. Buddhism in general doesn’t say too much about it other than urging one to refrain from sexual misconduct.

From the White Cloud monastery.

According to Daoist principle, homosexuality represents a metaphysical problem. The union of two Yang forces (male on male) creates disharmony within the Dao and must eventually be resolved. “If there is only Yin or Yang it is imbalance or disharmony,” stressed Lou. Homosexual relationships do not perpetuate natural life


At 18 August 2015 at 20:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The American native Indians were always very relaxed about homosexuality, at least until the white man came along.

"Ahead of a historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, a parallel debate is raging inside another sovereign nation within U.S. borders: the Navajo nation.

In fact, as recently as 10 years ago, same-sex unions were recognized by the Navajos.

“We were recognizing same-sex unions between a man and a man and a woman and a woman long before white people came on to this land,” Alray Nelson, lead organizer at the Coalition for Navajo Equality, a local community group working to end the ban on gay marriage, told Fusion.

But unlike those in the 50 states, Native Americans who support gay marriage—a coalition of LGBT Navajo, their allies, and even the leading candidate running for the Navajo presidency—have history on their side.

The Navajos have a rich, documented history of accepting and even honoring people that identified with different genders and sexual preferences'

At 19 August 2015 at 00:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

People thought the American native Indians were savages when we colonised tem, but it looks like they had a lot to teach us.

At 19 August 2015 at 23:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The two largest Native American tribes Navajo and Cherokee ban homosexual marriage. This will remain so even with the supreme court ruling.

Another 10 smaller tribes that together have another 350,000 members also now have laws specifically prohibiting gay marriage.

Of the 10 largest tribes, only the Blackfoot allows Homosexual marriage.

At 20 August 2015 at 11:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No wonder we're in the state we're in. So much energy devoted to sex. Sex surely is the curse of mankind. And makes monkeys of almost everyone.


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