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David Cameron 1986.

In 1985, at the age of 19, David Cameron was in Russia, reportedly as a trainee MI6 agent.

While in Russia he and his friend from Eton may have been the target of a gay pick-up.

David Cameron on the Kenyan coast in 1986.

Cameron has said: "I travelled on the Trans-Siberian railway... 

"And then met a great friend in Moscow. 

"We went down to the Black Sea and were on the beach in Yalta.

"These two Russians who spoke perfect English sort of turned up on the beach, which was mainly reserved for foreign tourists, and took us out to dinner, and interrogated us in a very friendly way about life in England and politics...

"When I got to university my politics tutor (Oxford Professor Vernon Bogdanor) said that was a definite attempt at recruitment."


Tim Collins and David Cameron, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Gennady Sokolov, a Russian author and intelligence historian, says: "If the KGB had a task to work with a 19-year-old unknown young man Cameron, there would have remained certain paperwork on this matter...

"There is no such file in the archives..."

Sokolov says that the two men who approached Cameron and his Eton friend on the beach were black market salesmen. 

Sokolov says: "The pair planned to buy some foreign stuff like jeans to resell them later and, after all, to make friends with two nice looking British guys - there was also a gay motive."

Sokolov says that Cameron's trip across Siberia was 'suspicious' because this was five years before the end of the Cold War.

Sokolov says "somebody accompanied him" in a two person sleeping compartment.

This was before Cameron met his school friend in Moscow.

Sokolov says: "There are grounds to suppose that young Cameron got his chance to enjoy such an exotic trip with the help of MI6."


According to: Cameron: Practically a Conservative by Francis Elliott, James Hanning:

David Cameron at Oxford.

David cameron's father is Ian Cameron (Stockbroker)

Francis Elliot and James Hanning record an embarrassing episode for Cameron in the 1990s:
Jeremy Gray, the son of a Wiltshire doctor, was Ian Cameron's personal assistant at stockbroking firm Panmure Gordon. 

In 1994 Gray was arrested for stealing £3million in US investments from the British Heart Foundation charity, one of Ian Cameron's clients. The profits had been siphoned off to Swiss bank accounts.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Gray's father, Dr Michael Gray, had written to the Home Office passing on his son's claims that he was an 'unwanted leftover of British intelligence'.

He added that Jeremy had become embroiled in a drug-running and money-laundering ring after he had looked after a briefcase of drugs as a 'favour' for a friend with Mafia links.[5]

Ian Cameron (Stockbroker)

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At 30 July 2015 at 01:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

David CaMORON of MOSSAD Id rather say

At 30 July 2015 at 01:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha, dumb question

At 30 July 2015 at 02:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Russia was the land of milk and honey back then when the eternal victims were running the show, at least according to Lord Paul McCartney. (you don't know how lucky your boys back in the USSR! Those Ukraine girls will not only knock you out, they will probably shoot you and then have pussy riot.

Russia has kind of hit a popularity skid under the UN fourth reich now that Kordokovsky and Berezov were booted out.

At 30 July 2015 at 02:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cameron shameron....all the top British politicians are directly connected to the intelligence different than in eastern europe.
Ditto the US.Ditto NZ...Key the zionist jewish prime minister of NZ appointed his jewish mate Fletcher to head up one of the services in NZ.
This sort of nieve speculation on Cameron helps to support the idea that Britain is a real democracy where daring journalists at the Jewish owned Daily Mail probe into forbidden secrets...yeah right...thats why ONLY after the advent of the internet was there any exposure of child killing pedophiles in high places.
Britain us infact tge closest thing to an Orwellian state in the world today...with a credulous population to boot.
Look at the daily fare that makes up most of the content of the Daily Mail...mostly it is rubbish about human folly...they love "incidents" on passenger planes for example where drunks go ape.Or grossly overweight people who cannot fit through doorways.Then there is always the people suing x,y or z for slipping on a council footpath...outrageous!.

At 30 July 2015 at 02:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 30 July 2015 at 05:28 , Blogger Vincenzo Ferraro said...

At 30 July 2015 at 09:49 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

So-called ‘democracy’ is a sham, the ballot a travesty. In modern bureaucratized systems, whose birth dates from the mid-nineteenth century, the feudal organization has been carried to the next level, so to speak. A chief objective of what Thucydides referred to in his epoch as synomosiai (literally ‘exchanges of oaths’), that is, the out- of-sight fraternities acting behind the ruling clans, has been to make the process of the exaction of rents from the population (a ‘free income’ in the form of rents, financial charges and like thefts) as unfathomable and impenetrable as possible. The tremendous sophistication, and the propagandistic wall of artfully divulged misconceptions surrounding the banking system (we will return to this theme in Chapter 4), which is the chief instrument wherewith the hierarchs expropriate and control the wealth of their supporting community, is the limpid testimony of this essential transformation undergone by the feudal/oligarchic organization in the modern era. The West has moved from a low-tech agrarian establishment built upon the backs of disenfranchised serfs to a highly mechanized post-industrial hive that feeds off the strength of no less disenfranchised blue- and white-collar slaves, whose lives are mortgaged to buy into the vogue of modern consumption. The latter-day lords of the manor are no longer seen demanding tribute since they have relied on the mechanics of banking accounts for the purpose, whereas the sycophants of the median class, as academics and publicists, have consistently remained loyal to the synomosiai. The other concrete difference between yesterday and today is the immensely increased throughput of industrial production (whose potential level, however, has always been signifi cantly higher than the actual one, to keep prices high). As for the ‘democratic participation’ of the ordinary citizens, these know in their hearts that they never decide anything of weight, and that politics consists in the art of swaying the mobs in one direction or another according to the wishes and anticipations of the few having the keys to information, intelligence and fi nance. These few may at a point in time be more or less divided into warring factions; the deeper the division, the bloodier the social strife. The electoral record of the West in the past century is a shining monument to the utter inconsequence of ‘democracy’: in spite of two cataclysmic wars and a late system of proportional representation that yielded a plethora of parties, Western Europe has seen no signifi cant shift in her socio- economic constitution, whereas America has become, as time progressed, ever more identical to her late oligarchic self, having reduced the democratic pageant to a contest between two rival wings of an ideologically compact monopartite structure, which is in fact ‘lobbied’ by more or less hidden ‘clubs’: the degree of public participation in this fl agrant mockery is, as known, understandably lowest: a third of the franchise at best.
excerpt from Conjuring Hitler
How Britain and America
Made the Third Reich

At 30 July 2015 at 11:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's long been obvious Cameron is a puppet of the establishment, from the way he was thrust into the limelight from the backbenches at the Tory leadership election, to the slavish support and cover-ups of nearly all the mainstream media during his time as prime minister, to his too-convenient 'victory' at the general election. The MI6 connection certainly checks out and the fact The Telegraph - MI6's publication of choice - immediately dismissed it all as a gay pick-up suggests it is true and that MI6 are trying to misdirect people.

At 30 July 2015 at 12:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cameron is the banker's friend. His family are bankers. The bankers intend to loot the West and turn Europe back to the Dark Ages, like rural India. They make more money that way than by designing products people want and investing in industries.

And this is the ultimate capitalism, very libertarian, where the strongest win, Any Rand style. But it's not a meritocracy as only the most ruthless win, and the more they win the more power they gain, and then they need less talent and skills to succeed. It becomes easy picking.

We're All Greeks Now. 7:22:15 Podcast.

It isn’t just the Greeks, or the Cypriots, or the Irish, or the Icelanders suffering the price of financial terrorism – the extractive demands of global central banks on display in Greece are actively draining the marrow of impoverished communities the world over. Ellen speaks with author and expert Stephen Lendman about the financial powers forcibly overruling Greek democracy, and their intentions to do so everywhere. Co-host Walt McRee speaks with an official of one California county government pushing back against convicted bank felons, and later discusses new human evolutionary awareness about our relationship with money with philosopher Robert Bows. And Matt Stannard discusses our myths about “the Great American Entrepreneur” on the Public Banking Report.

At 30 July 2015 at 15:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol the 'intelligence' asset Faux McCartney: Spies Like Us - "I'm now with the CIA" played backwards.

At 30 July 2015 at 15:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's really jewish-looking in the "David Cameron at Oxford" pic, much more than usual, imo.

At 30 July 2015 at 15:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it with TPTB and 'gay'? Even their cover stories are 'gay'. Gayvid Cameron spends his PM career promoting 'gays' and legalising their 'marriage' while his employers at GCHQ light up in rainbow colours. Same situation with the other homosexual puppet across the pond.

At 30 July 2015 at 15:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant and monumentally heavy material, Bravo!


At 30 July 2015 at 20:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a sick world, man, and it's all for the money. Wars are for the money.

Pictured: Dyed pink and tied up in suffocating plastic bags, the chicks being sold as children's toys to tourists at Thai beaches.

A footage shows multi-coloured chicks being sold as children's toys

•Tourist saw the birds kept in plastic bags on the Thai island of Koh Lanta

•Bags were sealed and they had no food or water in the sweltering heat

At 30 July 2015 at 21:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"ONLY after the advent of the internet was there any exposure of child killing pedophiles in high places." Not quite true. For example, there was the John De Camp book in the US. Canadian investigative reporter Stevie Cameron wrote impassively in her book OTTAWA INSIDE OUT (1989) about Mackenzie Street, adjacent to Parliament, that it "is infamous as the place men like to go to pick up young boys". At dusk the shivering boys come out, "waiting for the men who drive along slowly until they see something they like". "Every few months, the local papers report a stabbing or a mugging or a murder that happened after a man picked up a boy on Mackenzie." (pp. 19-20)

At 31 July 2015 at 00:22 , Blogger thecruiser said...


At 31 July 2015 at 06:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Banker a euphemism for..Drug Running..People Trafficking..Satanic Paedophile..khazar zionist ? ?
If, you are interested in the TRUE Laws of Indigenous British Sovereigns take a look at

At 31 July 2015 at 06:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reference David Cameron's father, MI5/6 etc, there are a few interesting snippets on ....


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