Sunday, 7 June 2015


Nadine Dorries says: 'I was sexually abused at nine by our vicar... He made me feel like a child harlot'

Nadine Dorries (née Bargery) is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire, in the UK.

The vicar, the late Reverend James Cameron of  St Mary’s Anglican Church in Liverpool, pictured in 1991. dailymail

Nadine says of the abuse: "It has taken me 49 years to talk about it...

"I was not an innocent girl enjoying things in the way other children were.

"From a young age I was made to be different and ashamed.

"Even now, I fear that people will say it was me and that I must have done something wrong; that there was bad in me that made other men do that; that I was a child harlot.

"It happened more than once so what was it about me?"

Nadine's Liverpool - Portrait by Jude Edginton

Nadine was brought up in an Irish-Catholic community in Liverpool.

Her late father was an Irish-Catholic and her mother an Anglican Protestant.

She did not report the abuse to police.

Nadine has "found healing" in writing about her childhood in a novel.

Nadine in 1967, when she was being abused by the vicar. dailymail

Nadine says that child sexual abuse was 'absolutely rife' when she was younger, particularly in poorer communities.

Nadine says of the Reverend James Cameron: "He smelt of whisky and wore the long, black cassock and dog collar... He moved from stamps to showing me a Playboy magazine, and then black-and- white pictures of him and his wife having sex...

"Once I woke up in the night to find him performing a sex act near me. Another time when he was kneeling at the side of my bed he exposed himself..."

The Ballymara Road, by Nadine Dorries

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  1. Bloody MPs now taking all the lime light for the unsung child abuse suvivors, where were they when Leon, Cyril and Savile where strutting thier stuff?

    1. your observation got me thinking friend.
      Just as with the James Rhodes story with pictures of him with the degenerate Stephen Fry, he might of well been lined up with the handler Yuri. All these stories about abuse to High Flyers, are "they" hinting abuse makes you successful?

  2. scroll down to her pic wearing the all seeing eye in the pyramid

  3. My god, the young Nadine looks amazingly like Alisa Draper/Dearman.


  4. then why did she vote against the motion to protect whistle blowers just a few weeks ago!!!

    she had the chance to protect others and the opportunity to see others convicted

    shame on her for playing party politics over doing the right thing especially given what's written above


    1. "You cannot serve both God and mammon." Every action involves a choice.

  5. forgot link to vote



    Camerons backer are?