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On 10 June 2015, eight-year-old Angeline was found dead in the backyard of her adoptive mother's house in Denpasar in Bali.

Angeline and Margaret in the centre of the photo.

Angeline was originally from Banyuwangi, a centre of black magic and military activity in East Java.

In 2007, when Angeline was three days old, she was adopted by Douglas Scarborough, from Galveston in Texas, and his wife Margaret Christina Megawe.

Margaret originaly came from Bekasi in West Java.

Reportedly she obtained American citizenship.

Douglas Scarborough

Douglas Scarborough, a wealthy oil man, married Margaret in 1986.

Douglas Scarborough died in 2008, a year after the adoption of Angeline.

Some poor 'patsy' may now be blamed for the violent death of Angeline.

Traces of plastic rope were found around Angeline's neck.

The police found spots of blood in the room of Margaret, the adoptive mother.

Margaret's family has homes in Pondok Gede, and in Fatmawati, in Jakarta.

Margaret has several houses in Bali and outside Bali.


Robert Finnegan was editor of the Jakarta Post at the time of the first Bali Bomb.

Finnegan clashed with Ralph Boyce, the then U.S. ambassador to Indonesia, and got sacked. 

Reportedly, Finnegan had produced evidence linking the Bali Bombing to the security services.

The Bali Bomb, Ralph Boyce and Robert Finnegan

"Finnegan said that while he was with the Jakarta Post, he became aware that Boyce, while ambassador in Jakarta, used the services of two known local procurers of child prostitutes and sex slaves.

"They were both Indonesian nationals, one was a CIA asset operating as a businessman and the other was a journalist."


Novelist in Paradise | Writing in Bali.

When the CIA took over Indonesia in 1965, they organised mass killings of civilians.

On Bali, vast numbers of civilians were murdered by the CIA's militias.

The Balinese death squads were calling the tameng, men dressed in black.

There are many bodies buried near the tourist hotels.


The Jakarta Post lists some recent cases of child abuse below.

April 2015: A toddler was physically abused for months by an uncle in Aceh. The parents left the boy with relatives because they worked in Malaysia. The abuse was discovered by neighbors, who took the boy to the nearest hospital.

March 2015: A 2-year-old child was beaten to death by his stepfather, Nasri Nasution in Pekanbaru, Riau. Nasri said he beat the child to stop him crying.

September 2014: A 7-year-old boy in Jakarta reported his father for abusing him. His grandmother said that the abuse started after his mother died.

June 2014: A 1-month-old baby was a victim of domestic violence in Maros, South Sulawesi. She was taken to the hospital with a distended stomach and broken left hand. The police suspected the baby’s mother was one of the perpetrators.

January 2013: Five-month-old Rasya Alfino Azmi was found smothered at his family home in Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. The family’s nanny, identified only as IA, 21, was named a suspect for allegedly wrapping Rasya in a long piece of cloth to stop him from crying.

February 2013: Alafah Miftahul Huda, 2, was allegedly drowned by his mother at a Puskesmas (community health center) in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. The mother was previously admitted into a mental hospital.

March 2013: DS allegedly hit her stepdaughter, Davina Lira Putri, 5, leading to her death. Davina suffered head trauma and other injuries.

November 2012: The Jakarta Police declared Nurlena, 26, a suspect for allegedly beating her stepdaughter, Ainy Yunistisia, to death. Ainy was hospitalized for four days at Fatmawati General Hospital in South Jakarta before she died from a brain injury and hemorrhaging.

November 1998: Two-year-old Amtama Murata Yadilade Kasya Herninovian, aka Tata, was murdered by his father in a hotel room in Surakarta, Central Java.

November 1984: The father and stepmother of Arie Hanggara, 7, were arrested for killing him. The case gained so much attention that it became a reference for child abuse cases in Indonesia, especially when they involved family members. A movie was made about the case. (ika)

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Weird murder of a teen boy in Cumbria

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85 child sex crimes recorded every day


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