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The Talpiot tomb, in the Talpiot area of Jerusalem, is said to contain the bones of 'Jesus, his wife Mary and his son Judah'.

The tomb, which dates back to 'the time of Jesus', was discovered in 1980.

One bone from the tomb bears the inscription, 'Jesus, son of Joseph'.

Other bones from the tomb include the names Maria, Joseph, Mary, Yose, Matthew and 'Judah, son of Jesus'.

The experts disagree about the tomb, but, "the odds are at least 600 to 1" that the combination of names relating to Jeus's family is a coincidence.

The James Ossuary. Photo by Lori Woodall

The James Ossuary is a box which some people believe once contained the bones of Jesus's brother, James.

The ossuary bears the inscription: "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus."

The existence of the ossuary was announced in 2002.

The James ossuary reportedly came from an area southeast of the Temple Mount.

The experts are divided on the authenticity of the inscription.

James Ossuary.

Dr Arye Shimron

An Israeli geologist, Dr Arye Shimron, says the chemical signature on the 'crust' of the James Ossuary matches that of the Talpiot tomb in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Post

Dr Shimron told The New York Times: "I think I've got really powerful, virtually unequivocal evidence that the James ossuary spent most of its lifetime, or death time, in the Talpiot Tomb."

Simcha Jacobovici, an Israeli-born filmmaker based in Toronto, told The Jerusalem Post: "This find illustrates that the James Ossuary is authentic and the Jesus Family tomb indeed belongs to the family of Jesus of Nazareth."

Jesus did not want a political revolution but a 'revolution of the spirit'.

Some of the material in the New Testament would appear to be 'embelishment designed to correspond with Hebrew scripture.'

Jesus wanted us to consider the lilies.

Some people understood this and became his dedicated followers.

Other people tried to adapt the message of Jesus to fit in with the ideas of the leaders of the Jews or the leaders of the Roman Empire.


Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha - what were they really like?

There is always a suspicion that the 'official story' is not entirely true.

There is a suspicion that the 'biography' has had untrue bits added, and that there is a lot of 'spin'.

"Late in the third century B.C. Cleomenes, king of Sparta, embarked on a revolutionary policy of cancellation of debts, redistribution of land and emancipation of the helots (slaves). 

"He was driven out of Sparta... 

"In the story preserved by Plutarch, Cleomenes and twelve friends have a last supper together on the night before his death. 

"He is betrayed to his enemies... 

"His dead body is crucified

"A prodigy occurs after the crucifixion; and the people of Alexandria call him a 'hero and son of the gods'." 

The Legend Of Jesus Christ.

So, the 'real Jesus', who taught that one should tune in to the Holy Spirit, may not have been crucified?


Professor Robert M. Price has investigated Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha and gives his thoughts in Of Myth and Men.

The following is a brief summary.


Price asks: was Jesus a holy man especially close to God, or a wise man filled with divine wisdom, or a mythic hero? 

With the typical mythic hero from ancient times:

1. The hero's mother is a virgin

2. He is reputed to be a son of a god

3. Evil forces attempt to kill the infant or boy hero

4. He is spirited away to safety. 

David Friedrich Strauss in The Life of Jesus Critically Examined suggests that Luke invented his story of the nativity.

Herod the Great died in 4 B.C.

Luke wrote that Joseph and Mary had to go to Bethlehem for a census in 6 A.D.

New Testament accounts of the death of Jesus appear to be rewrites of various earlier stories.

The anointing of Jesus at Bethany is similar to Isis anointing the corpse of her husband Osiris to resurrect him, part of the mummy-resurrection mythos of Egypt. 

Luke has one of Jesus' crucified colleagues bid him, "Remember me when you come into your kingdom," a phrase borrowed directly from Diodorus Siculus.

The divine portents attending Jesus' death on the cross reflect those at the crucifixion of rebel king Cleomenes of Sparta at Alexandria according to Plutarch. 

These omens cause visitors to the cross in each case to declare the crucified one to be son of god. 

As the Gospels have Mary Magdalene and her companions seek the body of Jesus only to find it gone, so do Isis, her sister Nephthys, and their maidens seek the slain Osiris.

The appearance of the risen Jesus to two disciples on the road to Emmaus is similar to the story of  Asclepius appearing unrecognized to a woman.



Buddha taught that by not grasping for things, life goes better.

He did not see himself as being any kind of God.

However, bits seem to have been added to the story:

Some Buddhists are taught that:

Young Buddha was miraculously conceived and announced before birth as the saviour of the world. 

One by one four deities appeared to him in human disguises...

The story of Buddha abandoning affluence is similar to that of the Jaina saint Vardhamana (usually called Mahavira), who supposedly lived a single generation earlier than Buddha. 

When Buddha sits beneath the Bodhi Tree, he is protected from the demon's assaults by the hood canopy of the mythical Naga King, a hydralike cobra deity. 

And so was the Jain hero Parsva, the predecessor of Mahavira. 

Some Western scholars of Buddhism, including R. Otto Franke, think that Buddha is simply a collective name for earlier generations of unnamed Buddhist teachers.

Buddhist texts appear to disagree about whether or not there is an individual soul.



According to a reconstruction of Islamic origins entitled Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World by Patricia Crone and Michael Cook (1977):

Some Jews saw Umar, the second caliph of the Arab Empire, as the messiah.

These Jews saw Muhammad as the prophetic herald of 'Umar'.  

The term "Muslim" appears first on the Dome of the Rock in 691 AD and nowhere else till the late eighth century. 

The early Muslims were known as Hagarenes because they were engaged in a Hegira/Hijra, an Exodus from Arabia to Palestine, the Promised Land where the messiah must manifest himself. 

The Hagarenes built the Dome of the Rock.

The Hagarenes then broke with Judaism and turned to Christianity. 

'Umar's messianic status was forgotten.

Jesus was accepted as messiah.

The first Arabic "king" of Jerusalem made a show of praying at Christian sites.

The Hagarenes come to adopt the name "Islam" seeing Muhammad as the person who has revived the Abrahamic faith.

The scholar Günter Lüling reckons that as much as a third of the text of the Koran derives from pre-Islamic Christian texts.

The direction of prayer was switched from Jerusalem to Mecca.

The caliphs and imams were originally a priesthood and were called kahins (originally Cohens).

The rabbinical character of Sunni Islam came from the influence of Babylonian Judaism. 

Robert M. Price is Professor of Biblical Criticism at the Center for Inquiry Institute and a member of the Free Inquiry Editorial Board. He is a member of the Jesus Seminar and is Regional Director of New York and North New Jersey for the Council for Secular Humanism. His book,Deconstructing Jesus is from Prometheus Books.


Breaking Free From The Hare Krishna Movement And Other Slave Cults Such As Mormonism-Jim Jones-David Koresh-Jehovah’s Witnesses-Catholicism Etc.

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At 14 April 2015 at 01:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus is a continuing myth from past histories.
Anyone that understands the reason for propaganda is not taken in these days by religion (whatever form) and it's hierarchy control system.
Sadly millions belive in these fairy stories and follow their leaders blindly and obediently.

At 14 April 2015 at 02:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was young I was not very religious but I believed in God a bit, and so when I was in a tight spot I would pray to God and ask for help. For instance, If there was a girl I really fancied i would say, 'please God, help me a bit with this one, she's gorgeous', and then hope like hell, because you know it is when you really fancy someone. Wow!

When I was in early twenties someone handed me at work the Gospel of John, and I read it and was completely knocked out by it. A few months later my girlfriend with me and I was very sad. Then one day soon after this lovely girl came up to me in the street and handed me a leaflet for her church, and I thought, wow, she's gorgeous! Hmmm, the girls again, my week spot, so the following Sunday I went along to her church.

Within weeks of attending I had a sort of mini born again experience and I loved Jesus. But I'm naturally a liberal which means I'm I like to explore and be curious about things and so I started reading Carl Jung and Hans Kung, a Roman Catholic theologian. The church frowned on it but they were tolerant turning the other cheek. Sort of!

After a few months of that I started reading the Old Testament and it turned my guts inside out. In one part of the OT the Israelites were walking through this kingdom when the king said the them you can't go through my land, and this was because, apparently, they tore the place to bits the last time they did. So God told the Israelites to kill everyone in the kingdom including all the women, the children, and the animals. But they spared some of the woman, an kept some of the children for slaves, and they also kept the animals, and because of this God punished the them with famine that was so bad that some were forced to eat their babies that had died.

I soon lost my faith after reading that, and I have been an atheist ever since, except, very occasionally, when I'm in a tight spot, I might sometimes still pray to God: 'Oh please God, she's so gorgeous, please help us out with this one'. It just kind of happens quite naturally, and for a moment it might seem like he's actually there.

At 14 April 2015 at 02:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Real Jesus" - contradiction in words

At 14 April 2015 at 03:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 14 April 2015 at 03:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You only need watch the first 30 mins or so to help you decide on the real Jesus.


At 14 April 2015 at 04:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus preached an entirely anti-hierarchical message. The churches have betrayed this message, being about organization, and hence about politics. They are adapted to the centralizing money system that faithful followers of Jesus must strive to reform in order to set people free.

At 14 April 2015 at 06:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aangirfan an essential irritant. Mark, irritatingly for some... just gotta comment. A, bold, open, sassy, sincere. M driven coz, Jesus m'magnificent obsession. The real Jesus is the one fairly and squarely garnered from the Bible (fair theology, square, straight-edged thinking) - experienced if open heart and hungry.

JohnFugelsang has him down good but for the 'never fought for tax cuts'. Didn't get em back then. A brutal onslaught to slavery. Jesus sarcastically dismissed 'taxes' (give to the empire WHAT ? - geddit). These globalist-in-the-making, new world order demon sucking are... yes:

'scum' (urbandictionary)
(adj.) Possibly the worst word you can have your name associated with. It is hard to define the word, but it is basically used to describe someone so disgraceful that they are seen as the lowest form of life. "Worthlessness", "waste of skin", "dirt". "Nothing". Far worse than most other insults, where the victim is often just referred to as genetalia. The fact that "scum" is a non-swear, and seen as perfectly acceptable English, makes it even more demeaning and offensive. If you are condemned as a "cunt" or a "fucktard", then you are simply being attacked with cliché profanity, used spontaneously and with no particular venom or thought. "Scum", however, is usually only used in exclusive conditions where it is the only word for the job, and makes the victim feel like the lowest of the low.'

'Jesus did not want a political revolution but a 'revolution of the spirit'. Jesus wants both. Jesus wants Aangirfan and all to win. For public prayer. Plant a seed. By respecting, and challenging, the community of seekers who read and communicate through words and experiences with Muhammad and Buddha's God/or not.


At 14 April 2015 at 07:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice article, Aang! Now, an OT:

Most probably you know that image "mk_ultra_girl_c1961a"... Allegedly the victim there is called Irene Hartwell. I had to find this info as that image was into many nightmares in the past. I'm breaking no privacy, as the info is provided by her sister:


At 14 April 2015 at 08:18 , Anonymous RKae said...

Jesus did not hang around with hookers because they were cool and he endorsed their behavior.

He was trying to turn them around.

He saved an adulterous woman from being stoned to death and then said to her "GO AND SIN NO MORE."

So, yes, that IS "slut-shaming."

At 14 April 2015 at 08:41 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

Thank you kindly for the link. For me the Essene scrolls found in the Qumran caves provide the real message relayed by Jesus and it is very different from what we have been lead to believe. They were in Arabic and translated by EDMOND BORDEAUX SZEKELY many many years ago. They literally explode the myths of the church. Anyone who reads them will immediately realize that Jesus was an enlightened spirit with a connection to the universal mind.

The Essene gospel reveals a Jesus who could very well have been a native indian chief, a buddhist or a Hindu in that they urge man to bow to the laws of nature and our earth mother and to do her laws.

"Your Mother is in you, and you in her. She bore you she gives you life. it was she who gave to you your body, and to her shall you one day give it back again. Happy are you when you come to know her and her kingdom; if you receive your Mother's angels and if you do her laws. I tell you truly, he who does these things shall never see disease. For the power of our Mother is above all. And it destroys Satan and his kingdom, and has rule over all your bodies and all living things.

"The blood which runs in us is born of the blood of our Earthly Mother. Her blood falls from the clouds; leaps from the womb of the earth; babbles in the brooks of the mountains; flows wide in the rivers of the plains; sleeps in the lakes; rages mightily in tempestuous seas.

"The air which we breathe is born of the breath of our Earthly Mother. Her breath is azure in the heights of t heavens; soughs in the tops of the mountains; whispers the leaves of the forest; billows over the cornfields; slumbers in the deep valleys, burns hot in the desert.


At 14 April 2015 at 09:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many scholars disagree with you. However, indeed religion has been used as a control mechanism.

We first must consider so many things which are phantoms in the face of our own personal ecstasies. The honey drip of DMT which others worlds in me I see, granted but a tiny look, of creation more than silly fluke.

At 14 April 2015 at 09:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if you are the only one who exists and you are God and all actions you take, create the memories of history. Both the turmoil and delight.

At 14 April 2015 at 09:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In which sense exactly?

The sense we have scholars debating the Hebrew meaning of his work etc? Or simply "bible bashers are stupid"?

At 14 April 2015 at 09:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an idea.

Respect and honour all creatures great and small.
Do not eat the flesh of animals.
Do not enslave animals, rape them and impregnate them to provide you with milk when it belongs to their offspring.
Do not put animals in tiny cages where they cannot move for their entire lives
Do not worship idols (including product brands, celebrities,media)

If you stop eating meat, you could save the lives of 200 animals this year. If you saw an animal hurting on the road, you would help them.

Think of yourself as the creator of the universe. Act accordingly.
The rest will follow.

At 14 April 2015 at 10:56 , Blogger CS said...

Relics with labels such as 'Jesus, son of Joseph' cannot be genuine since Jesus was not a name known to the Aramaic speaking Jews of Palestine in the time that Jesus is supposed to have lived.

If there was a historical "Jesus" his name, it has been suggested, might have been Yeshua, or Joshua.

Most of the story about Jesus is myth derived from earlier religions, the Greek mystery religions such as Mithraism and Egyptian theology and mythology.

Anyhow, Jesus is largely irrelevant to Christianity, which was an invention of the Romanized Jew, Paul of Tarsus, who claimed to have talked with Jesus in visions. All of the great Christian churches adhere to some variant of the Creed, a bunch of mumbo jumbo invented by Paul, belief in which is supposed to insure life everlasting.

From what little we know about what Jesus/Yeshua may actually have said, Christianity has virtually nothing to do with Christ, and is simply a part o the state apparatus for the management of the people. This is all explained by Leo Tolstoy in What I Believe.

Understandably, and quite properly, this book was censored by the Tsarist Government of the time as by the Tsar's Communist successors. For thus exposing the state religion as a scam, Tolstoy, was quite properly excommunicated by the Russian Orthodox church.

From what little we know of Jesus/Yeshua's beliefs, they were clearly revolutionary and therefore necessarily suppressed. Jesus believed, for example, in listening to the still small voice of conscience, in forgiveness not vengeance, in praying to a God of love rather than that vain, ignorant, sadistic shit, Yahweh, etc. This is essentially the religion of the Quakers for whom Tolstoy had a high regard.

At 14 April 2015 at 12:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to find the real Jesus, ask the Holy Spirit.

At 14 April 2015 at 13:11 , Anonymous Covenant Woman said...

Jesus asks the question - Who do you say I am?
Peter blurts out - The Christ of God.
God's spirit brought Peter to that point. He had a heart open to God's spirit working in him. Jesus didn't know what Peter was going to reply, but he knew Peter's heart.

At 14 April 2015 at 13:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In all senses, dont pretend u dont understand. U wanna know the truth about religion? Go to the Vatican's library.

At 14 April 2015 at 13:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 14 April 2015 at 14:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

TALPIOT = IT A PLOT. They have to get people to visit somehow. No thanks.

At 14 April 2015 at 14:29 , Anonymous No More Myths said...

There is no mention of Jesus Christ in the Essene scrolls found in the Qumran caves, and The Essene Gospel of Peace is a forgery:


"Seek, therefore, a large trailing gourd, having a stalk the length of a man; take out its inwards and fill it with water from the river which the sun has warmed. Hang it upon the branch of a tree, and kneel upon the ground before the angel of water, and suffer the end of the stalk..."
- The Essene Gospel of Peace


Modern Pseudepigrapha

Modern pseudepigrapha, or modern apocrypha, refer to pseudepigrapha of recent origin – any book written in the style of the books of the Bible or other religious scriptures, and claiming to be of similar age, but written in a much later (modern) period. They differ from apocrypha, which are books from or shortly after the scriptural period but not accepted into the religion's canon.


At 14 April 2015 at 14:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might just find the real Jesus, depending upon how much of the Holy Spirit you drink....

At 14 April 2015 at 14:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you want to meet the real Jesus, invite Him into your life.

I invited Him in on condition He was who He said He was. Over many years and with much supernatural power He proved He was The Christ.

He will do so again when He overthrows the coming world leaded who pretends to be the christ.

At 14 April 2015 at 16:06 , Anonymous No More Myths said...

Christ (/kraɪst/) (ancient Greek: Χριστός, Christós, meaning 'anointed').

The "mummy" in ancient Egypt was called the "Krst/Karest/Christ", anointed with oils and resins, and the word "Krst" was inscribed on their tombs

Yehoshuah, or the alternative form Yeshua (Joshua, Jeshua, meaning "to rescue", "to deliver", Iesous in Greek, from which comes the English spelling Jesus) were common Jewish names, and there would have been many "Jesuses" wherever there were Jews, including India and Egypt, some of whom would have been rabbis, mystics, magicians or rebels, and who could have been incorporated into the myth of Jesus the Christ.

Read Christ a Fiction by Robert M. Price:


and A Surfeit of Jesuses!:



At 14 April 2015 at 16:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews hate Jesus. They don't hate Buddha or any other religion... They HATE JESUS. Doesn't that tell you something, or have you not read the Bible? If you haven't read the Bible, you are not qualified to speak of him on an intellectual, much less spiritual, level.

At 14 April 2015 at 17:44 , Anonymous Infidel said...

Anonymous 14 April 2015 at 09:16: Many scholars disagree with you.

Many scholars agree with Anonymous 14 April 2015 at 01:46: Jesus is a continuing myth from past histories.

Non-existence of Jesus?

A History of 'Jesus Denial'

The End is Nigh (for the godman!)


At 14 April 2015 at 17:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Talpiot tomb symbolism appears to be a yoni, a stylized representation of a vulva worshiped as a symbol of a goddess or Shakti.

At 14 April 2015 at 23:00 , Anonymous Covenant Woman said...

Jesus asks the question - Who do you say I am?
Peter, always with a answer, blurts out - The Christ of God.

God's spirit brought Peter to that point. Peter had a heart that was open to God's spirit working in him. Jesus didn't know what Peter's answer was going to be, but he knew Peter's heart.

At 15 April 2015 at 04:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to the Vatican and it was covered in dubious symbolism. Mhm yup agreed. Has a certain lineage been attacked and the Vatican knows why? Yup.

Don't pretend I don't know. Don't pretend you don't know.

Religion, to be bound by something. That includes your world view sugarplum.

I heart the archetype of Jesus.

At 15 April 2015 at 11:16 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

We can split hairs all we want. It always results in what we have here, evidence of the hopeless brain washing of the west. Some insist there was no Jesus ... fail.

In fact there are monks in India with temple records of his visit there and a Saint Thomas temple in India also. They are permanent records of his visit there. I will take their word over the Constantine book and his hordes any day.

It is pretty much common sense (truly lacking in the west) that Jesus never advocated worship of himself. He pointed out the benefits of the natural laws of the universe and healthful living just as Vedanta, native American tenets, Buddhism and other science based religions also do.

The Christos was not Jesus Barabbas. The prana or the living energy in every person and every finite object in the universe is the Christ. It is the energy you can observe when you split the atom. It is light. All of the rest is simply a belief system and has no connection to natural law. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is how to garner more of this energy we call the Christos.

It is clearly pointed out in the Essene scrolls, a 5th grader could understand it. Of course there were only 2 copies, one hidden by the vatican, but which saw the light of day in the Austrian museum.

Yes the temple does look like a muni, this is not surprising as vedantic civilization was once all over the earth before Constantine killed the vedic pope in the vatika. From then on the nature religions were put to the sword. Vedanta is still practiced even in Siberia by monks and native americans are a remnant of this also.

The stone of Mecca itself sits atop Vedic ruins, they were world wide. It was all about defining the Christos energy, just as Jesus tried to do. It is a real energy not a theory which is most of what we see expounded above. Westerners are so brained washed they don't know which end is up. They read a post somewhere on the internet or read a book and suddenly they have a new philosophy and all of the answers. It doesn't work that way. All is one


At 15 April 2015 at 12:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In short: Do no harm!

At 15 April 2015 at 23:57 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

A better link.


At 16 April 2015 at 03:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. This sounds like the divine nature of things. People like to think they're smart and don't need God. That's why they scruff Him. But He is not mocked. The ranks of the godless are not getting larger, they're actually getting smaller.

It doesn't matter if Jesus was a real person or a creation of myth. The Bible is redemption history, salvation literature. What is important is the teachings it imparts.

Like Neo in the Matrix, when he was awake and opened his eyes and the light hurt him, Morpheus said "its because you never used them." You cannot understand the bible when you look at it with intellectual eyes. It requires gnosis--meaning "divine wisdom."

To think that we are here on this earth by accident is a serious mistake. And a more serious one is to think consciousness shuts down after death, like its an eternal sleep with no waking up. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Where do we go after death? Man created religion not to control people but to ponder on these subjects. Its just authoritarian religious orgs debased this purpose. Also religion is used to live by a set of good timeless principles. We should stop being materialists and start being idealist.

Conspiracy people like to gripe about a lot of things. Its tedious. We keep looking out there for answers to big life problems. Maybe the answer is not out there, but in here.

Behold! The kingdom of God is within you.

At 16 April 2015 at 05:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus was a real historical person. His real name is Joshua or Yeshua. The Gospels are accurate. He rose again, and is alive. Check out Historian Dr. Paul L. Maiers on youtube. But only if you are interested in real analysis of the person of Christ. Also Writer, Historian, Philosopher Will Durant makes an excellent analysis of the existence of Jesus the Christ.

At 16 April 2015 at 06:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus/Yeshua was NOT a Christian!
Krishna was NOT a Hindu!
Buddha was NOT a Buddhist!
Mohammad was NOT a Muslim!

Very Funny, isn't it?

At 16 April 2015 at 07:20 , Anonymous No More Myths said...

"The Gospels are accurate."

Easter Facts, Quotes and a Quiz For You!


Contradictions in the Bible





At 16 April 2015 at 10:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tomb Raider: Jesus buried in Srinagar?

That Jesus survived crucifixion, travelled to Kashmir, eventually died there and is buried in Srinagar is an urban legend which has found many takers over the years. Every season hundreds of tourists visit the Rozabal shrine of Sufi saint Yuz Asaf in downtown Srinagar, believed by many to be the final resting place of Christ...
The shrine itself, at the edge of a winding alley in the backstreets of old Srinagar, first came into the limelight when a local journalist, Aziz Kashmiri, argued in his 1973 book, Christ in Kashmir, that Jesus survived crucifixion some 2,000 years ago, migrated to Kashmir and was buried in Srinagar...
The shrine is called by Lonely Planet, as the "Jesus Tomb" . There are some caveats about blasphemy, but is marked as a must-visit tourist spot in the Valley.

Caretaker Amin said some local traders circulated these "lies" thinking it would be good for business. "They thought it could become a tourist hub after all these years of violence."...


Publications Opposing The Jesus in India Theory

The Essene Odyssey- Hugh Schonfield 1984

A portion of the book is devoted to understanding the origin of the name “Yuzu Asaf” from Buddhist and Kashmiri sources. He concludes that the Jewish tomb in Srinagar is likely that of a great Essene teacher, the name being similar to “Joseph.” The figure of Yuzu Asaf came to be associated with Jesus and even the Buddha, due to religious influences over time.

Strange Tales about Jesus: A Survey of Unfamiliar Gospels - Per Beskow, Philadelphia, USA 1985

"The Ahmadiyya legend is generally supported by references to diverse Oriental sources, which are said to confirm the theory, but which in fact do not carry any weight at all." (Page 63)

Jesus’ Tomb in India - Paul Pappas, Berkeley, California, USA 1991

"Although the Ahmadis claim to have the tomb of Jesus in Srinagar, India, no historical evidence has been offered to confirm its authenticity except for questionable works based on oral legends. In addition, the Ahmadis have failed to produce any archaeological or anthropological evidence that the grave of Yuz Asaf might be that of Jesus. Therefore, the Ahmadi thesis is based only on the revelation of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement." (Page 154)

At 16 April 2015 at 22:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out Dr.Paul L. Maier.

At 17 April 2015 at 16:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might like to read The Diegesis by the Rev. Robert Taylor A.B. & M.R.C.S., Chapter XXIV—Chrishna of the Brahmins, the original Jesus Christ ... The absolute identity of Chrishna and Christ, triumphant in the complete overthrow of all the attempts of Drs. Bentley and Smith, Beard, and others to disprove it ... Dishonest engagement of Christian Missionaries


At 17 April 2015 at 20:10 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

Have it your way, however the message of the Essene scrolls are common sense and in line with Vedanta and natural law. They coincide with the nature religions of the Celtics, Shamans of Russia and most everybody else who has their head on straight.

At 17 April 2015 at 20:13 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

Choose life

At 18 April 2015 at 05:32 , Anonymous No More Myths said...

I checked him out. "Paul L. Maier is an historian and novelist..."

Christianity's Fabrication Factory


At 22 April 2015 at 04:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A scan, in PDF, of the book The Diegesis: being a discovery of the origin, evidences, and early history of Christianity by Robert Taylor, written while he was in jail for blasphemy and published in 1845, is available for free download here:


I prefer to download, save and read scans of books whenever they are available, rather than read transcriptions, but I neglected to provide the link in my comment on 17 April 2015 at 16:24

At 22 April 2015 at 05:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

More scholars:


At 22 April 2015 at 10:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Having presented the evidences in support of the apparently untenable assertion that, notwithstanding the numerous modes in which man has manifested his devotional proclivities, the world has virtually had but the one religion founded in the worship of personified nature, we are necessitated to recognize the facts that the Christian Scriptures like the sacred records of other forms of nature worship are, but a collection of astronomical allegories; that the gospel story is truly "the old, old story" which had been told of a thousand other Saviours before it was applied to the Christian Messiah; that Jesus is but one of the many names given to imaginary incarnations of the mythical genius of the sun; and that the Disciples and Evangelists are but the genii of the months and the seasons. Such being the facts, which cannot be successfully refuted, we must believe that the Christian religion, instead of being of Divine authenticity, as popularly claimed, is purely and entirely of human origin, and that all its teachings relative to a future state are but priestly inventions, concocted for the purpose of enslaving the ignorant masses."
Astral Worship by J. H. Hill, M. D.


At 25 April 2015 at 09:36 , Anonymous Infidel said...

Forgery in the Gospel of John

John 7:53 to John 8:11 describes the story of Jesus and the adulteress. It appears to be a forgery that was not part of the Book of John as it was originally written, but was added later by an unknown person:

- The New International Version of the Bible states:

"The earliest and most reliable manuscripts and other ancient witnesses do not have John 7:53 - 8:11."

- The "Interpreter's One Volume Commentary on the Bible" states:

"7:53-8:11: This passage is omitted or set off in modern editions of the gospel since it does not appear in the oldest and best manuscripts and is apparently a later interpolation. In some manuscripts it occurs after Luke 21:38."

- "The New Commentary on the Whole Bible" says:

"This story is not included in the best and earliest manuscripts [of John]. In fact, it is absent from all witnesses earlier than the 9th century, with the exception of a fifth century Greek-Latin manuscript. No Greek church father comments on the passage prior to the 12th century."



At 26 April 2015 at 08:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was baptized and am technically Catholic, went to church until I was a teen and studied at a Roman Catholic school, but I didn't really believe in Jesus or the bible. Saying that, I have always believed in (a) God.

In my early twenties I had several supernatural experiences which helped my faith grow, but still, I couldn't determine who God was. It was usually talking to or hearing nonbelievers that would reinforce my faith or make me realize that actually I did have some faith in God and the afterlife etc. and couldn't understand how or why others didn't.

Fastfoward to the past year or so. I found myself watching Christian t.v, I like how they interpret the news from around the world, usually seems fairly unbiased without any agenda and they often talk NWO. Anyway, after all my learning in the church and school I suddenly realized I knew nothing about God, who was in fact supposed to be Jesus. Jesus is God? Is that what they were telling me as a Catholic or is it just a Christian thing?

I still like to watch the breakfast show but that is all I tune in for. I was/ am very open to that sort of thing but I find the more I listen to them talk about their views on Jesus and Religion the more I lose my own faith, my original faith.

Some would say my original faith is Satanic or New Agey because I don't get it from the Bible, or follow the Christian doctrine, I hate the Bible and refuse to read it. I'm gay and know that what that tells me about being a homosexual is wrong. If I as a homosexual have always had what I'd call a relationship with God, a relationship that grew and didn't diminish after coming out and refusing to deny it anymore. To me, lying about it to myself and others, taking a wife, having a family, lying to them would eventually ruin all our lives. Common sense can often seem more supernatural than having to be taught how to live your life by someone else, the gut instinct feeling of knowing what is right and what is wrong.

I'm sorry, let me get to the point. I don't think Jesus would have wanted to be seen as God, he probably knew who God was and even if it was his father, saying Jesus is now God in his death is like disregarding every living thing that went before him. Everyone ends up in the same place when they die, saying you have to be Christian to get to Heaven is the biggest form of manipulation all religions use.

That wasn't supposed to be my point. Unless you are a child who needs to be taught the difference between what's right and wrong, avoid religion and others teaching of it, otherwise you may never truly find your faith, or lose what of it you already have. Terminology often distorts what is universally known as a heavenly energy, the stuff we live and breath, take in and out, and that can make us feel great when we know how to tune in to it.

Jesus, a man rejected by the Church, but possibly used by the government to control the masses. A time when they killed for sport, how else would they have convinced people not to do it each other?! Scare tactics, nothing changed there then.

At 26 April 2015 at 08:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot to add - Don't forget, only up until a couple of hundred years ago, the church was the Rothchilds (the land owners)

At 26 April 2015 at 08:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

also, to add again - Last I heard, the Pope is the richest man on the planet, even he has gone all new agey lately. Christianity once served a purpose. Now, are they using their religious beliefs to control us or our own religious beliefs? Maybe that's the question we should all be asking.

At 27 April 2015 at 18:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

An Empty Tomb for Jesus?

The Sepulchres of Deceit

Exploring Jerusalem's tomb town


Signs and wonders of the Lord

An Empty tomb of Jesus?

– or vacuous nonsense!


Fresh evidence of Jesus is always being produced

The 'James Ossuary' – A Box of Tricks

(and that's just the tip of the iceberg!)

OK – here's the story.

At a very young age (16?*) an Israeli guy named Oded Golan buys an ossuary from an Arab trader. He has no idea of its value but keeps it safe for thirty five years. Then, perchance, he arranges a viewing by a visiting biblical scholar – the Sorbonne's Andre Lemaire – who almost immediately identifies the inscription as referring to Jesus of Nazareth and his brother James. OK, he's a Catholic but he's a scholar, right?

Now, with an artifact literally priceless, and reputed insured for $2 million, Oded ships his ossuary to Canada in a cardboard box lined with bubble wrap, where it arrives in pieces. Are you buying this? Well you better take your mother with you when you next buy a car.

"Golan himself didn't get too excited when he heard about the cracks in his ossuary."

– Ha'aretz April 2003

Alas, for fans of the divine salvation plan, the story of this "priceless artifact" shattered as easily as the bone box itself. In December 2004, Golan was indicted as the mastermind behind an international antiquities forgery ring, operational for twenty years and with many "ancient finds" to its credit. Fakes able to fool biblical experts take a lot of skill but the religious antiquities market is especially lucrative. The world's museums vie with wealthy private collectors for that elusive evidence of "God's hand in history".

Sadly, the religiously gullible will always be with us and there will always be smart criminals ready to feed their addiction.


At 27 April 2015 at 19:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ
By Acharya S


Around the world over the centuries, much has been written about religion, its meaning, its relevance and contribution to humanity. In the West particularly, sizable tomes have been composed speculating upon the nature and historical background of the main character of Western religions, Jesus Christ. Many have tried to dig into the precious few clues as to Jesus’ identity and come up with a biographical sketch that either bolsters faith or reveals a more human side of this god–man to which we can all relate. Obviously, considering the time and energy spent on them, the subjects of Christianity and its legendary founder are very important to the Western mind and culture.

The Controversy

Despite all of this literature continuously being cranked out and the significance of the issue, in the public at large there is a serious lack of formal and broad education regarding religion and mythology, and most individuals are highly uninformed in this area. Concerning the issue of Christianity, for example, the majority of people are taught in most schools and churches that Jesus Christ was an actual historical figure and that the only controversy regarding him is that some people accept him as the Son of God and the Messiah, while others do not. However, whereas this is the raging debate most evident in this field today, it is not the most important. Shocking as it may seem to the general populace, the most enduring and profound controversy in this subject is whether or not a person named Jesus Christ ever really existed.

Although this debate may not be evident from publications readily found in popular bookstores, when one examines this issue closely, one will find a tremendous volume of literature that demonstrates, logically and intelligently, time and again that Jesus Christ is a mythological character along the same lines as the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Sumerian, Phoenician, Indian or other god–men, who are all presently accepted as myths rather than historical figures. Delving deeply into this large body of work, one uncovers evidence that the Jesus character is based upon much older myths and heroes from around the globe. One discovers that this story is not, therefore, a historical representation of a Jewish rebel carpenter who had physical incarnation in the Levant 2,000 years ago. In other words, it has been demonstrated continually for centuries that this character, Jesus Christ, was invented and did not depict a real person who was either the “son of God” or was “evemeristically” made into a superhuman by enthusiastic followers.




At 30 April 2015 at 20:01 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

When I have a glass of orange juice in the morning, it is always fresh squeezed. That has more of the Christos .... or living energy in it that Jesus taught to the people of his day.

Unfortunately most of his teachings have been altered. But there is hope, there is vedanta, native Americans, the Tao, Buddhism, Shamans of Russia, etc who still know their ass from a hole in the ground.

At 30 April 2015 at 20:38 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

The quest for the historical Jesus can be found here.

Choose life.






At 1 May 2015 at 16:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read Syntagma of the Evidences of the Christian Religion written by Robert Taylor while he was in jail for blasphemy, published in 1828:


Then read The Diegesis: being a discovery of the origin, evidences, and early history of Christianity, also by Robert Taylor, also written while he was in jail for blasphemy, published in 1845:


At 2 May 2015 at 17:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dublinmick: "who still know their ass from a hole in the ground"

That's as profound as the Essene Gospel of Peace hoax.

"And his bowels become full with abominable filthiness, with oozing streams of decay; and multitudes of abominable worms have their habitation there."



At 26 July 2015 at 20:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a better idea still, learn to practice meditation as taught in Vedanta and concentrate on the pineal gland. You will see real light.

As Jesus said the books are dead, written by dead men, the law is life and the body is the temple of the living God. Choose life. Most everything else is just chin friction to soothe pompous egos.


At 21 August 2020 at 21:03 , Blogger Neilly Free Mind said...

ö yet another subversion. Patricia Crone and Michael Cook? The name Agarènes or Hagarènes designates in the Hebrew Bible a non-Israelite people, descending from Abraham through Hagar. She was Ishmael's mother. Anyway, it didn't go over to a certain faction that was following the Esoteric path (this marriage of Abraham). Finally, the same ones who have tried and still try to tarnish more and more those who believe in "Jesus" or the scriptures. After all Saint Paul was a Kabbalo-Talmudist rabbi (his real no Saul, a Rav). He made a genocide before starting his subversion. The solution is surely easier. The subverters lied about all the prophets, there were many. They destroyed ancient civilizations by falsifying them and telling that kind of Crone and Cook story. Because they want people to lose their faith in order to impose their new crazy world religion on them. Ah bah Palestinians reading this kind of things .. wow that whips they would say. The true followers of the Torah (not the perverts who think they are agents of faith and order), would allucinate. And there are Christians who have not lost their way and they would fall out of their chairs reading this (not those from the Vatican, from strange or Zionized lodges).

Thank you1828/5000
ö yet another subversion. Patricia Crone and Michael Cook? The name Agarènes or Hagarènes designates in the Hebrew Bible a non-Israelite people, descending from Abraham through Hagar. She was Ishmael's mother. Anyway, it didn't go over to a certain faction that was following the Esoteric path (this marriage of Abraham). Finally, the same ones who have tried and still try to tarnish more and more those who believe in "Jesus" or the scriptures. After all Saint Paul was a Kabbalo-Talmudist rabbi (his real no Saul, a Rav). He made a genocide before starting his subversion. The solution is surely easier. The subverters lied about all the prophets, there were many. They destroyed ancient civilizations by falsifying them and telling that kind of Crone and Cook story. Because they want people to lose their faith in order to impose their new crazy world religion on them. Ah bah Palestinians reading this kind of things .. wow that whips they would say. The true followers of the Torah (not the perverts who think they are agents of faith and order), would allucinate. And there are Christians who have not lost their way and they would fall out of their chairs reading this (not those from the Vatican, from strange or Zionized lodges).

There are things they invented. They started with the first monotheistic faith, then they moved on to the second, and there they have the last one left (and September 11, 2001 shocked the world, didn't it, as much as when Saint Paul was for a while killed in series). By making each of them a minority and divided. They think they take total world control over the spirits and make themselves "Gods".

Personally, everyone has their faith and at peace as long as they do not follow them or get caught up in one of their strategies.

Thank you


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