Monday 6 April 2015


The UK's Conservative Party has successfully voted against allowing MP's to give evidence in Child Sexual Abuse cases.

Shhh, it’s an official secret.

The UK Conservative Party would appear to be the nasty child abuse party?

Abraham, Ella, Gabriel, Alisa.

Battle for Free Speech in Social Media - WhistleblowerKids Hampstead.

Ella Draper and Abraham Christie's testimony:


"We felt betrayed as well. I took the kids to the police when they made their disclosures.

"Who knew that they would be covering it up so blatantly and not just that, the further you go, the worse it becomes. Now the judicial system is implicated. Now the media...

"They are kidnapping our children to use for their malicious purposes...

"The story which Judge Pauffley gave to the media is that it is a custody dispute.

"Now this couldn’t be further from the truth because I already had custody over my children so for me there was no reason to... well they said that I coached them - we coached them in order to get back at him. Well, why?

"I mean I had custody of the children. I didn’t want anything to do with him.

"Why would I do that? Why would I make the children give false allegations to the police to put them through what they are going through, and myself in this situation.


"Besides, I think it’s a quite serious crime - right? - to make false allegations on this matter.

"And not just that, if you want to get back at him, why would I include teachers, parents... police officers, social workers... Why would I do that?

"They would switch between two modes... They would switch from being angelic children and they would become demonic...

"One of the triggers for them changing was when they touched each other intimately.

"We learned that the father taught them and pressured them and terrorized them into touching each other intimately at least five times a day and they had become quite adept at doing it.

"They would often ask their mother to make food when they weren’t hungry in order to get an opportunity to touch each other intimately. They had a sign language that they would use to meet each other to touch in the bathroom.

JONAH RIEF - a case similar to Hampstead.

"At one time we felt threatened by the children.

"We later learned that they had been brainwashed using some sort of mind control. The father was telling them to kill me...

"They admitted during disclosures that the father had also asked them to kill both of us and it was quite a few occasions that they mentioned that...

"They were happy that they were able to disclose and we were going to the UK to achieve justice and we’d get help from someone in authority.

"We were aware of the corruption in the social services and police but we naively assumed that there would be some good people who would help us. But we quickly learned that the people in positions of power all have members or people who are subordinate to cult members.

"They [police] tried to frame me as a madwoman... Then I learned that on [September] the 9th they already agreed what they were going to do...

"The social worker in a high position suggested that mother is crazy and most likely we coached them to say the story...This was a criminal case which was very quickly closed without even waiting for the medical results to arrive.

"The case was not investigated at all and whatever little was investigated was dismissed. In fact, the next day after the first interview [the detective] already said there was not sufficient evidence to support the allegations."

"They didn’t take into account that the children had given names and addresses, particular properties, the locations of secret rooms, escape routes, graphic details of distinguishing marks on the abusers. Nothing was investigated.

"They tried to impose psychiatric assessments of me, naming Abraham as a main abuser... They had to justify kidnapping the children with no intention to return them back to me or my family."

Battle for Free Speech in Social Media - WhistleblowerKids Hampstead.

'Lisa' (Margaux)

Anonymous writes:

In France ... the same sick phenomena with a girl called Lisa in 'Réseau du Var'.

Three children denounce their father.

2 brothers and their older sister witness child killings in front of cameras in their dad's hands as well as some of his friends ...

Last time, the children made testimony about the murder of a child, a couple of years ago, the toll was 16 children killed.

As with Alisa and Gabriel's protectors, the three were removed from the mother and protectors really fast. 

They're currently living with the "father".

Meanwhile the mother and grand father are both charged with defamation, without the police even having investigated...

The case is occurring in a region where a lot of 'very influential people' live - Saint-Tropez area (South of France).

The father builds houses for billionaires; mason and owner of his company ...

The Child witnesses refer to "cellars", that their dad could have built.


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At 6 April 2015 at 11:29 , Blogger James R said...

There is an excellent point made by Ella Draper that I always missed and feel an absolute fool for doing so, is that there was no actual custody dispute prior to the allegations! So that whole line is the most evil grotesque lie imaginable. They invented a story in order to lose custody apparently. Makes perfect sense. This also shows what a work of evil and dishonesty the (not so) good Judge produced. The Judge manufactured the entire narrative! The whole account given by the Judge was a brazen insulting lie! From start to finish. No other way.

At 6 April 2015 at 11:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colombian Report on US Military’s Child Rapes Not Newsworthy to US News Outlets

At 6 April 2015 at 12:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 6 April 2015 at 13:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

One must remember Hampstead is a Labour stronghold too.

Notable urophiliacs: Havelock Ellis (Fabian) who experimented sexually on children.

At 6 April 2015 at 13:43 , Blogger James R said...

About Australia but of (possible) interest to any in the West with issues with Islam or immigration.

At 6 April 2015 at 19:41 , Blogger James R said...

Hello Aangirfan, The Child Abuse Party is a great meme, I would stick with that, maybe amp up a little make it a little more tabloid screechy as the day comes closer. Remember they actually deserve such a tag. When Jim Hood stood up and named Brittan one of them got up and said "How dare you accuse a noble lord."
When Brittan died the putrid Mellor and the nauseating Howard tried to get on the front foot and say 'how dare they accuse my chum Leon Brittan." Since it became obvious they were totally full of s... not a word is ever said again about Leon Brittan. Certainly not a word of contrition from his evil supporters. They presumably are not all child abusers or even close to it, but to a man and woman they believe in looking the other way when one of their toff pals happens to have an evil problem with small children. The meme is great but the party of protected paedophiles or paedophile protection might work also perhaps. Just suggestions obviously.

At 6 April 2015 at 19:54 , Blogger James R said...

Thanks to the person who sympathised with my Daily Mail ban plight I really appreciated it and should have said thanks. Happily they have now stopped.

At 6 April 2015 at 23:19 , Blogger Unknown said...
Belgium MP Laurent Louis is not afraid of telling the truth to the people, on paedophilia, chemtrails and other issues. In another video on you tube he explains that 22nd December is " BoyLove" day, a celebrated day for paedophile's globally apparently. The establishment is trying its best to cover up the crimes of paedophilia, whilst at the same time trying to normalise it. Laurent Louis is courageous, however it will take a groundswell of people in the public to bring this abominable crime to justice, and only in a common law court would we ever see justice done.

At 6 April 2015 at 23:20 , Blogger Anon said...

I lived there. It is NOT a Labour stronghold. Hampstead votes pretty solidly Conservative and Kilburn (the other half of the constituency) votes pretty solidly Labour. The constituency of Hampstead and Kilburn is evenly balanced between Conservative and labour.

At 7 April 2015 at 01:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 April 2015 at 02:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any guess? Mabe Rolling Stones? But Im sure there were more....

At 7 April 2015 at 07:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the audience dedicated to the cases that need to be more covered for the last, previous and most sadly, for the next Whistlebower Kids that will try to escape their detainment ... Amidlisa, Hampstead, Rief ... to X-belgium's files pattern foundable roughly everywhere.

As for Amidlisa,
"Amidlisa" 's nickname comes from a "gendarme" (french police owned by defence's minister) who anonymously leaked the case on the internet while "The Affair" was at that early time taking its shape in order to be covered-up.

Leaker anounced that he cannot namely take part in fear of represals ... just indicated that "she" is a "gendarme" who got infos of the case of "Snuff Movies" at work and these are more than credible.

The protective family found the leak on the web and directly understood that it was relating to their case ... Amidlisa's nickname was sealed.

in Hampstead's case, a leak forcefully made by such ranked individual, police officer and those in direct access of these files, when appeared the manipulative interview on Hampstead's Whistleblower Kids ...

Cops and others involved individuals in the process of the care of such Whistleblowing Kids are also accomplices as in Amidlisa's case as in Hamstead's one.

Add U.S. Rief's case to both Amidlisa & Hamstead ... these, again & ever, receal exactly the same arcanas (arcanum) while being protected and covered -up if needed as well.

MK gets one of plural personalities embedded into him, each one ignoring one another, made a child victim "mentally programmed", then "in control", on one or several 'Handlers', forgot the tortures, rapes and all of what she've seen a second after just having physically experienced it ...

Opium, Heroin do help a lot in it.

Epotosis of Behaviourism, remote mental "Breaking Point" to serve worlwide pedosatanist tentacular secret networks ... but also as military, black-ops and elses ops that require a "Perfect Soldier" who cannot confess even under torture something he ignore of himself deeds ...


At 7 April 2015 at 07:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

@aangirfan's great investigative works ... a short round-table of historical France's deep-state

1. France's under war provisory power has as HQ "Dolphin's Square" buildings under De Gaulle ... and Roger Wybot.

2. De Gaulle once back in France re-building head did create its "own" militia "S.A.C.", which is linkable at that time and across decades in France to all major organized-criminality in the country as well as the killings of more than a thousand targets.

3. De Gaulle took rid of its opponents to reach presidency in a scandal well known, called "Les Ballets Roses", dance ceremonies involving children that will be raped on cameras involving state's very influent persons ... Wybot ex-private driver has been jailed as the main child trafficker who provided child victims to VIPs. The scandal benefitted to De Gaulle's interest becoming now-automatically president as successor, Le Troquer who should have inherited of the presidency due to its function. Time's synching Le Troquer was the main one accused, De Gaulle became president because of it.

(Wybot's ex-private driver, Pierre Sorlut, when exited prison opened a frequented restaurant of exchangism in Paris, and seconded decades later as a sign to the ones who know who he was, the former minister of interior (home office secretary) in a national ceremony organized by french's state)

4. In the 80's, a care center trusted by state members such as ministers, judges, been exposed as a child brothel; "Coral".
Coral has been the crime scene of a child killed, strangled, head's in jar of filled of shit, while being sodomized.
Some intervening in this case were found in Zandvoort guest-list, with even their own code-name.
Particularly a young predator in that time that very early in his life became a child pimp. W. M. appear as well in a french 'Abrasax" copycat, "Krypten". Satnism is echoed from it too. W.M. code named in Zandvoort, denounced when arrested another "pedosatanic ring" in Charleroi, Belgium ... Dutroux.

5. Outreau's case seal is carried on every single case of child sex abuse in courts as the watching prism to see and perceive that children lie when make such testimonies. Child killings existing in the huge 'dossier' as well as link to Belgium child trafficking rings were systematically blackened. Jailed ones who for some confessed their own guilty been roughly all freed with a lot of money as reward, received in presidential palace, while child victims ended up homeless the day of their 18 birthday, who earned a tenth of what freed child predators did. Next month, obviously the last page in courts of that incredibly-how covered up case.

6. Outreau's seal eased the covering-up to the following case of child sexual abuses in the whole country since the last decade.


At 7 April 2015 at 08:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

@aangirfan: "Lisa" 's pic, is one of the father and Margaux (as written) who did destructed after blackened her father's face on the pic.

There isn't any "Lisa" ... "Lisa" is the codename that female gendarm who leaked the case on the internet, called the older sister of the three. (Margaux, Théo, Hugo)

At 7 April 2015 at 08:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

UK-France's make it closer, has been made under Thatcher who exclusively ordered to the deal that it must be handled by private hands. Eurotnnel. Liberal Market.

One who is said to have be the masterpiece of the deal between both countries is the french consul in London who stayed for long, Édouard Braine.

At 7 April 2015 at 08:23 , Blogger Anon said...

Most useful.

- Aangirfan

At 7 April 2015 at 08:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter Glencross ... lived in France.

He there hosted a french former-foreign affairs minister, Hubert Vedrine.

Both were put in contact through the then president François Mittérand.

Glencross lived with five adopted children from South-America, mainly Columbia as a friend of him, pedo child photograph Vuillaume, owns a child brothel in Bogota.

Glencross as directly linked to londonian 'monday club' spartacus members close to individuals alike Warwick Spinks, Beat Meier and John Stamford ... all purposedly snuff movie makers.

At 7 April 2015 at 08:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

7. François Hollande, current french president is along former finances minister, Moscovici and (always in the loop) Jack Lang (already linked to Coral and a Child orgy in Morrocco), former minster of cultures are prosecuted , by a father whose daughter died at 8 yo of sexual disease.

Charges registered in 2012 by french police, agreed as being investigated, are still on shelves ... charges contain allegations of the child victim then 4 yo, being raped in a gangbang by the three state VIP.

Affaire Verdin.


At 7 April 2015 at 09:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wybot's ex private driver seconded to the national ceremony in 95 Charles Pasqua, Sarkozy's carreer initiator through his mother Andrée Mallah ... re-married with a CIA's asset. Her son from latter wedding is a director at Carlyle.

Ricard, French Connection, SAC ... to the unfamous but efficient "Neuilly Communication" club created by Sarko whose members now are the owners of all french medias mainstream


At 7 April 2015 at 09:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

France's recent "Carlton" Affair involving DSK, ex MIF's director, at the beginning involved allegations also of female minors being prostituted in it.

But this was before reaching courts ...

Rubygate's copycat with Berlusconi's pimp of morroccan under age girls.

In Italia a TV series is becoming viral through Europe; "Gomorra".

Staged in Napolese boroughs, Caivano's town is in real life under an occuring covering-up of a child sex ring operating into. Fortuna Loffredo's case.

Also in Italia, a Hampstead, Amidlisa, Rief's current case with an italian father living in Belgium who strangely benefits favoritism of judges as well when it comes in allegations as him as a incestual father ... Maria Pia Maoloni whose children are detained by the sexual abusive father in Belgium while protective mother now is even restricted from entering Belgium ...


At 7 April 2015 at 09:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Verdin alleges that the process of investigation contains a video showing the three VIP, Hollande, Moscovici and Lang jointly taking part of the rape of Verdin's daughter.*



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