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At 29 April 2015 at 11:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unwittingly James Corbett may be part of the problem. The Koch brothers, and other members of the ruling class have put £millions into the libertarian movement that they started after the collapse of fascism.

Back in the 30's. after the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt started the New Deal, and in Europe there was a similar scheme which also involved making the essential services publically owned.

The ruling class hated the New Deal where lots of regulations were put on their industries. Like when the working week was reduced to 40 hours and after that overtime rates had to be paid. This massively increased people's spending power and then the economy took and small businesses prospered because they had lots more customers who had money.

In Europe many companies that provided the essential services were made public. Trains, buses, energy supplies, telecoms, health services, but the ruling class hated it, because these companies, many of which were often near monopolies, would have brought in mega profits because they able to rig the market.

Their answer to this was fascism but when that failed with its ugly wars and rampant racism, the ruling class brought in Libertarianism instead, where they hoped do away with democracy altogether - which is rule by the public for the public, rather than rule by the rich.

James Corbett means well, and his programs are very factual, but his politics won't work. The Koch brothers have conned libertarians into believing that libertarianism is democracy, but when you don't have a vote anymore and governments are done away with, the rich will be able to do as they please, just as they do in many fascist regimes around the world.

At 30 April 2015 at 00:08 , Anonymous Chris said...

You can no longer ignore the JQ.

Libertarianism, is a Jewish ideology based on the Talmud. The individual right to sell drugs, be a pimp or harvest organs.

"One could not understand this war if one did not always keep in mind the fact that International Jewry stands behind all the unnatural forces that our united enemies use to attempt to deceive the world and keep humanity in the dark. It is, so to speak, the mortar that holds the enemy coalition firmly together, despite its differences of class, ideology, and interests. Capitalism and Bolshevism have the same Jewish roots, two branches of the same tree that in the end bear the same fruit. International Jewry uses both in its own way to suppress the nations and keep them in its service. How deep its influence on public opinion is in all the enemy countries and many neutral nations is plain to see that it may never be mentioned in newspapers, "

The Creators of the World’s Misfortunes by Joseph Goebbels

At 30 April 2015 at 02:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:31 --

Right you are. I bear some of the blame, helped start a state libertarian party years ago before I was aware of the scam.

Libertarians who are idealist refuse to see they are creating a power vacuum far more deadly than theone created by 19th Century Anarchists. By downgrading democracy and privatising everything, they effectively hand over most of life's opportunities to the Plutocrats. And Plutocrats in the developed world already decide who/whom we get to vote for.

"The government is not the solution" Reagan kept saying as he handed most of the problems to corporate prison industries and pharmaceutical company "drug wars". This is the road to serfdom propelled with rocket fuel.


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