Saturday, 14 February 2015



The voice over on the above video is by Ricky Dearman.

Haiti is deeply involved with child sexual abuse, child trafficking and Satanism. 


  1. Don't forget that Cathy O'Brien was prepared to have her privates checked to prove that she was telling the truth about having been ritually slashed with a knife:

    (contains graphic content).

  2. Always concerned when I hear of "awards".

    A quick look at Points of Light and we see this gang:

    Bill, Jimmy. Geo H W, Geo W, Babs...

    Points of Darkness more like.

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  4. The abuse of shame. 'Save the children' – what a breakthrough. Are we speechless, screaming, crying, angry (praying) – what? ...what we gonna do? And let's not forget: oh.. it's not there?? The Bill interview. Equally heartbreaking.


  5. Aangirfan, sorry, I've noticed the date... ?? it was a more recent Bill interviewing two survivors. Mark

  6. As on observer from Italy, I just want to make clear some points that are fairly common in these 'Death Eaters' cases. Here there was a case that involved teachers and a TV Producer, husband of one of the teachers. The kids were taken from school and moved to a private home where illegal acts and filming occurred.

    Kids were instructed about what to do and how to act during the videos, as an original depiction explains:

    This kid has drawn one of the teachers that dances naked and she wants them to do same, while being filmed by her husband, a known TV Producer.

    Allegedly, the filming were sold to rich sick people. The producer has a catholic university background and even talked publicly about 'media, minors and education'... A former big name in italian TV.

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    1. ??!! Unbelievable. The subliminal connections. I am shocked at how sick these people are. They seem to communicate subliminally, their signs are everywhere.

    2. It's a joke! Look at the date of the review. Anyway, keep up the good work.

    3. You think this is a joke. Are you trying to discredit the case by making stuff up. Perhaps it is all made up as a joke? There is a serious investigation, this a serious blog trying to discover the truth and you plant false evidence?

    4. 22:35 is implying that the shoe store comment is a planted piece of 'evidence' that the store uses baby skin because the date of the comment is well within the time period of this story being advertised to the internet, no other comments appear for years other than this one. Commenter did not mean 'joke' they meant it was planted there by someone aware of these allegations.

    5. I wrote ‘It’s a joke!’ 06:33 Got what I meant, thank you!

      Yes I think this is real, and I believe that they are going to try to spin this story as a ‘Satanic Panic’ tale.

      I’ve followed up hundreds of links from Names connected to Christ Church School and have downloaded everything to criss cross names/friends/followers from their social media profiles, and jobs. 5GB worth of Data so far.

      Some Christ Church School Teachers have deleted their online profiles, while others have just changed their surnames. I’ll post the names and links for aanirfan on a more recent post. Still researching…

      More connections on the Skin Trade
      Registrant: Vatsyayana Kama (Fake Name) Real Names are listed in the links below…

      Then read the update on who’s who: (One of the members).

  8. One Dead in Denmark “Terror” Shooting | crimesofempire
    Shooting at Copenhagen café during freedom of speech meeting | Daily Mail Online

  9. No wonder he failed as an actor. Can't roll his rrrrrrrrrs.


  11. the 16 London care homes that were mentioned extensively in the nene report which New labour shredded, makes one wonder how many young boys could have been saved from the torment if childrens minister Margaret Hodge had acted instead of shredding

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