Wednesday, 1 October 2014


The British International school (BIS) in Jakarta, in Indonesia, set up the Sekolah BISA, a small free school for slum children.

Recently, BIS students became aware of the plight of Anga (above)

Anga, age 9, lives in a wooden shack, sized 3m by 3m.

Anga has no mother.

Both his birth mother and his step mother have died.

Anga's father sells coffee from the back of a motorbike.

Currently, the motorbike is broken. 

The father's personal identity card has expired.

There is no family identity card.


Senior pupils at the British International School are taking the following steps:

 1) Arranging a health and nutrition program for the family and registering the family at the local health clinic.

2) Arranging identity documents for the family.

3) Arranging for the family to receive a weekly supply of rice.

5) Arranging the repair of the father's motorbike.

4) Arranging for Anga to attend the Sekolah BISA school.

(Foto by Adimas Grahito, CAS Assistant)



  1. This emphasis on giving 'an education' seems misplaced in our bizarre contemporary world. At least in Canada, the federal Parliament arbitrarily cancels academic credentials acquired by native-born citizens at major Canadian schools. In the case I am intimately acquainted with, the Bilderberg-attendee president of the University of Alberta did nothing to defend the degrees accorded by her institution. The corruption of the Establishment truly knows no limits.

  2. Sad, but somehow still good news at aangirfan. Thank you for posting this.

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    Unrelated but perhaps of use to you. Explosive actually.