Wednesday 13 August 2014


On Oxford Street in London, agents of MI5 have been giving out leaflets promoting ISIS (aka IS).

Not surprisingly, the police have not stopped these agents of MI5.

The police are "investigating whether or not these men have breached any terror laws."

The men are believed to be from Luton and linked to preachers Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri.

Anjem Choudary

The Moslem cleric Anjem Choudary is said to be a recruiter of 'Moslem' terrorists.


He is also said to be an agent of MI5.

Above we see Yasmin, the pole dancer, and daughter of Omar Bakri.

Bakri has been involved in the Muslim Brotherhood, which is run by MI6 and the CIA.

One Muslim woman who confronted the men said she was racially abused.


Asmaa Al-kufaishi, tweeted: 'This group are promoting ISIS on Oxford Street. Racially abused us when we spoke out. They don’t know Islam.

'Promoting death of innocent people, telling me to die because of my faith and race and insulting me is not Islamic behaviour.'

The literature describes the 'glad tidings' that 'Muslims with the help of Allah have announced the re-establishment of the Khilafah (sic) and appointed an imam (a Mossad agent Simon Elliot) as a Khaleef.'


In Indonesia, the Mossad-run ISIS has been giving out videos and magazines to promote itself.

The Indonesian security services are said to be close friends of Mossad, the CIA and MI6.

The Jakarta Globe reports that supporters of ISIS have been recruiting at certain mosques.

One Indonesian, Aji Prase, told the Jakarta Globe: "There was a video screening and a sermon about ISIS.

"They handed out ... magazines, brochures and vouchers for fried chicken."

Djoko Suyanto (right) with US Vice Admiral Doug Crowder commander of the US 7th Fleet

Djoko Suyanto, Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, said: "The government will not allow ISIS to develop in Indonesia."

Most of the top Indonesian generals have been trained in the USA and some are friends of Mossad.

The children of these generals can be educated in US colleges; the wives of these generals can go shopping in New York; and the generals themselves can own 5 palatial houses and five top of the range cars.

On behalf of Israel, Saudi Arabia has been pouring money into Indonesia to promote the Mossad-run Islamists.


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At 13 August 2014 at 09:39 , Blogger James R said...

Thanks Aangirfan,
It's so depressing to see them run all the same scams they ran prior to 911. The cycle is being renewed, and these patsies, moles and dupes are surely intended to be used as cover for fresh atrocities and a repeat of the whole wicked scam they conducted between 2001 and 2005. Cheney has basically threatened the USA with nuclear attack. The attacks on IS have been little more than a gentle nudge away from Kurdistan. it's very disappointing.

At 13 August 2014 at 13:39 , Blogger Charles Edward Frith said...

Canadian PM and Ultra Zionist Stephen Harper's vanity band "Herringbone"'s drummer charged with sexually assaulting minors

At 13 August 2014 at 14:12 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

how many strippers and lapdancers are connected to MI5 and /or Mossad in the UK? :/
I ask because...

At 13 August 2014 at 17:41 , Blogger ksdrover said...

Good to see you still at it. Check out my blog. Maybe colab on one. Just restarted.

At 14 August 2014 at 16:47 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

especially lapdancers from manchester who have the all seeing eye tattooed on their back!


At 26 August 2014 at 10:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought that my cat had the "all seeing eye" but it was just walking backwards.

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