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Saturday, 9 August 2014


The Israelis claim that they have been hit by rockets fired by Hamas.

The Israelis claim that this baby (above) was injured in a rocket attack back in 2012.

Dr Motty Scheffer, an Israeli scientist and security expert, has called the Iron Dome missile defence system "the biggest hoax the world has seen", Addustour news website has reported.

Israeli expert says Iron Dome defence is a hoax - Middle East Monitor

According to Dr Motty Scheffer, "Today, there is no missile which can intercept other missiles or rocket-propelled grenades...

"In fact, all the explosions that we have seen in the atmosphere are self-destruction. 

"The Iron Dome did not launch any rocket that could intercept at least one missile fired from Gaza."


According to The Paulstal Service:

"The few Hamas missiles actually ever launched (Hamas is a group created by and controlled by the state of Israel) do not in fact even have warheads, and are basically hollow pipes and fireworks...

Iron Dome Fake.

According to The Paulstal Service:

"Israeli Dr. Motti Sheffer says ... the Iron Dome rockets are ... not intercepting anything.

A group of Israeli skeptics asked the Israeli government to see the thermal imaging proof that the rockets were in fact intercepting other rockets, and they were denied...

The only "Hamas Rockets" that ever make it into Israel ... are essentially smoke bombs, and... hollow metal tubes...

There don't appear to be any warheads...

Why would Israel do this? Well, the answer is obvious:

The reason for the fake Hamas "missile attacks" and the phony Iron dome system is to keep the Israeli population in fear ...

It is to make them hate the Palestinians...

It is also to guarantee billions of dollars of US funding "protecting Israel", and to make the American people feel Israel is in fact under attack, and to make the American people the money we are sending them (the Israelis) to protect themselves from the non-existent Hamas rocket threat is being well spent."


  1. But the truth is Irahell with help from the U.S. of Zion and the U.K. of Zion, keeps killing everyday:

    Saturday, August 9

    Moath Azzam Abu Zeid, 37, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
    Nidal Badran, 34, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
    Tareq Ziad Abdullah, 25, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
    Abdul-Hakim Suleiman al-Masdar, 65, al-Maghazi, Central Gaza.
    Moath Akram al-Masdar, 19, al-Maghazi, Central Gaza.

    Nothing in the media about them, even RT stopped informing about Gaza

    Please don't forget your boycott list when you go shopping, share information with many who can't reach Internet and have just manipulated news, that's one of the best ways to help, unless you have more power.

    source of the list:

    Thanks a million Aangirfan!


  3. McCain and ISIS:

  4. Bibi to Fox News - "with the west"? might be more accurate...

    Arutz Sheva: PM: We're Fighting for the West, Not Just
    for Us
    In interviews with international media Thursday, Prime Minister Binyamin
    Netanyahu pressed Israel's case on defending citizens from Hamas' terror
    attacks. ... Israel is defending not only itself, but the entire Western world....
    And then they have to get to Israel, which is the Western country in the region.but we're the Small Satan. For all of them, you're the Great Satan....

  5. all worth listening to, but latter part dealing with synagogue of satan, etc., is particularly interesting.

    Alfred Webre: Expose massive Ebola/Martial Law false flag and prevent mega depopulation