Friday 8 August 2014


Mossad's aim is to blame Moslems for the terrorist acts carried out in India by Mossad. INNOCENT PATSY HANGED.

The CIA and Mossad more or less control India.

Former prime Minister Manmohan Singh

India's former Foreign Minister Natwar Singh says that the CIA told India's former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh which people to choose for his cabinet.

India's Former Foreign Minister, Natwar Singh.

Natwar Singh says that CIA agents have "penetrated deep into every sphere of decision and policy making" in the Indian government.

CIA penetrates deep into Indian gov't: former Indian Foreign Minister. / Economic Times

The Mumbai Attack, and many other acts of terrorism, were organised by the Jewish CIA-asset David Headley. INNOCENT PATSY HANGED.

Natwar Singh has recently published an autobiography, One Life is not Enough.

In this book Natwar Singh says that Sonia Gandhi decided not to become Prime Minister in case she was assassinated like her father.

MOSSAD IN INDIAAmericans capable of assassinating India's leadership | Bodhita

Natwar Singh says that the CIA agents in India have access to all of India's Ministries.

"They dine with our Joint Secretaries", says Natwar Singh.

Helping the CIA agents are top Indians who have relatives in the US, says Natwar Singh.

US exerted pressure on Manmohan Singh, CIA penetrated every sphere: Natwar Singh

In a TV interview, Natwar Singh reported that former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had told him that the Americans can destabilize India as they do other countries and they can eliminate India's leadership.

That part of the interview was totally blacked out before the public could see it.

Americans capable of assassinating India's leadership | Bodhita

Americans are capable of assassinating India's leadership | Bodhita / Not Just Gadkari, All Parties Bugged By CIA

The CIA was involved in the honey-trap incident when RAW’s agent K.V. Unnikrishnan in the1980s led to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

Former Janta Party President Subramaniyan Swamy was invovled. Wikileaks cables later exposed Swamy to be a CIA agent.

Secret Indian Military Bases Revealed By Google Maps / Panetta’s grand blueprint for the CIA.

The CIA and Mossad control most countries.

They control the media, the police, the intelligence services...

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Hey Aang, I was just wondering if you were aware.. has been publishing a spate of articles on the Woolwhich hoax and was recently arrested in the early morning hours for harassment (bogus) and is currently on bail, despite I believe not having been charged. Naturally, as a follow up to this intimidation tactic, he has received a visit from child protective services regarding his infant grandson, based on allegations stemming from observations (bogus) made during an illegal search (which was executed on his daughter and grandson's bedroom and living room, but not his room).

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