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Your chief enemy is the Israeli elite; and its allies.

In 1947, Jews, working on behalf of 'Israel'', attempted to BOMB THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT.

According to Associated Press, in September 1947, the Paris police arrested a number of Jews after discovering six aerial bombs with which the Jewish the Stern Gang intended to bomb London.

08 Sep 1947 - JEWISH PLOT TO RAID LONDON Six Aerial Bombs.

To be completely accurate, the real enemy are the top Jews, top Islamists, top fascists and top mobsters, who are all in alliance.

This man (above) is one of your enemies.

David Dinsmore is editor of the Sun, which spews out lies on behalf of the criminal elite, reportedly.

Leo Strauss.

The 'religion' of the top Jews, top Islamists, top fascists and top mobsters is the religion of Leo Strauss.

Leo Strauss, who died in 1973, believed that in order to control the ignorant masses, the elite should tell lies.

Osama bin Laden, who worked for the Jewish Russian Mafia. His family are friends of the US and UK aristocracy.

Strauss believed that "those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is no morality and that there is only one natural right - the right of the superior to rule over the inferior."

Rulers need to go in for "perpetual deception."

The top Jews and top Nazis worked together during World War II.

In 1940, the Jewish Stern Gang (Lehi) proposed intervening in World War II on the side of Nazi Germany.

Lehi (group) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ayatollah Khomeini, friend of Marc Rich and the CIA. "Mark Rich was a key figure in the .... creation of an underground government that survived the break-up of the Soviet Union and still rules Russia today behind the scenes." Mark Rich Helped KGB Create Hidden Government

The real terrorists are people like the Jewish Irgun and the Jewish Stern Gang.

In 1947, two British soldiers, Sergeants Paice and Martin, were grabbed by Irgun.

Three weeks later their bodies were found hanging from a eucalyptus tree...

By 1948, some 200 British Soldiers and 90 British policemen had been murdered by Jewish terrorist gangs such as Irgun...

isupporttheresistance.blogspot.comSearchlight: Political Violence and Terrorism

Marvin Paice and Clifford Martin, the two british sergants who were hanged in Palestine, 1947, by the Irgun.

Irgun and the Stern Gang (known as Lehi in Hebrew) bombed the British Embassy in Rome.

Lord Moyne

In November 1944 Lord Moyne was murdered by members of the Stern gang in Cairo and there were plans to assassinate Government Ministers, including the Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevan.

In 1946 a female agent of Irgun planted a bomb at the Colonial Office in London.

Livni and friend

Tzipora Livni was Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

She is the daughter of Eitan Livni, born in Poland, and Sara Rosenberg, both of whom were members of the anti-British, Jewish terrorist organisation called Irgun.

Journalist Louis Heren (Media Lens Israel's New Foreign Minister.) wrote in The Times, 11 February 1992:

"The Irgun was a terrorist oganization, and a particularly nasty one."

At Deir Yassin - Jewish terrorists, called Irgun, massacred Palestinian women and children. The Jews who came in from New York, Russia and North Africa drove the Palestinians off their land, using terrorism.

Journalist Louis Heren wrote of Irgun:

"Even its defenders, who argued that the end could justify the means at decisive moments in history, were horrified by the massacre at Deir Yassin and the hanging of the British sergeants."

Irgun killed British people.

In The New York Times, 5 February 2006, Steven Erlanger (Israel's New Foreign Minister.) wrote:

"Tzipi Livni is ... the daughter of Zionist guerrillas who... blew up the British headquarters in the King David Hotel in 1946, killing 91 people.

Jewish terrorists bombed the King David Hotel, killing many British people.

"Her father, Eitan, was the Irgun's head of operations, and on his gravestone is the map of greater Israel, extending over both sides of the Jordan River..."

Greater Israel

According to The Times Obituary, 5 February 1992:

"Eitan Livni was born Yerucham Bzozowitch in Gerodna, Poland, in 1919.

"Livni... in August 1947 was dispatched by Begin to organise Irgun's military activities against British targets in Europe..."

Jews tried to bomb the British parliament

The Stern gang (Lehi) tried to bomb the British Parliament.

The House of Commons was saved when French Police discovered members of the Stern Gang preparing to fly across the channel in a plane containing a large bomb.

Source: BBC - Radio 4 Document - A Laudable Invasion

Hamas, working for Mossad, the CIA and NATO.

The top people in Hamas are in alliance with the top Jews.

A. Peasant comments:

Hamas has been the inside enforcers for Israel, making lots of money shaking down the Palestinians and controlling the tunnels.

Gaza's Millionaires Funding the Hamas Regime through underground smuggling... / How Many Millionaires Live in the "Impoverished" Gaza Strip ...

The Palestinian millionaires have made their wealth thanks to the hundreds of underground tunnels along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Hamas was created and supported by the Mossad and friends.

Newsletter on child abuse

Jean-Paul Votron, of Fortis, Maurice Lippens, of Fortis, Fred Goodwin, former CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and Emilio Botin, of Santander. Maurice Lippens has been linked to the Dutroux Affair and Bilderberg.

The top people meet at Bilderberg. Reportedly these are the people who run the child abuse rings and the Islamist terrorists.

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At 21 July 2014 at 23:54 , Anonymous Siddharth said...

Israeli Propaganda in India over Gaza Conflict

At 22 July 2014 at 04:50 , Anonymous Siddharth said...

26/11 complicit Israeli Diamond Mafia funding Gaza Conflict

At 22 July 2014 at 09:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tyvm Aangirfan for the Leo Strauss link and Religion.Now (Believe it or Not) I'm going to Defend Richard Nixon,Ole Tricky Dick knew what he(Like Abraham Lincoln) had a huge interbattle.What was happening was seeds were starting to grow in the Republican ranks.Leo Strauss's Disciples were starting to infiltrate the Republican Party ranks and they were Loyal to Israel 1st.
Richard Nixon knew that,remember on The Nixon Tapes when he said that"Jews are Spies" also Him and Billy Graham said"That the Jewish Stranglehold of the Media must be broken".

Richard Nixon wanted to clean house of the Leo Strauss Disciples.

Ty Aangirfan helping me put the Final Pieces of the puzzle togather.

At 30 July 2014 at 21:46 , Blogger Kathy Mayes said...

Do you ever expose the Vatican mobsters?

At 3 August 2014 at 18:49 , Blogger Rinaldy Roy said...

Agree with you Kathy!!!

At 14 November 2014 at 17:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The top Jews and top Nazis worked together during World War II."

Many articles I have read lately attest to that being true, but I need to have much more comprehensive information.

Also many articles lately show Saudi Arabia to be on the same side as Israel in the Middle East. That seems counterintuitve as well. I wish there were a few articles that would have all the info supporting these positions all in one article.

At 7 September 2017 at 08:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel is merely the 'cats paw' as with the US, except more of a criminal haven when caught with their terrorism or other crimes.

Proof? The takeover of the US happened ~50 years before Israel was hatched.

Strong evidence exists we're fighting the "lost" Tribe of DAN (serpents of the DAN TiEN/19/10/1) and they're feathered into everything.

Law enforcement and military are key choke points to fend off being held responsible for their heinous crimes against children.


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