Sunday 20 July 2014


Esther Rantzen

The BBC's Esther Rantzen had an affair with the top UK politician Sir Nicholas Fairbairn.

Sir Nicholas Fairbairn reportedly had affairs with young boys at the Elm Guest house boy brothel.

Esther Rantzen: links to Elm Boy Brothel.

Fairbairn, friend of Thatcher

Esther Rantzen has worked for a certain 'child protection' charity which is linked to child abuser Sir Jimmy Savile and to Peter Mandelson.

Rantzen, who is a friend of Israel and whose origins are Polish Jewish, had an affair with the married Sir Nicholas Fairbairn after they met at the BBC.

In 2000 the daughter of a top Scottish lawyer said that Sir Nicholas had been part of a paedophile ring.

Could certain Jews be the brains behind the whole child abuse and murder scandal?

The voice of Ben Fellows

As a teenager, former child actor Ben Fellows attended a party in a house in the New Forest reportedly attended by Esther Rantzen.

At the party Ben was given drugs, alcohol and was propositioned by men and women all night.

Certain Jews seem to have a reputation for murdering kids.

Israel's ground offensive in Gaza has so far killed 70 children..

World wide protests against the 'killer Jews'.

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At 20 July 2014 at 04:08 , Blogger Unknown said...

It makes me sick that the only ones getting done for child abuse are has beens and wanna beans or dead and its without question that present people in power knew who was doing what but did nothing about it . There are still some who have been involved but are being protected by Mi5 and others. Tony Blair should be questioned and William Hague either they were involved or knew who was doing what and this may have been the reason why bald Willie Hague has done a runner from parliament. Tony Blair is a well known queer and so is William Hague . Perhaps someone could make a citizens arrest of William Hague. The trouble is the two arseholes are so well protected by bodyguards that no one has a chance in hell of getting near the pricks . Are the British public asleep in letting this corrupt government get away with murder and abuse of innocent children .

At 29 November 2014 at 23:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tel Aviv, City of a Thousand Thrills!!!

At 31 October 2015 at 04:29 , Blogger Unknown said...

I find your blog explosive in its excellence and pursuit of truth. The occasional demonising of Jews as the source of all child abuse murder and evil jars with me though. I absolutely agree that many pseudo Jewish people are repeatedly named and implicated and guilty of the grossest crimes against children. ...I corresponded extensively with Vicki Polin Jewish sra survivor and whistle blower and believer her unequivocally....I saw the many Jewish names on the list of WHAT THE BUTLER SAW released shortly after the suspicious death of the butler to Jeffrey Epstein ....I shared it but didn't download it so if anyone has a copy I'd be grateful it should be released weekly until this ends.....but the list and many others sadly also includes many others of different races and religions not least the current Muslim King of Saudi Arabia as well as many pretending Christians .....this demonising of Jews or Jesuits or establishment unfortunately has a backlash of fooling people into missing all the evil ones outside of that people group and promoting persecution en mass of a people group which then leads to generic persecution even of its victims?

It is evil we must expose snd end and sadly evil knows no bounds nor racial or religious identity

At 6 September 2016 at 09:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do we really know about Esther Rantzen?

At 8 January 2018 at 11:27 , Blogger Unknown said...

ester rantzen knew about jimmy saville but kept silent while children were abused to protect her well paid job


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