Wednesday 23 July 2014


Padraig Reidy (above) is a strongly pro-Jewish journalist.

He sometimes writes in the Guardian, a newspaper with a long history of  supporting Zionism.

(The Guardian - mainly right wing Zionist)

He has written an article which could have been penned by Mossad, the CIA or MI6.

The article is entitled: MH17: five of the most bizarre conspiracy theories.

Here are some quotes from spooky Padraig's article:

1. "There is no reason why Ukraine, which already has significant sympathy from the international community, would jeopardise its position by senselessly attacking a civilian flight and hoping the blame would stick to Russia."

Padraig is wrong.

The international community hates the Jews, Nazis and Mobsters who grabbed power in Ukraine.

Ukraine's leaders hate Russia and would be only too happy to down an aircraft and blame Putin.

2. "The coincidence of the MH17 shooting with the latest outbreak of conflict in Israel/Palestine" is simply a coincidence.

Padraig is wrong again.

What might Padraig have in common with BBC Newsnight editor Ian Katz, BBC Newsnight presenter Evan Davis and most of the other journalists chosen to shape our opinions on key issues?

John Brennan, boss of the CIA, is married to Kathy Pokluda. 

Pokluda is a common Jewish name.

Ireland has lots of Jewish-sounding names like Donlevy and Castle.

'secret Jews'

Famous Irish Jews include:

Justice Henry Barron, Irish Supreme Court judge 1997-2003.

Louis Bookman (1890–1943), Irish international soccer and cricket player.

Robert Briscoe, member of the IRA and twice Lord Mayor of Dublin (1956 and 1961).

Ben Briscoe (son of Robert Briscoe), former Fianna Fáil T.D. and Lord Mayor of Dublin (1988).

Michelle Citron, feminist film, video and multimedia producer, scholar and author.

Daniel Day-Lewis, actor.[54][55]

Chaim Herzog, sixth President of Israel.

Alan Shatter, Fine Gael TD for Dublin South and currently Minister for Justice and Equalityand Minister for Defence.

Mervyn Taylor, former Labour Party T.D. and Minister for Equality and Law Reform.

Gustav Wilhelm Wolff, founder of Harland and Wolff shipbuilders, MP for East Belfast for 18 years.

District Judge Hubert Wine, family court judge.



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At 24 July 2014 at 00:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shatter is no longer Minister of Justice. He resigned over his poor handling of a police whistleblower.


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