Sunday 20 July 2014


Beness Aijo

Has MI6 infiltrated the pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists?

29 year-old Beness Aijo, aka Benny-Antimaydan , is a 'British student' whose father came from Uganda.

He is currently 'under house arrest' in Latvia, the country where he was born.

Beness Aijo, who has a history of involvement in violent protests, working at Heathrow in 2013

Beness Aijo is said to have worked with the Ukrainian separatists.

It should be noted that Aijo is a member of the extremist National Bolshevik Party - a Nazi group that is banned in Russia, and whose leader is in jail in Russia.

Beness Aijo

Aijo studied microbiology at London’s Birkbeck College, where he may have been recruited by MI6.

Aijo in Crimea

In May 2014, he was arrested by the Ukrainian authorities and deported back to Britain.

Strangely, he was then able to slip out of the UK.

Aijo and Andrei Kovelenko, a top Russian

'Like all good patsies', Aijo has a Facebook page.

It contains photographs of plane crashes.

Aijo on YouTube

 Beness Aijo, or his double.

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