Tuesday 1 July 2014


Elliot and Peter Rodger.

Peter Rodger, interviewed by Barbara Walters, said of his son Elliot: 'I thought he was a victim.

'It wasn't until 4.30, 5am that I found out by going on the internet that he was the main suspect and there was only one killer.'

Peter Rodger said he never believed Elliot would have been capable of killing people.

Peter Rodger said: 'There is no way I thought that this boy could hurt a flea. The most unbelievable thing, what I don't get, is that we didn't see this coming at all.'

In the interview, Peter Rodger said his son changed from being a happy boy - 'he would laugh so much that sometimes we were worried he would choke' - to being a subdued and anti-social teen with no friends.

Young Elliot's ear.

Older Elliot's ear.

Peter Rodger said his son was worried about being a virgin, but he (Peter) offered to take Elliot to Las Vegas 'to do something about it'.

Elliot declined.

Art by Peter Rodger. http://www.saatchiart.com/prodger

Peter said that his son was an 'incredible liar' but said: "Elliot was far from evil ... 

"Something happened to him. 

"He was the most beautiful, kind, sweetheart of a boy. And something happened to him."

Some hours before the alleged shootings, Peter Rodger and his ex-wife, having allegedly received Elliot's manifesto, allegedly headed to Santa Barbara, where Elliot allegedly lived.

Allegedly, after arriving in Santa Barbara, they were met by a sheriff in the parking lot.

The sheriff reportedly said: "We've found a deceased person and we found a license in his pocket that fits your son's description."

Allegedly, David Wang, 20, and George Chen, 19, were stabbed to death by their roommate Elliot Rodger. 


Kelly Chen and her husband Johnny along with Charlie and Jane Wang believe that there were 'missed opportunities' that could have prevented Rodger's killing spree.

They said that Peter Rodger had not reached out to them to offer his condolences. 

Peter Rodger with Elliot's sister Georgia.

Elliot Rodger - innocent patsy mind controlled.

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At 29 June 2014 at 13:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angirfan ! Thank you for a very interesting blogg.
My thougts about Elliot Rodgers ears: If you look little more to right and up,like Elliot in colour photo,ear shape changes,and looks longer.
Like nose shapes changes, very much,in photos,depending how you lean your head.I believe, it is a same boy in both pictures.And I'm sure Elliot is a victim of evil society and narcissistic people around him.And baybe he became evil too. Lots of love from Finland


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