Tuesday 1 July 2014


Abu Qatada, 'a senior al Qaeda figure', has been acquitted of certain terrorism charges in Jordan.

Jordan clears Abu Qatada of terrorism charge.


Abu Qatada was born in Bethlehem, and could be a friend of Israel, and thus untouchable.

Jimmy Savile was untouchable.

He reportedly worked for MI5/MI6 and was a friend of Israel.

A witness saw the Jimmy Savile 'drag away' a little girl who was found dead the next day.

The girl was being cared for at the Roecliffe Manor children's home in Leicestershire in the 1960s.


Savile is believed to have murdered more than one person.


Mad Moslems everywhere. dailymail.

The link between the top child abusers and the top islamists would seem to be the spooks.

The spooks use pedophile rings and Moslem fundamentalists to control people.

This is a video supporting the 'Fascist' Prabowo, who may be the next president of Indonesia.

Former General Prabowo is reported to be a war criminal - but he is one of the untouchables.

He has been very close to the Pentagon.

The above video, supporting Prabowo, speaks for itself.

This Indonesian Nazi Video Is One of the Worst Pieces of Political Campaigning Ever

Indonesia: The political outsider

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At 26 June 2014 at 10:32 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

There is a growing number of MP's calling for an 'all encompassing' investigation and independent inquiry. (113 as of today)... most are refusing or dodging to answer the call (not like they can publically say 'No' is it!)

Today in the House of Commons (the Saville debate), a number of MP's (Simon Danjkuk, Tom Watson, Tessa Munt, Andy Burnham) pressed ahead and asked Jeremy Hunt for a national inquiry. The response was ''wait and see'' and ''we haven't ruled anything out''

(Hunt... that's the kind of response I use to get from my parents, when I asked for something they couldn't afford... IT MEANS NO!)

Jeremy Hunt, David Cameron and Andrew Lansley have now ALL dodged the question in Parliament!!!

Some tweets from Exaro and other supporters (#CSAinquiry)...

-Campaigning MP @SimonDanczuk demands #CSAinquiry "so that we can understand the political networks that Savile belonged to".

-Jeremy Hunt tells John Hemming that he will look into the case of obstructed journalist as she tried to investigate child abuse in Jersey.

-Tim Loughton tells Jeremy Hunt on #Savile reports: “This is the tip of the iceberg.”

-Survivors' Solicitor says @JerseyInquiry is faltering & Jersey should be included in national #CSAinquiry

Full report on today from Exaro...

It's sickening really, WE ALL KNOW the truth on here! (large parts of it anyway), and yet we have to play this silly game with poncy schoolboy politicians and ministers!


At 26 June 2014 at 10:33 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

People can say what they want... but it was this email from 5th May that had a big part to play in initiating this! (BEFORE ZAC 'ROTHSCHLD' GOLDSMITH GOT ON BOARD!)

Dear Sirs (Mr Simon Danczuk and Mr David Morris)

I am emailing both of you, because I feel there is an urgent need for both:-
- a full transparent public Parliamentary inquiry
- and a co-ordinated and 'sophisticated' national police investigation
into the mounting evidence of institutionalised and organised child abuse, carried out by those within and around the British political system, which may have been ignored and covered up for a period of decades.

I am emailing both Mr Danczuk, because of his recent investigation into the case of the late Liberal Democrat MP Cyril Smith, and Mr Morris because I am a member of his constituency, and I would like to know if he will raise the issue in Parliament, and join a growing number of Parliamentarians from across the parties, in a call for an investigation.

I have followed the work that Mr Danczuk has conducted in the past months closely, and this morning I heard the radio interview he gave, where described the horrific abuse suffered at the hands of a 'well connected' and 'protected' paedophile ring connected to Parliament, and where he subsequently broke down into tears at the end because of the nature of the crimes described. I myself broke down into tears at hearing this, I understand the shock and trauma of learning the horrific details of some these alleged crimes.

I would like to say to Mr Danczuk, a great thankyou! From the bottom of my heart, thankyou. People are losing their faith in politicians, and the British political system in general. It comes as a great relief to know their are politicians like Mr Danczuk, who do generally care. The amount of times I have been in absolute despair of what I've learnt, concerning 'VIP' Paedophile rings, and it's connection to Parliament and those in positions of power.

I would think, Mr Danczuk has already been in contact with MP Tom Watson, who initially voiced his concerns about VIP Paedophile ring, in Parliament in 2012.
Obviously I do not know the full details of the investigation Mr Danczuk has been involved in, but in the interview he states:-
''a number of disparate police investigations up and down the country, which now need bringing together in a more sophisticated way''

At 26 June 2014 at 10:33 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

I am wondering if Mr Danzcuk and the Officers and Detectives he has been/is working with, have been in correspondence with, and/or are working with The Serious Organised Crime Agency? SOCA's Operation Pallial has been successful in a number of arrests of child abuse suspects, connected to the 'VIP' paedophile rings.

Myself, and many others familiar with the grave allegations, are proposing and calling for a full public transparent inquiry into these allegations, and one all encompassing investigation headed by SOCA and The National Crime Agency, accountable to Parliament. The resources, and expertise already exist within our Law Enforcement for such an endeavour (mainly The Serious Organised Crime Agency)

What is now widely believed to have been going on in the British political system for the past decades is absolutely horrific, and with rumours of MI5 and Special Branch being not only complicit in cover-ups, but actually implicated in organising and facilitating such criminality, it becomes an issue of national security and a threat to our 'democracy'. I know what Mr Danczuk is up against, and I realise powerful people will attempt to discredit, and stall any investigation into it.

I feel this is the just the tip of the iceberg, as persistent rumours and mounting emerging evidence, detail other 'institutionalised' child abuse cases that may have been covered up by those within the establishment.
-Haut de la Garenne (Jersey) - Former Detective Lenny Harper
-Elm Guest House (London)
-Grafton Boys Home (London)
-Bryn Estyn (North Wales)
-Kincora boys home (Northern Ireland)
There are others which I cannot think of at this time.

I have spent the last few years researching these allegations, and there are many blogs, journalists and investigators I can point you to, if you feel you want to pursue this grave matter further.

The following article by Sonia Poulton, featured in The Express (Feb 2014) sums up the persistent rumours that have dominated the recent media, and the growing evidence that paedophilia and child abuse has not only been rampant among some circles of Parliament, but more importantly has been protected by our Security Services (MI5 and Special Branch). The article also highlights the belief that Freemasonry has been instrumental in covering up such abuse (as was proven in the case of Bryn Estyn in North Wales), but also a growing belief that 'Ritualistic Satanic Abuse' is also more prevalent and common that previously imagined (even by some of those tasked with investigating such claims).


Again I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Danczuk for the tremendous work he's done, and continues to do in bringing such matters to the publics attention, and wish him all the best.

I would like to ask Mr David Morris, if he plans on joining a growing number of other MP's, in raising these matters in Parliament, and call for a Parliamentary inquiry, and full, multi-co-ordinated police investigation (as Mr Danzcuk has expressed)

I look forward to your response/s

Kind Regards

Daniel Hurley


At 26 June 2014 at 12:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 27 June 2014 at 11:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

that would be the mi6 controlled guardian, wouldn't it?


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