Thursday 12 June 2014


The alleged Oregon shooter Jared Michael Padgett (left) and his brother. The family are Mormon and connected to the military.

The alleged 'Oregon school shooter' is 15-year-old Jared Michael Padgett, a Mormon.

Mormons have been associated with CIA mind control.

His friends are all wondering why Jared allegedly took an assault rifle, a handgun and nine ammunition magazines to his high school and killed Emilio Hoffman, a 14-year-old.

Suspect's Friends Puzzle Over Oregon Shooting.

Emilio Hoffman

Is there something fishy about the Oregon High School Shooting?

"The mayor of Troutdale said community law enforcement officials went through a 'dry run' to practice ways of addressing a mass shooting just weeks ago." 

"Early reports had indicated as many as three shooters may have been involved." 

Bryan Singer's film 'Public Access' would appear to have mind-control connections.

Carol A. Valentine comments:

Bryan Singer directed the 1993 film "Public Access".

At 9 mins 33 secs in, it features a description of the capture of a (monarch) butterfly as "we want to stop it from living".

The picture zooms in on a photo of a father and child. 

(The Monarch butterfly gives its name to the CIA's Monarch mind control programme.)

The butterfly symbol appears throughout the Sandy Hook saga.

Bryan Singer's "Public Access" at 43 minutes and 33 seconds:

"Hey you want to know what's wrong..? It's the parents. They don't see what is going on. They don't get it...

"They used to believe in everything. What they read and what they heard... 

"So when they found out that the government was lying, and the news is lying and everything, they turned off.

"Now people are old and they're tired and they do not want to fight it anymore. 

"They just want it to be like it was before when they were stupid and happy and they pass that on to us...

"What I am trying to say is that our parents are blind and we got our eyes closed."

At 1hr 5mins 55secs:

The whistleblower is made to hang himself at gunpoint so as to look like suicide after he is accused of being the problem because he dared to expose the corrupt politicians. 

"In the scene prior, the whistleblower is removed from a public meeting and gets beaten up. The audience of citizens applauds the police.

Anyone now wondering if there may be links here with the Hollywood Bushwhackers?

"Public Access" 1 hr 18 mins 33 secs

An innocent female is murdered after discovering the political corruption.

ISIS is run by the CIA and its friends.


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At 12 June 2014 at 02:55 , Anonymous Boxcutter said...

Student Tate Blaylock said he witnessed the shooter, who was not recognized as a current student, and who appeared to be in his 20's.

Alleged shooter Jared Padgett is described as kind, polite, helpful, hugged and said "I love you" a lot, laughed a lot. Girlfriend of slain student described Padgett as exceedingly pleasant.

"Suspect highly regarded for his spirituality"

Police dispatch tape shows approx 5 mins between final shots fired and discovering Padgett dead in bathroom.

"Someone we would never expect"
"I never, ever would have thought it was him"
"I just can't believe it"


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