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Sharon Stern, from Hollywood in Florida, was a member of the Butoh cult, which takes an interest in pedophilia.

The CIA has always taken an interest in 'cults' because because of their links to mind control.

Mind control is used to produce of sex slaves, and assassins, for the elite.

Katsura Kan

Sharon Stern got involved with Katsura Kan, aka Terugoshi Kotoura, a 'cultish' Japanese dancer.

Kan 'made Sharon his physical and sexual slave and plied her with drugs'.

Sharon's father, Tibor Stern, says of his daughter that 'Katsura Kan brainwashed her against her family and her life.'

lovefraud.com / Families against cult teachings

The covered eye / all seeing eye - used in CIA mind control. CONTROLLING YOU THROUGH SYMBOLS

In 2007, Sharon married Todd Siegel, a software engineer, and they moved to Boulder, Colorado, where Sharon enrolled in a fine arts program at Naropa University.

The curriculum included butoh, taught by Katsura Kan.

According to Tibor Stern, 'Kan's teachings were based on pain, suffering and death.

"On the denial and erasure of the self.

"On the destruction of one's ego.

"On the denial of one's family and friends; and ultimately on the complete erasure of everything you know and all that you are as the only way to become a true butoh master.'

Uri Geller, who is believed to work for the CIA in mind control.

After Sharon graduated in 2009, she became Kan's assistant.

She travelled throughout USA with Kan, promoting butoh festivals.

In 2011, Sharon performed with Kan's butoh dance company in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A friend of Sharon's said that Sharon appeared to be on drugs.

Satanic-style Butoh dance, suspected as being part of mind control.

In 2011, the US Embassy in Copenhagen reported to Tibor Stern that Sharon was missing.

Tibor Stern, his wife, Hana, and Sharon's husband flew to Denmark.

Sharon was in the psychiatric ward of the Bispebjerg Hospital in Denmark.

CIA torture and mind control, used to produce CIA militias.

The Stern family brought Sharon back to Florida and tried to place her in a mental health facility.

Kan contacted Sharon.

Sharon escaped to Thailand in September 2011.

However, when Kan saw how ill Sharon was, he sent her back to San Francisco.

Sharon's family then brought her to Boulder, Colorado for psychiatric care.

She twice attempted suicide.

Boulder, Colorado, is a site of CIA Mind Control Projects

The original Sharon.

Kan refused to break with Sharon.

Sharon divorced her husband.

In December 2011, Sharon met Kan in Hawaii.

They traveled to Japan and Israel, and then, in 2012, back to San Francisco.

In San Francisco Sharon had another psychotic attack.

Kan "left her in the street once again like in Copenhagen, crying and broken."

Miranda Barbour, who joined a cult aged 13 in the town of North Pole, and then started killing people. dailymail.

Kan expelled Sharon from the butoh community.

Sharon returned to her family in Florida, but then traveled to Fortaleza, Brazil for a butoh performance. 

Kan did not show up. 

In April 2012, Sharon emailed Kan from Brazil.

'So I am writing with a question for you. 

"Yesterday came up the idea that butoh is about deconstructing body/ego, etc. … 

"So the question arises what happens AFTER the deconstruction of your body/mind/ego? I didn't know the answer … Please let me know how you think about this point.'

A few days later, Sharon returned from Brazil and 'committed suicide'.

Are charities being taken over by the spies?

Cults and charities often turn out to be run by the CIA and its friends.

In 1991, in the UK, Duncan and Jenni Dyason watched a TV documentary about street children in Guatemala being shot dead by the police.

They set up the Toybox Charity to help street children.

Toybox now works in Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru and El Salvador.

Duncan Dyason

However, Toybox appears to be changing.

Duncan and Jenni no longer work for Toybox.

1. The new boss of Toybox is Lynne Morris.

Lynne worked for World Vision for over 12 years

2. Jeni York is now a Toybox Trustee.

Jeni was Human Resources Director at World Vision for 21 years.

3. Ian Gray is now Toybox's International Programmes Director.

Ian was Associate Director, Policy and Programme Innovation at World Vision.

World Vision is alleged to be a CIA-front organisation.

"USAID is 'the humanitarian arm of the CIA' and Americares has been singled out as well. 

"World Vision is also a CIA front." 

Many Faces of the CIA

Bolivian President Evo Morales orders expulsion of USAID - CNN

"World Vision employee, Mark David Chapman, worked at their Haitian refugee camp in Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas.

"He was later to gain infamy as the assassin of John Lennon in New York City. 

"World Vision works with refugees worldwide. 

"At the Honduran border, they are present in camps used by American CIA to recruit mercenaries against Nicaragua.

"They were at Sabra and Shatilla, camps in Lebanon where fascist Phalange massacred the Palestinians.

"Their representatives in the Cuban refugee camps on the east coast included members of the Bay of Pigs operation, CIA-financed mercenaries from Omega 7 and Alpha 66. 

"Are they being used as a worldwide cover for the recruitment and training of these killers? 

"They are, as mentioned earlier, working to repopulate Jonestown with Laotians who served as mercenaries for our CIA."

Many charities are fronts for the CIA and its friends.

1. In early September 2012, Pakistan ordered foreigners working for Save the Children to leave Pakistan.

Pakistan stated that Save the Children was being used by Western spies.

A doctor accused of assisting the CIA claimed that Save the Children had introduced him to US intelligence officers.

2. On 25 September 2012, Save the Children produced what appears to be a piece of propaganda for the CIA.

The charity has released Untold Atrocities, a collection of alleged 'first-hand accounts' from children and parents allegedly receiving help from Save the Children after fleeing Syria.

"The six-year-old son of an anti-government activist is abducted, then starved and beaten to death. The new report by the UK charity Save the Children documents these and other alleged atrocities."

Save the Children has been refused permission to enter Syria. 

Save the Children is on the ground on Syria's borders.
Justin Forsyth (left) with  Andrew Mitchell (Andrew Mitchell 'plebs' comment)

Justin Forsyth became chief executive of Save the Children in July 2012.

Forsyth is a former adviser to Tony Blair.

He is also a former communications director to Gordon Brown.

The former boss of Save the Children was Jasmine Whitbread, who previously worked for Oxfam. 

3. Oxfam, like several other charities, has been accused of being a front for the UK security service MI6.

"In the early 1970s, the Tamil Tigers began establishing training camps and secret arms caches under the cover of a chain of Refugee and Rehabilitation Farms of the Gandhian Society.

"Funds for the farms came from Oxfam, one of the most powerful and secretive British intelligence organizations acting under non-governmental organization cover...

"John Glover, a British feature writer, wrote to the Western Mail in Wales about the ongoing and future training programs for Tamil youth by British mercenaries.

"A band of mercenary soldiers recruited in South Wales is training a Tamil army to fight for a separate state in Sri Lanka. 

"About 20 mercenaries were signed up after a meeting in Cardiff and have spent the last two months in southern India preparing a secret army to fight the majority Sinhalas, in the cause of a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka," he said...


4. Reporter Andrew Geoghegan visited his 14 year old sponsored child in Ethiopia.

The girl has "been part of a World Vision program all her life" yet said "until recently, I didn't know I had a sponsor."

And when asked about her knowledge of World Vision sponsorship she said "Last time they gave me this jacket and a pen."

Geoghegan was disconcerted to find that despite being "told by World Vision that the girl was learning English at school, and was improving... she speaks no English at all."

(Geoghegan, Andrew "Ethiopia - The Endless Famine", Foreign Correspondent, 25 November 2008, series 18, episode 22, Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Sabra and Shatila.

World Vision reportedly is a front for the CIA. 


World Vision "ran the refugee camp in Sabra-Shatilla where the fascist Phalange were allowed in to kill the Palestinians...

"They ran the Cuban and Thai refugee camps in the United States.

"Mark David Chapman, who eventually shot John Lennon, worked at the Thai refugee camps out in Arkansas that World Vision operated there.

"They ran these camps brutally, forcing people into political education against Castro, refusing to feed people, beating people...

"The chairman of the board for some period was John W. Hinkley Sr.. 

"The son worked at Fort Chafey at the Thai refugee camps.

"There were pictures of him after the Reagan shooting running in his World Vision T-shirt around the edge of the camp...

"Scott was already doing the wheeling and dealing and was tight with Neil Bush..."

Jonestown - linked to the CIA and World Vision

And what about the Jonestown Massacre and World Vision?

(Source: Jonestown Massacre by Fiona Steel, published at Court TV's Crime Library)

Allegedly Jonestown was part of a CIA mind-control program: the CIA infiltrated The People’s Temple, to carry out their experiments.

CIA theorists claim that Jim Jones had many questionable associations with the CIA throughout the years he was establishing The People’s Temple.

The Temple had a strong association with the World Vision organisation that many believe to be another CIA front.


"Jim Jones had a very interesting past which was overlooked by the media: Jones was ... sent to Brazil where his house, transportation and groceries were provided to him by the U.S. Embassy, and he frequently traveled to Belo Horizonte, the CIA headquarters in Brazil.

"Jones had been contacted in Ukiah by 'Christian missionaries' from World Vision (World Vision is a CIA controlled front operation), an evangelical order which had performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia."


Duncroft School, run by Barnardos 

5. Barnardo's is a UK children's charity.

Sir Jimmy Savile used to abuse children at one of their children's homes called Duncroft.

Serious child abuse took place at a number of Barnardo's homes over the years.

Some children's homes in the UK, such as Kincora and Bryn Estyn, have reportedly been used by the security services as boy brothels.

6. Larry King got children for his child abuse ring from Boys Town, Omaha.

Child victims said that King took part in the satanic ritual murder of children.

(Franklin Credit Union Child-Sex Scandal)

The "Washington Post", "New York Times", "Village Voice" and "National Law Journal" referred to the accusations.

King was linked to Iran-Contra.

King was said to have provided the CIA with information gained from the users of the child sex ring.

Several of the Omaha child victims testified that they had traveled to Washington with King in private planes to attend political events and sex parties.

Omaha's top daily newspaper reported, "One child, who has been under psychiatric care, is said to believe she saw George Bush at one of King's parties."

(Franklin Credit Union Child-Sex Scandal)

David Miliband, whose brother Ed is expected to be the next prime minister of the UK.

7. David Miliband was the UK government minister responsible for the UK spy service MI6.

Now he is to head the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a charity based in the USA, with operations in over 40 countries.

The IRC provides "emergency relief, post-conflict development and resettlement services."

The IRC is reported to be a CIA front organisation.

The IRC is "one link in the CIA’s covert network.”


"Ford Foundation archives reveal a raft of joint Foundation-CIA projects.

"The most prominent of these CIA fronts are the Eastern European Fund, the Congress for Cultural Freedom, and International Rescue Committee."

international rescue committee « The Most Revolutionary Act

Anonymous comments:

A quick look a wiki page of this so called charity told me what they were. This charity was where the US-trained death squads were active in the 80s and 90s.

Oh, and those loving humanitarians Albright and Kissinger are involved; while on the board sit the great and good of the corporate world: representatives JP Morgan and American Express!

Hanslope Park

Milton Keynes is a spooky town in Buckinhamshire in the UK.

Hanslope Park, on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, houses Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre.

It is one of MI6's main spy bases.

Milton Keynes is home to Bletchley Park, the UK spy base where, during World war II, cryptographers broke German codes.

Former MI6 spy Richard Tomlinson once had a job, that MI6 had found for him, with Jackie Stewart’s Formula One team in Milton Keynes.

Errol Barnett

Spooky Errol Barnett, an anchor and correspondent for spooky CNN, is from spooky Milton Keynes.

Hillary Clinton after donating $2,000,000,000 to World Vision.

The 'CIA front' organisation World Vision UK has its HQ in Milton Keynes.


Challenge House

The Toybox charity is based at Challenge House in Milton Keynes.


 Boys with the Toybox charity in Guatemala

Girls with the Toybox charity in Guatemala.

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Huge Population of CIA Agents in Ukraine Says German Expert


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Paul Morantz

Paul Morantz is an American attorney at law specializing in the prosecution of groups he describes as "cults", religious or otherwise, and their leaders. He is most recognized for his cases against Synanon, a behavior modification drug rehabilitation group in the 1970s, which attempted to kill Morantz and derail his efforts to destroy the group.


When Morantz took on the drug rehabilitation institution Synanon in 1977, it had the reputation as a seemingly successful program for rehabilitating drug addicts where existing traditional hospitals had failed. Its founder, Charles Dederich, an ex-alcoholic, established it in 1958 as a non-medical self-help program that included the "Game," a session in which participants acted out hostilities and sought the truth about themselves while not being bound by the truth in making critical attacks on each other. Synanon claimed it had cured thousands but by 1967 Dederich turned the organization into a "lifestyle" by recruiting non-addicts ("Squares") and building cities in Marin County, then Tulare County and eventually Lake Havasu.

In 1974 Synanon declared itself a religion and centered on middle-class searching for utopia rather than addict curing. By then Synanon's assets, including real estate, ten aircraft, 400 cars, trucks and motorcycles, totaled around $33 million. Its advertising and specialty-gifts business netted $2.4 million in 1976 while donations and other income added another $5.5 million. Rules were passed mandating non-smoking, dieting, exercise programs, group marriages, shaved heads, vasectomies, abortions and exchanging mates. Approximately 200 couples “changed partners.” Members were trained in "Syndo" (Martial arts) with the elite placed in the Imperial Marines who were trained to and did commit violence against their enemies. Dederich became a rich man.

By 1977 Morantz was warning government authorities Dederich was mandating violence against its enemies ("a reign of terror") and filing lawsuits on behalf of ex-members and victims. Morantz would later state in 1985, that he was among 50 victims of a Synanon "reign of terror" from 1975 to 1978.

Attempted murder conspiracy

Synanon members began to exhibit violent behavior, which culminated in 1978 when Dederich inspired followers to try to kill Morantz. Three weeks earlier Morantz had won a $300,000 judgment against Synanon on behalf of a married couple who claimed the wife had been held captive by Synanon and brainwashing was attempted by the organization.

On October 10, 1978, Morantz was bitten by a rattlesnake which had been placed in his Pacific Palisades home mailbox by two members of the Synanon Imperial Marines, Lance Kenton and Joe Musico. A neighbor applied a tourniquet that saved Morantz’s life. Arriving fire department paramedics chopped off the snake's head with a shovel, and discovered that the rattles had been removed so that the snake could attack without warning.
Earlier, Charles Dederich, founder of the Synanon program, had made recorded announcements over the internal P.A. system that played in all Synanon's compounds called "The Wire." These announcements made mention of enemies of Synanon and encouraged acts of violence towards them and their families. Dederich specifically mentioned targeting lawyers such as Morantz in these speeches. Included was Sept. 5, 1977 tape of Dederich's explaining, "Our religious posture is don't mess with us. You can get killed, dead, physically dead... "

After the attack on Morantz, Synanon's compound in Badger, Tulare County was searched and authorities recovered the tape recordings of these speeches. Dederich was drunk in Lake Havasu when he was taken into custody. All who were arrested plead no-contest to conspiracy to commit murder...

In 1991, Synanon's doors closed as a result of a successful Federal tax evasion lawsuit,...

At 7 May 2014 at 07:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Synanon organization, initially a drug rehabilitation program, was founded by Charles E. "Chuck" Dederich, Sr., (1913–1997) in 1958, in Santa Monica, California. By the early 1960s, Synanon had also become an alternative community, attracting people with its emphasis on living a self-examined life, as aided by group truth-telling sessions that came to be known as the "Synanon Game". Synanon ultimately became the Church of Synanon in the 1970s, and disbanded permanently in 1989 due to many alleged criminal activities, including attempted murder, and civil legal problems, including Federal tax-evasion problems with the Internal Revenue Service.
Charles Dederich, a reformed alcoholic and a member of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), was said to be an admired speaker at A.A. meetings... Dederich decided to create his own program to respond to their needs. He was said to have coined the phrase "today is the first day of the rest of your life". During 1965, Columbia Pictures produced a movie, Synanon, which was directed by Richard Quine, and starred Edmond O'Brien as Chuck Dederich, and also Chuck Connors, Stella Stevens, Richard Conte, and Eartha Kitt.
Professionals, even those without drug addictions, were invited to join Synanon. The New York psychiatrist Daniel Casriel M.D., founder of AREBA (today the oldest surviving private addiction treatment centre in the United States) and cofounder of Daytop Village (one of the world’s largest therapeutic communities) visited in 1962 and lived there in 1963 and wrote a book about his experiences. Control over members occurred through the "Game". The "Game" could have been considered to be a therapeutic tool, likened to a form of group therapy; or else to a form of a "social control", in which members humiliated one another and encouraged the exposure of one another's innermost weaknesses, or maybe both of these. Beginning in the mid-1970s, women in Synanon were required to shave their heads, and married couples were made to break up and take new partners. Men were given forced vasectomies, and a few pregnant women were forced to have abortions.

The film director George Lucas needed a large group of people with shaved heads for the filming of his movie THX 1138, and so he hired some of his extras from Synanon. Robert Altman hired members of Synanon to be extras for the gambling scenes in his movie California Split.
... Furthermore, it was alleged that on remote properties in California such as at Tomales Bay in Marin County and in Badger, Tulare County, Synanon had erected buildings without the legally-required permits, had created a trash dump, and built an airstrip...

... Children who had been assigned to Synanon began running away, and an "underground railroad" had been created in the area that sought to help them return to their parents. Beatings of Synanon's opponents and its ex-members, "splittees", occurred across California. A state Grand Jury in Marin County issued a scathing report in 1978 that attacked Synanon for the very strong evidence of its child abuse, and also for the monetary profits that flowed to Dederich...

Synanon's influence in the behavior-modification field

Mel Wasserman, influenced by his Synanon experience, founded CEDU Education. CEDU's schools used the confrontation model of Synanon. The CEDU model was widely influential on the development of parent-choice, private-pay residential programs. People originally inspired by their CEDU experience developed or strongly influenced a significant number of the schools in the Therapeutic boarding school industry.

Author, journalist and activist Maia Szalavitz claims to chart the influence of Synanon in other programs including Phoenix House and Boot Camps...

At 7 May 2014 at 07:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Part 1]
Chucky Rising and birth of Synanon Foundation, Inc.
He was given the name of his father and his father’s father–Charles Edwin Dederich–now the III–as if indeed he had been born royalty. Everything appeared in place for a proper childhood. The family was upper middle class with a conservative Roman Catholic background. Charles, II, of typical Toledo German heritage, was from a wealthy family while his mother, born Agnes Countz, half Irish and a quarter each French and German, was raised in a suitable convent and had taken her music education onto the concert stage. She had learned to live graciously, something Chuck, as the newborn was called, would seek to emulate some 60 years later.
He dabbled a bit in attending Communist meetings as nothing else could be further from Archie’s ideals. A lot of young people at that time were giving it a look. By 1919 the Communist movement was sweeping through Europe even though it had no success in overthrowing any government. Chuck was exposed to new ideas. The Communists pursued putting political power in the proletariat, independent of any nationalities or separate governments and sought to abolish the concept of private property by converting it all to the common benefit of all. At meetings, Chuck also learned of proposals of the State replacing the family unit and of an educational system politically dominated.
After a year and a-half Chuck flunked out of Notre Dame, severing the relationship with the amiable cleric who imagined he had seen something in the young boy. Feeling he had again let people down, Chuck entered Toledo University in l933. After one year there, he quit.

Archie took him in and gave him a job but that terminated the only way it could–swiftly. Chuck next tried an automobile plant, Libby Owens Ford, and then in 1934, at the age of 22, Gulf Oil hired him where he was employed as a traveling sales representative and at various Junior executive jobs over the next nine years.
Following the attack on the Hawaiian naval base, Chuck received good news and bad news all emanating from his right ear. The upside was the ear was infected severe enough to keep him out of military service. But by 1942 the downside had become seriously evident. From the infection he developed meningitis that necessitated a mastoid operation. For days he lied unconscious in a coma, doctors warning he might die. Agnes was beside herself. She had lost two husbands and now was in danger of losing a second son to an illness medicine could not yet combat.
But when Dederich awoke from his long coma he was different. No longer could he hear sounds from the right. Looking in the mirror he saw a face partly paralyzed, his right eye hung low locked in a permanent droop, as did the right corner of his mouth. It made his features look out of place, tilted lopsided to the right and down. A spasm/tick of the right facial muscle pulsated every few seconds, accenting when he spoke, making him, if one wished, an almost involuntary prototype for a new villain Two Face in the early Batman comic books. For a short while he was cross-eyed, so he dawned an eye-patch but that failed to change his conviction that he was being stared at. What vanity he had was mashed, his insecurities pitched to new summits. He also claimed to have developed a black hole in his memory. There were things from earlier days, particularly unpleasant things, he said, that seemed to have just vanished from his mind. Some thirty six years into the future he would proclaim this unusual amnesia phenomena happened again.

The deformities so anguished Chuck that at times he felt void of all feelings. He felt terrorized; often fearing a prompt death. So he dealt with it the way he always had will all pain, the way his father had, and his father’s father. He drank.

At 7 May 2014 at 07:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Part 2]
Chucky Rising and birth of Synanon Foundation, Inc.
This time the drinking sank to a deeper abyss. In l943 Gulf Oil fired him leaving Chuck broken, tired and without ambition. Now with no wife, no child-Dad bonds, he focused on fantasies, boosted by mixing booze with bennies, of a life heard of on the West Coast where people lived lazily as beach bums. He decided that might be a diversion, a change of environment that might rejuvenate. Why have anymore mid-American winters? In California, it was said, there was sunshine all year round.
He got his dream, living as a vagabond on the beach, sleeping in his trailer. But he wasn’t exactly a surfer nor did he pick up the beach lingo. Doing nothing wasn’t as rewarding as he thought. He found it could make him more tired than hard work. He looked for employment, shifting from a few odd jobs, including caddying and sales, until he found full time work at Douglas Aircraft, first in the tool crib keeping track of tools and then as a journeyman tool and model maker. Considering his trouble opening his new trailer, making things with his hands was a new challenge. And once again, Dederich was able to observe big business first hand.
For Chuck, working there gave him a dose of pride again. He began a new life in 1948, moving into a new home with a new wife, Ruth Jason, who like his former was employed as a secretary. Marrying Ruth, like it was with divorcee Chilnessa, was also rebellious in nature. Chuck, the would-be-priest and stepson to conservative Catholic Archie Gardner, married a Jew. He cared for her, became dependent on her, but never really loved her.

Chuck moved up at Douglas, learning, as he did at Gulf, more business skills. He transferred to bookkeeping, liaison work and eventually returned to an area he had excelled at Gulf Oil, the occupation of his less successful father, marketing and sales. Chuck was a good talker and a better salesman, skills he had confidence in.
The end came, or as some might say, the beginning, in the spring of l956 when Chuck, now 43, went on his biggest binge. Nothing in his past had compared to it. It lasted a month and during this period for the first time he stopped eating. He lost his job and his money was depleted. What friends he had abandoned ship. And so did Ruth. A decision that would, unfortunately, lead for her to an early tragic death.
At the turn of the 20th Century, an American, Frank Buckman, from Pennsylvania, felt he had slighted a friend in England but received such a catharsis in writing an apology letter that he commenced the Oxford Group, an evangelic society at a local YMCA in Britain. People gathered there to unburden themselves by confessing their real and imagined slights of each other. It spread to America where it found two members, Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith.
The Burnham family house on Clinton Street became a meeting place. Wilson wrote down principles for sobriety and Dr. Smith edited them from his home in Akron. They told alcoholics to spread the word. A four hundred paged book, Alcoholics Anonymous, was released but as it didn’t sell well Wilson tried to make a living as a wire-rope salesman. AA had about a hundred members then, but many were still drinking. In 1939, a bank foreclosed on the Burnham house and Wilson and his wife became homeless, staying at various friends, once living above an AA temporary clubhouse on 24th Street in Manhattan.

The first break came in l940 when an impressed John D. Rockefeller Jr, of Standard Oil, held an AA dinner and set up a trust to support the organization. In what turned out to be a stroke of incomparable foresight, Rockefeller made a decision that alone may have led to AA’s survival. He limited the trust to provide Wilson with no more than $30.00 a week. Anymore, Rockefeller wisely thought, might corrupt AA.

At 7 May 2014 at 07:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Part 3]
Chucky Rising and birth of Synanon Foundation, Inc.

On May 4, l956 Charles Edwin Dederich, III, entered the sphere of AA, an organization without rules or entry requirements–not even the giving of a last name. He was brought to the Beverly Hills Stag Group. Filled with veterans and newcomers, it had been holding such AA meetings for many years in the prosperous city. His sponsor propped Chuck, still lingering from his binge, up near a door next to a speaker’ stand where he stood like a slouched mannequin. The sponsor put a shaker of ice water in Chuck’s hands. It was as close as Chuck, feeling utterly friendless and alienated, could be placed near the bathroom.
Once sober each alcoholic was taught the Twelve Steps. Chuck felt most drank to escape their miserable lives so unless they were given a philosophy of life sobering them up wasn’t necessarily a favor. Some he said would just live horrible sober lives and would have been “happily drunk or happily dead if I’d left them alone.” As to others he helped, one way Chuck found to instill purpose was to organize them into a crew to aid others.
On August 28, 1957, just after I turned 12, Chuck proved just how far he really would go. A couple of UCLA professors showed up at an AA chapter and asked for volunteers for an experiment with a new drug that the tests conductors–Dr Keith Ditman and Dr. Sidney Cohen– hoped might help alcoholics by providing a substitute high without addiction. The tests were funded by the National Institute for Mental Health. Ditman, a USC medical school graduate and Beverly Hill physician, was head of the Alcoholism Research Clinic at UCLA. He was at the beginning of a career as a research psychiatrist, which would span from 1956 to 1971 wherein he would publish over 65 articles. Both Ditman and Cohen were part of an intellectual group, which included philosophers Alan Watts and Aldous Huxley, that had begun using this new drug at social gatherings. Its use in the 1950’s had not been wide spread, being dispensed to mainly movie stars and Hollywood moguls on psychiatrist couches. It was also used by the CIA in its clandestine MK-ULTRA operation, testing it on unknowing public to find out its capacities for brainwashing.

For Chuck being one of five volunteers was part altruism, part curiosity. The idea of experimentation appealed to him, always had and always would. He liked the idea of being part of a new discovery, something that changes something else. He felt that way since he was a boy walking along the Maumee. He figured doctors wouldn’t be doing this if the drug could be real harmful. He had earlier offered himself as a guinea pig, swallowing several belts of medical alcohol while wired to an electro-encephalograph.

This particular hallucinogen itself would gain far more popularity in the 60’s–even become a household word–when a prominent psychologist, Timothy Leary, took experiments with it in a different direction at Harvard, deciding to turn on an entire generation to an era of Dropping Out. The new drug, of course, was identified by three simple letters, L-S-D, and the number 25. It was a pure form obtained from the Sandoz Pharmaceutical Co.

The Ditman-Cohen experiment was a failure and ultimately disbanded. A few volunteers had psychotic episodes and all but Dederich returned to drinking even though they had been dry at the time of the experiment.

But Dederich, personally, felt it was a success. The second and third time he took the drug it had actually been disappointing, of little consequence. Comparable, he thought, to downing about six martinis. But the first time…on that first drop…it had happened. An experience, he would say, looking back, “changed my whole life.”

At 7 May 2014 at 07:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Part 4]
Chucky Rising and birth of Synanon Foundation, Inc.

Chuck still remained the leader, using all the psychology terms he learned at the Santa Monica Library. The meetings became free association discussions without guidelines. Chuck loved the experience, tearing into everyone as if each ”had a tail.”
People who came to Chuck’s were always inviting someone new to tag along. One of such guests became Chuck’s first close male friend since the priest at Notre Dame. Chuck was always at unease in one-to-one encounters. He operated best in groups and Gray Thompson, mesmerized by a speech, saw Chuck performing in that light. Dederich, in turn, enjoyed Thompson, especially the adoration he gave. They were a strange combination, two opposites attracted to the other.

Gray Thompson was everything Chuck was not and wanted to be. He was tall–six feet four–solid, good looking and despite his past love affair with alcohol he was always upbeat and full of endless vigor, a striking contrast to a moody 5 foot ten inch Dederich who along with his right-side facial paralysis had a short military style crew cut and 220 pounds, much of it now drooping over his trousers.

Dederich was giving an AA speech at a sheriff station’s in Malibu when Thompson, as Dederich described, ”came at me like a huge dog…a Great Dane wanting to slobber all over me.” Thompson invited Dederich down to his pad at the beach. Each admired the other for what he lacked. Thompson was awestruck by an intellect he thought he could never obtain. Chuck never had such adulation, particularly from someone who had Thompson’s physical attributes and outlook. Thompson’s dedication transformed Dederich. It gave his already budding confidence a major encouragement and validation. A seal of approval. What they had in common was endless energy. They outlasted everyone at parties and called themselves Twin Falstaffs.
Dederich became aware he had a small “cult” forming around him, led by Thompson. Some called his apartment the “clubhouse.” Chuck was the inquisitor, using confession, ridicule and cross-examination to change the thinking of his followers. He was a salesman once again. A powerful manipulator, controlling and developing the group philosophy. He told the group, “Some things might be right at one time and wrong on another. It depend on you know…you know…what you are trying to accomplish. And so on.” It was a philosophy he would always adhere to.
... And Thompson himself was a lure. He was a golden boy who could gallop along the beach like a stallion and swim in the waters like a seal. He was a tall statue of masculinity. In the army his bravery won many citations. Women, married or single, wanted him and with endless enthusiasm he did not deny many. Soon apartments had to be rented for the arriving addicts.
What they were attempting to accomplish was noticed by some in the outer community. A few locals, including lawyers, became donors of time, goods and services to the club. Attorney Jim Kemper suggested they incorporate. Dederich gave the OK but Kemper reported back the name Tender Loving Care had been taken. A new name was needed. Gray Thompson came through and solved the problem, inadvertently.
And so it was that on August 30, l958, two weeks after my thirteenth birthday, Synanon was founded. On September 18, 1958, Synanon Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, dedicated to the fight against drug addiction, was officially incorporated in the State of California. A new sign was put on the door: “Synanon. Private Club. For Members Only.” Someone donated an old typewriter and $50 was anteed up for deposit in a corporate bank account, the first check written for gas and oil.

At 7 May 2014 at 08:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deseret News - 20 March 1981
Could canceled TV series have averted cult tragedy?

There is a startling untold story behind the grotesque murder-suicide ritual that resulted in the deaths of 911 men, women and children at Jonestown, Guyana, in November 1978. It raises the agonizing possibility that the tragedy could have been prevented.

The story goes back to the summer of 1978, when NBC News aired a segment on a violence-prone cult called Synanon. Apparently pleased with that program, NBC brass approved a hard-hitting series about brainwashing in religious cults. The first segment would be about the Peoples Temple in Jonestown, headed by a power-drunk preacher, the Rev. Jim Jones.

In the meantime, however, hundreds of threats from members of Synanon began to pour into NBC offices. Network president Fred Silverman and RCA board chairman Arthur Griffiths personally received many vicious letters from Synanon supporters.
NBC turned the threatening letters over to the FBI. They were released under the freedom of Information Act to Paul Morantz, a lawyer who had helped NBC on its cult series. Two of the letters to Silverman were signed by individuals who were later arrested for planting a rattlesnake in Morantz' mailbox.

In October, according to my sources, the brainwashing project was on "the back burner." On Nov. 13 - five days before the Jonestown tragedy - NBC issued a press release stating that a show about cults was being "temporarily halted" for valid journalistic reasons. The press release continued: "NBC News has not been pressured by anyone to drop the work on this story."

In January 1979 - a month and a half after the Jonestown catatrophe - NBC News president Lester Crystal wrote in Variety that the planned series on brainwashing by religious cults had never led to "threats or risks to our staff people." There were, he wrote, "never any threats made."

The fact that a segment on the Peoples Temple, in particular, had been prepared and canceled was never disclosed. Nor did the network reveal - then or later - that it had been inudated with threats from Synanon members and supporters.

Patricia Lynch, the Emmy award-winning producer of the Synanon story and the brainwashing series, said she learned about the letters only last spring. The cancellation of the brainwashing series "came as a surprise" to her, she said. "All I was told is what I read in the November press release."

My associate Indy Badhwar has learned that NBC had about 30 hours of interviews with former members of the Peoples Temple, giving shocking details of the violence and tyranny at Jonestown - and warning of possible tragedy.

Gordon Lindsay, a California journalist who was a consultant on NBC's investigation, said: "We had the whole story on the temple. There was no aspect of that tragedy that was not known to NBC News by October." He added that a senior State Department official admitted that State was aware of "the weapons, tortures and beatings at Jonestown." Lindsay, who began investigating Jonestown in early 1978, said: "Everything I learned then came true in November."

Another source interviewed by NBC was Steve Katsaris, whose daughter Maria was once Jones' mistress and died in the mass poisoning at Jonestown. Katsaris had visited Guyana in 1977 and learned about the torture going on, and about Jones's practice of demanding signed, undated suicide notes from his followers.

"We fed all these details to the State Department," Katsaris said. He also gave it to NBC in several conversations in 1978. Karsaris said he hoped that a television expose of Jonestown would create such a furor that the State Department would be forced to intervene and avert a catastrophe.

At 7 May 2014 at 08:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Montreal Gazette - 6 November 1981
Quebec to probe cult children

Ian Haworth of the Council on Mind Abuse, commenting on child rearing as practiced by the Children of God, a bizarre cult operating in Montredal.

Within two weeks the Quebec justice department will release a report calling for a task force to look into the care of "several hundred" children in religious sects in Quebec.

The YPC admits it does not know the number of children in cults in Quebec. It thinks there may be "several hundred" but it has no way of verifying that number.

There are no references to the Children of God cult in the YPC's allegations because the YPC would not cite specific cults.

But the Council on Mind Abuse (COMA), a privately funded Toronto organisation that collects and distributes information on cults, says the Children of God is a California-based, '60s-product, with an unknown number of members in Montreal.

Mike Kropveld, who runs the Hillel Cult Project in Montreal, says the Children of God sell comic-book style pamphlets here glorifying sex and God.
Haworth, who is married to a former member of the Children of God, told The Gazette the sect practises group sex - children included - and venereal disease has been rampant in the cult.

Although YPC members in Montreal are not familiar with the Children of God's practices, they say they have received enough complaints about the treatment of children in other Quebec cults to be seriously worried about the situation.

YPC member Smith would not specify which cults were the objects of these complaints, but did say a couple of them had received unfavorable media coverage in the past.
Montreal is Canada's No. 2 city for cults, according to Kropveld of the Hillel Cult Project, a privately funded information service in Montreal. Kropveld couldn't estimate the exact number of cults here but siad the numbers are growing.

"The major cults have established their base here and they're expanding."

Toronto is tops in the country, with an estimated 40 cults, says Haworth of COMA.

At 7 May 2014 at 08:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wayne Madsen spent some time in Africa researching the sinister work of NGOs - he has a lot more detail about World Vision and others in his Africa book here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/wayne-madsen/decade-of-death/paperback/product-20351528.html


At 7 May 2014 at 08:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Add to that one place where all of that Mind Control experimentation first started after its exportation from war torn Germany, Fairfield Hills State Hospital near Sandy Hook, CT. In the video below a 'Namesnot Mary', uncovering some very bad bookkeeping in land sales of the area, reveals to us that parts of FHSH had been purchased by an Ambulance Corps for training and emergencies prior to the incident (Newtown purchased FHSH from CT in 2004). It includes an interesting newspaper article describing FHSH shady past by a former worker there as well . In the video an 'Orley Tate' infamous for researching Obama's birth certificate states that Obama's BC originally belonged to a man named Bournel in 1910, issued to the man in 1977 FROM Fairfield Hills State Hospital.


In other news, Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, an advocate from Infowars, and others confront Newtown School Board with their concerns over the Sandy Hook incident.


Much seems to revolve around this Fairfield Hills State Hospital concerning the Sandy Hook incident. The rabbit hole is deep. It involves early Mind Control experiments, Obama's BC, the Sandy Hook shooting, the movie 'Sleepers' by Bryan Singer (by proxy the X-men movie), and also involves the prop map maker for the movie Batman, who resided in Sandy Hook and was also killed in a car accident there, "Creepy' Gene Rosen (who was rumored to have worked there), and a town full of high level IT specialists that got free homes shortly before the incident.

Lot's and lot's of woo.

At 8 May 2014 at 03:56 , Blogger Unknown said...

Good work John. Keep going.

Regarding the Ukraine the agents stationed there were watching my postings for the 12 month period in the run up to the recent putsch.

They are quite blatant at drawing attention to themselves.

The gloves are off - so now its time to fight back.

At 8 May 2014 at 07:05 , Blogger dognamedblue said...

seen the cover to this weeks The Economist mag?

made me chuckle


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