Friday 23 May 2014


Former gold dealer Udo Pastoers, boss of Germany's 'Nazi-style' NPD party. Crypto-Jew?

Europe has been holding elections for the European Parliament.

And we see that people have been manipulated and mind-controlled by the Powers-That-Be into voting for right-wing parties.

This suits the CIA and Mossad, which like to see rival powers suffering from internal divisions.

And, the CIA and its friends always oppose 'left-wing' political parties which take the side of the poor against the rich 1%.

Remember that the Attacks in Norway, blamed on the CIA and its friends, led to the coming to power of a right-wing party in Norway.


"WWII Jewish soldiers at a Nazi facility."

In the Netherlands, the right-wing party of the Jewish-Indonesian Geert Wilders is doing well.

In Germany, the right-wing NPD, led by a former gold dealer, seeks a return to Germany's pre-war boundaries, and that means grabbing Austria.

Werner Goldberg. Hitler's Jewish Soldiers.

In Greece, the right-wing Golden Dawn party has been linked to street violence and murder.

In Hungary, the right-wing Jobbik party hates the Roma and wants a return to the death penalty.

In the UK, the right-wing UKIP has a history of being being pro-Pentagon and pro-Israel.

At the top of the pyramid, the elite is an alliance of super-rich Nazis, Jews, Mafias, Christians, Moslems and others.

Ukraine's Neo Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok (left), Ukraine's Jewish prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk (right), the USA's Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (front).

The top Nazis and top Jews have always been in a secret alliance.

Many bloggers will hail the results of the European elections as a victory for democracy.

These are the same bloggers who supported the Arab Spring.

Nigel Farage is the leader of the right-wing UK Independence Party (UKIP) which allegedly 'performed well' in the UK's local government elections of May 2014.

In 2013 they had 23% share of the vote; in 2014 it was down to 17%.

"Farage and UKIP are enthusiastic supporters of Israel - unequivocally so.

Nigel Farage's flatmate in Brussels was Godfrey Bloom, who "has never been partial to crumpet (women)."


Records show that Farage's great-grandfather Carl Schrod, who was born in 1864, was the child of German immigrant cabinet makers in London.

The census details reveal Nicholas and Bena Schrod came to London from Germany shortly after 1861, and their son was born three years afterwards.

Great-grandfather of Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Nigel farage is also descended from Georgius Ferauge who lived in the Ardennes, a region that straddles France and Belgium


Nigel Farage was born near Sevenoaks in Kent, to Guy Justus Oscar Farage and Barbara Stevens.[8][9][10]

Farage went to the local prep school. (SPY SCHOOL)
Nigel Farage has two adult sons from his first marriage and two young daughters with second wife Kirsten Mehr, a German broker.

Thomas Farage was arrested in the early hours of April 12 in St Martin's Le Grand, a street near St Paul's Cathedral.

Thomas was given a conditional caution for being drunk and disorderly.

Nigel Farage wants to increase spending on the police, prisons and the army.

Nigel Farage -

Nigel Farage's Ukip is part of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group that includes the Italian Northern League, "some of whose members have expressed sympathy with the extreme racist views of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik."

In 2006 Farage accepted an invitation for a late-night drink from a 'sleek and seductive' 25-year-old Latvian called Lita.

"Lita told the News of the World that Farage was something of a stud and that they had had sex seven times before he fell asleep."

Nigel Farage -

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At 23 May 2014 at 02:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Donald Rumsfeld and the Demolition of WTC 7

At 23 May 2014 at 03:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow I didn't know that Hemma Tifner was so popular outside the Austrian/German boundaries....

At 23 May 2014 at 03:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

US secretly selling nukes worldwide via Israel

At 23 May 2014 at 03:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How the NSA is Using The Bahamas as a Model for Total Control | Big Brother Watch

At 23 May 2014 at 04:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Machiavelli Meets the Religious Right: Michael Ledeen, the Neoconservatives, and the Political Uses of Fundamentalism
By Hugh B. Urban

At 23 May 2014 at 07:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a perfect illustration of the snafu that the 'Ashkenazi' or 'Khazar' Jew perpetrated during WWII. This Machiavellian, Protocolic Elders of Zion template creates for them the perfect illusion, now why would a Jew kill other Jews? This for me was one of the most difficult aspects of trying to understand WWII when one finds out that there was a great possibility Hitler was a bastard Rothschilde and his cohorts at the top were all Ashkenazi, KILLING SEMITES, those chosen to ACTUALLY 'inherit the holy land'.

I struggle daily with the validity of religion. I see it's positive aspects and I could not imagine a world, or, do not want to imagine a world without it at this point because so many are just so simple that it does seem to be their only 'saving grace' or the only thing that keeps them in line but...

I guess once they realise it's all just a gig anything's up for grabs now isn't it?

At 23 May 2014 at 07:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people seem to be using tried and true methods... templates if you will, time and time again throughout history. Were these methods of subjugation what the Templars found in those tunnels under Peter's rock during the Crusades? A book of magick? My god where did this all come from this... rampant abuse of magick in every way?

At 23 May 2014 at 08:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

“The machiavelian threefold game of the neoconservatives” by Laurent Guyénot

Michael Ledeen
Ledeen was a Ronald Reagan appointee and is outspoken on U.S. foreign policy. He worked as a consultant to the National Security Council, Department of State (81-82), and Department of Defense (82-86)... Contributor, Jewish World Review... Although many Americans had not heard of Michael Ledeen, a May 9, 2003, Pacific News Service article reported that Ledeen is one of President George W. Bush's "most agressive foreign policymakers."... "Ledeen's ideas are repeated daily by such figures as Richard Cheney, Donald H. Rumsfeld and Paul Dundes Wolfowitz. His views virtually define the stark departure from American foreign policy philosophy that existed before the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001. He basically believes that violence in the service of the spread of democracy is America's manifest destiny. Consequently, he has become the philosophical legitimator of the American occupation of Iraq."

Michael Ledeen has been described by the Jerusalem Post as "Washington's neoconservative guru". He was part of the neocon 'cabal' that manufactured the defective intelligence in the lead up to the war against Iraq, and has since been active in making the case for the bombing of Iran.
"Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business." - Quoted/paraphrased by Jonah Goldberg in The National Review Online
Ledeen was a senior researcher at the CIA-affiliated think-tank CSIS in the 1970s.
In 1977, after earning a Ph.D. in history and philosophy and teaching in Rome for two years, Ledeen became the first executive director of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, a pro-Israel pressure group that served as a flagship of the neoconservative movement.
A few years later, after Reagan was elected, Ledeen had become prominent enough to earn a spot as a consultant to the National Security Council alongside Feith. There Ledeen was involved in the Iran-Contra scandal...

Neoconservative Think Tank Influence on US Policies

1981: Neoconservative Defense Official Hires Fellow Neoconservative as 'Special Adviser'

Neoconservative Paul Wolfowitz, the head of the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff, hires fellow neoconservative academic Michael Ledeen as a “special adviser.” [CounterPunch, 2/28/2004] Ledeen will soon fall under suspicion of spying for Israel after moving to the Defense Department.


At 23 May 2014 at 09:49 , Anonymous Infidel said...

The bloodthirsty imaginary god Yahweh didn't choose the Hebrews or Israelites or Judahites or anybody else to inherit the "holy" land. That was just agitprop written by the lying biblical priests and scribes, and the lie has been perpetuated by the Zionists.

At 23 May 2014 at 12:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh most certainly Infidel. It is difficult to convey the breadth of one's own knowledge in a single paragraph. Like most people that have spanned centuries of learning, literary license is plainly evident throughout the book they call the bible. I am only attempting to convey the idea that "It doesn't matter if WE believe in it, there are billions that do".

At 25 May 2014 at 20:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Magick? Best I can make out there's no such thing. What there is, is trickery. To that end whenever I see the word 'magick' I merely substitute the word 'trickery' and suddenly whatever it is that they're saying makes far more sense.

best etc. etc.

At 4 May 2015 at 09:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the End God always wins. Only God controls everything. Any set of people who think they have the media, banks, Governments will rule the Earth but they forget that God is way above them. They should fear God because when he unleashes his wrath no money or political leverage will help them.


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