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The J F Kennedy family reportedly made use of the CIA's mind-controlled sex slaves.

Investigative journalists Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin have written The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed


According to Margolis and Buskin:

In 1962, Bobby Kennedy, Bobby's brother-in-law Peter Lawford and Marilyn's psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson, killed Marilyn by giving her a fatal dose of drugs.

Dr. Ralph Greenson

According to Margolis and Buskin:

Marilyn was killed because she was about to reveal the dirty secrets of the Kennedy family.

Peter Lawford once said: "Bobby Kennedy was determined to shut her up, regardless of the consequences. It was the craziest thing he ever did – and I was crazy enough to let it happen".

Reportedly, ambulance attendant James C. Hall saw Dr. Greenson inject Marilyn with a drug directly into her heart .

Marilyn was mind-controlled by the military and knew too much, reportedly.

According to Margolis and Buskin:

Bobby and Marilyn had been lovers.

Bobby had promised to marry Marilyn.

But when Bobby grew tired of Marilyn, Marilyn threatened to hold a press conference and act as a whistleblower.

Bobby called Dr. Ralph Greenson, who was also sleeping with Marilyn.

Peter Lawford

According to Margolis and Buskin:

On 4 August 1962, Bobby and Peter Lawford went round to Marilyn’s Brentwood house.

Marilyn threatened to call a press conference.

Bobby made it clear he wanted no more to do with Marilyn.

Marilyn lunged at Bobby with a knife.

Peter Lawford knocked the knife away.


According to Margolis and Buskin:

Bobby left the house but returned that evening with two of his bodyguards.

The bodyguards were from a Los Angeles police squad which carried out "illegal activities off the books".

There were five witnesses to Marilyn Monroe's murder.

Three of the five - Lawford, and ambulance attendants Hall and Liebowitz - state that Ralph Greenson was responsible for the murder.

The FBI and the CIA had been bugging Marilyn’s home and they knew who had been in Marilyn's home that evening.

More here: dailymail.

Dr Max Jacobson was a German-Jewish doctor who gave methamphetamine (Speed) mixed with other drugs to several top people, including President John F Kennedy.

Jacobson's patients included Elvis Presley, Nelson Rockefeller, Marilyn Monroe, Judith Exner, Frank Sinatra, Sam Giancana, Judy Garland, Bryan Jones and Andy Williams.

Some of these people are believed to have been victims of CIA mind-control.

Dr Max Jacobson

According to the book: Dr Feelgood, by Richard A. Lertzman and William J. Birnes:

1. Jacobson, who was born in Germany, claimed that his drug concoction was given to the Nazi military, making them more vicious.

Jacobson believed that Adolf Hitler became addicted to his drug.

Dr Morrell (left) who may have used Jacobson's drug formula.

2. Kennedy's roommate at Harvard, Chuck Spalding, introduced Jacobson to Kennedy in 1960.

3. Jacobson became a member of Kennedy's entourage

4. In 1962, at the Carlyle Hotel, President Kennedy "peeled off his clothing and began prancing around his hotel suite."

He then "left the suite and began roaming through the corridors of the Carlyle."

Kennedy was suffering from the effects of methamphetamine.

Kennedy and Krushchev

5. When Kennedy met Krushchev in Vienna, Kennedy performed badly, perhaps due to a drugs overdose.

There then followed the building of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

6. The CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson had Kennedy assassinated because of his 'out-of-control' behaviour.

Of course, if the CIA had wanted, they could have killed off Dr Max Jacobson and sent Kennedy to a proper doctor.

Jacobson was most likely working for the CIA.

Mark Shaw, "who was CIA", was the pilot who flew Jacobson back and forth, from Washington to New York.

And then there is the LSD!

Phillip Graham.
In January 1963, Phillip Graham, the owner of the Washington Post, disclosed to a meeting of newspaper editors that John F. Kennedy was having an affair with Mary Pinchot Meyer.

Phil Graham - Wikipedia

Reportedly sex and LSD were being used by Mary Pinchot Meyer to brainwash J F Kennedy, and get him to support a 'one world government'.

President Lancer and the Honeytrap / Spartacus - Kennedy Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer's former husband, Cord Meyer, was in the CIA and had an interest in CIA brainwashing.

Phillip Graham may have been a victim of CIA brainwashing.

President Lancer and the Honeytrap / Spartacus - Kennedy Meyer

Immediately after he had made his revelations, Graham was sedated, bound in a straitjacket, and flown back to Washington on Air Force One.

He was committed for five days to a psychiatric hospital.

On August 3, 1963, Phillip Graham was shot dead.

In November 1963, J F Kennedy was shot dead.

In October 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer was shot dead.

JohnQuincy: "Ever War: President Lancer and the Honeytrap"

Website for this image

Immediately after Kennedy’s assassination, Mary Pinchot Meyer reportedly telephoned Timothy Leary, her supplier of LSD.

"Highly emotional, she exclaimed to Leary, 'They couldn’t control him anymore. 

"He was changing too fast. 

"They've covered everything up. I gotta come see you. I’m afraid. Be careful.'

Meyer was referring to President Kennedy's behaviour after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Kennedy had fired CIA director Alan Dulles and had promised to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”

Bobby Kennedy had an affair with ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

This is according to The Pink Triangle, a new book by Hollywood biographer Darwin Porter.

The book reports conversations with Gore Vidal, Truman Capote and others. 

Capote believed Bobby Kennedy was homosexual.

Reportedly, Nureyev and Robert Kennedy were seen 'kissing each other passionately in a phone box'.

Nueyev told a Danish newspaper:

"I am the sexiest man alive.

"If you don’t believe me, ask Bobby and John-John Kennedy. 

"Nobody can resist me. 

"Everyone who has gone to bed with me has fallen in love with me."

John John (John F Kennedy Junior)

Jackie Kennedy considered that Nureyev was "paying too much attention to her son, JFK Jr."

President Kennedy of course was gay.

 JFK (bottom) and Lem Billings (top)

"Kennedy had a boyfriend named Kirk LeMoyne Billings - known to everybody as Lem. Their friendship went back to their days as classmates at Choate School for Boys in Wallingford, Connecticut."

The Assassination of President Kennedy

Rose Kennedy's chauffeur Frank Saunders wrote:

"I made the mistake of asking who this friend Lem Billings was. 'Oh, him! He's always here,' Dora Lawrence (the maid) said. 'I think he sleeps with Jack more than Jacqueline does,' she said...

"The maid laughed, a kind of half laugh. 'President Kennedy doesn't like to sleep alone, Frank. Lem Billings is an old school chum, and he's always with him,' she said. (Saunders, Torn Lace Curtain, pp. 45-46)."

The Assassination of President Kennedy

Kennedy (top) Billings (bottom)


Marilyn Monroe and the CIA

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At 17 May 2014 at 05:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 17 May 2014 at 07:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marilyn was getting older. The studio retired her.

At 17 May 2014 at 08:30 , Blogger dognamedblue said...

the more frank sinatra is mentioned the more fascinating his role in the old black and white film the manchurian candidate becomes

At 17 May 2014 at 09:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ure joking or making fun of us?

At 17 May 2014 at 13:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does "Aangirfan" mean? What kind of name is this? Where does the name come from? What is the meaning of the name "Aangirfan"? Just curious.

From : Salvatore

At 17 May 2014 at 14:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a very good possibility Monroe found out about the plan to assassinate JFK so the ilk who killed JFK got rid of Marilyn before hand. I would say that makes a lot more sense then the Kennedys getting rid of her.

Did it ever occur to anyone anywhere the same ilk who got rid of JFK also got rid of Marilyn? I don't know why it never occurs to anyone. It makes a lot more sense than the theory in this article.

Monroe's handlers/show business agents were tied into the CIA. The CIA and Hollywood is tied-at-the-hip. Monroe was surrounded by jew mishpucka gangsters and CIA in Hollywood. She most likely heard talk about the plan to assassinate Kennedy. She knew too much. The same ilk who killed JFK also killed Marilyn. Makes a lot more sense. Alot more.

From : Salvatore

At 17 May 2014 at 23:59 , Blogger Anon said...

Aang is a common 'Chinese' name throughout Asia. Irfan is a common name in the Muslim world. We are convent school girls residing in Monaco.

At 18 May 2014 at 09:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, I learned something new. I never knew chinks and moslems had convents. I always thought convents was a Catholic thing. So you're all a bunch of chink/mohammedan/moslem Catholic convent gurls. What a combo! Makes perfect sense!

I'm a hindoo Eastern Temple Ascended Master Guru myself, typing this post from my temple on top of Mount Everest. I learned everything there is to know about being an Ascended Eastern Temple Master Guru from dubby boi dublinsmick.

"Sal" is a common name in the New York City world. "Vatore" means "The Brilliant One" in Da Bronx :

From : The Brilliant One

~ have a bless'd day ~

At 22 May 2014 at 16:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sal, Sal. I'm from Western New England. Our Northeastern "perspective" doesn't translate very well to others not-from-the-area. But I can tell the readers Sal could have gone on all day, and felt more relaxed at the end of his response, wondering how everyone got so upset over a little cynicism.

At 16 September 2015 at 07:36 , Blogger molly said...

In the book, Betrayal, written by Sam Giancanni's brother, it is said that Marilyn Monroe's mind was going. She was a mob girl and knew too much. So the mob killed her.It is also stated that Sam was going all over the world meeting with heads of state..he said working with the CIA was easy, just like the mob, in fact they are the mob. So maybe two theories are correct for the murders of JFK and Marilyn Monroe. The CIA , the mob and the US govt . are all the same.The same book says there was a mob hit out on Joe Kennedy. The Chicago mob, lead by Giancanni saved his life. Joe promised that JFK would be cooperative if elected president. So the mob relented from their choice Nixon. The book says all US presidents have to be vetted by the mob..which is the military arm of the catholic church. The Vatican, being one arm of world wide fascism. Also read years ago that Judith Exner said JFK was getting out of hand..they were doing LSD ...maybe out of hand was that he would not consent to world wide wars and terrorism.I knew a man who spent most of his life in prison,,,starting with juvenile detention. He said he never fought again after using LSD.


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