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General Prayuth Chan-ocha (above left with 'his American boss' Gen. Ray Odierno) has taken over in Thailand.

In parts of Thailand, "every neighborhood has its own Mafia leader. And those are the people who control everything."

A Night with a Thai Mafia Don

When I was last in Thailand I was led to believe that Thailand is essentially feudal and that at the top of the pyramid we have the King, the generals, certain business leaders, certain mafias and the CIA.

Allegedly, the drugs trade and the sex trade are protected by the 'powers-that-be'.

Thailand is strategically important and is caught up in the struggle between the USA and China.

The family that rules over Thailand, a country famous for its child prostitution and drugs mafias. 

In Thailand, Harry Nicolaides, a 41-year old teacher got into trouble because of a 103 word paragraph about the alleged sexual peccadilloes of the royal family, particularly Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. 

AIDS in Thailand.

The BBC’s south-east Asia correspondent, Jonathan Head was investigated because a photograph of King Bhumibol appeared below that of a Thai politician on a page on the BBC website - rather than in the position of honour, at the top of the page.

Australian novelist Harry Nicolaides; insulting Thai king

In 2008, Thailand's King Bhumibol was said to be worth 35 billion dollars and therefore the world’s richest royal in the list prepared by the Forbes magazine.

An old picture of Queen Sirikit of Thailand, whose son, the crown prince, allegedly has a daughter and sons by a mistress now living in the UK.

Thailand is important in terms of various mafias.

The CIA reportedly takes an interest in Asian heroin.

According to an article at ZNet, the CIA has encouraged the Heroin Trade:

"In one of the CIA's more foul operations, its agents used its Air America airline to fly out Golden Triangle heroin.

"The drug was sold to corrupt... Thai politicians who then peddled it to GIs in South Vietnam and a booming population of addicts in America."

Former Thai prime minister Thaksin 

Thailand's former Prime Minister Mr Thaksin is popular with many of the poor.

But some see him as being just another feudal lord.

Some people say he is part of a US plot to increase US influence in Thailand, and some see him as being pro-China.

There are pro and anti Thaksin forces.

AIDS is now the main cause of death in Thailand. In Thailand's villages they are not dying so much of heart attacks as of AIDS.

There are more than one million Thais in the sex industry and more than two million Thais with HIV. 

I got bad vibes in Bangkok.

It was supposed to be the land of smiling people, but the three girls at the door of the seedy hotel were not smiling. 

The taxi driver had insisted we stop at this place. 

"There are girls like young film stars," he had said. 

My protestations had been ignored.

The girls looked a picture of utter misery. 

They had probably been kidnapped and were missing their mums.

I refused to get out of the taxi and got driven safely back to Bangkok's Asia hotel. 

Thai Girls.

Bangkok is now regarded as the CRIME CENTRE of Asia.

In Thailand's capital city, the Russian mafia deal in extortion, the Germans and Australians export women, the Chinese deal in the small arms trade, the Korean mafias go in for kidnapping, the Japanese....

Turf wars have led to shootings.

In the year 2000, on the road from the airport, gunmen from Macau's 14K triad executed 3 Shui Fong members.

On September 15th 2000, seven hitmen ran into a Bangkok flat used by a top Indian mafia boss. The boss's lieutenant was killed instantly. The don was critically wounded.

Around the same time, a Pakistani gang leader, wanted for robbery and extortion, was gunned down in Bangkok.

A Thai boy. 

In March 2001 a bomb wrecked a Thai Airways plane at Bangkok's international airport. Police suspect the attack could be linked to prime minister Thaksin's pledge to crack down on drug smuggling.

(In September 2001 the entire board of Thai Airways resigned. Prime Minister Thaksin had said the airline "sucks" and that if he had any choice he would not fly with it. Mr Thaksin had a narrow escape when a Thai Airlines plane exploded, killing one crew member. In September 2001 two Thai Airlines flights were delayed by bomb scares.)

The King

When I visited Pattaya, the vibes got worse. There was an aura of evil. Nobody seemed friendly, in any genuine way.

On the beach I got chatting to a businessman called Panya and his friend who was a local policeman. 

They suggested I might like to join them for lunch at a fish restaurant. It was a super meal, but muggins had to pay.

I met a pretty girl called X. 

Her father was dying of AIDS.

What I read in the local newspapers came as a bit of a shock.

48 year old tourist Peter A was found dead in his hotel room in Soi Pattayaland 3, in Pattaya. The deceased's room had been ransacked and there was blood all over the bathroom, according to the Pattaya Mail.

40 year old tourist Erich B fell from his Pattaya hotel room to his death. Earlier, a local Thai had been seen coming out of his room, according to the Pattaya Mail.

43 year old Oleg C was found dead in his Pattaya hotel room. He had been beaten.

A tourist in his 50's was found dead in a locked room...

"Within a two month period, there have been 7 foreigner deaths (in Pattaya)" reported the Pattaya Mail in a recent edition.

42 year old Peter D was assaulted by a gang of knife wielding thugs and had to receive 70 stitches. The attack took place at a bar on Soi 2, in Pattaya.

35 year old Brian E lost most of his valuables when his South Pattaya hotel room was burgled.... 

Thai Ladyboys

The Pattaya Mail had a report about money being extracted from tourists, by the police.

"There are police behind the scenes helping the foreign mafia do their dirty work," reported the Pattaya Mail.

Female tourists are not necessarily totally safe in Thailand.

23 year-old Johanne M from Cheshire was raped and murdered by a Thai monk. Her body was found south-west of Bangkok.

24-year old Kirsty J was raped and killed in a guesthouse in Chiang Mai.

On the island of Phuket a 22 year old student from Lanarkshire was brutally raped.

Students from Regents School in Bangkok visit disabled HIV positive children at the Camillian Home Caring For Children Living With Disabilities. www.hiv-aids-kids.org

There is now a website urging people to boycott Thailand. night-flight.com/dbt/ urges tourists to avoid Thailand because of incidents like the following :

There was a fire in a hotel. Several young girls, who had been chained to their beds, were burnt to death.

The main risk to the tourist may be the "mysterious death" in a hotel room. The tourist is found dead. His money is gone. He has been drugged. The police say it was a heart attack, or suicide.

How about Bognor this year? It rains a lot, but at least they speak English.

Thai Girl -Website for this image

After Tunisia comes Thailand.

In 2010, the Thai army put down violent protests in Bangkok.

The 'Red Shirts', supporters of Thaksin, were temporarily defeated.

Thaksin was prime minister of Thailand until ousted in an army coup in 2006.

Thaksin helped the poor, killed off certain drugs dealers, but was accused of involvement in corruption and 'extra-judicial killings'.

Thailand means smiling Buddhist people, various mafias running sex tourism and a struggle between the US and China for influence.

Thaksin and Abhisit

The prime minister in recent times has been Thaksin's sister, Yingluck Shinawatra.

Thaksin currently lives in a luxury villa in Dubai.

His political party, led by his sister, is called and Pheu Thai.

(Thailand's "red shirt villages").

Yingluck, Thaksin's sister.

There were violent demonstrations and arson attacks in Bangkok in 2010.

Mysterious black-clad gunmen were said to be linked to Thaksin's 'red shirts', or to the CIA or to some other group.

Thaksin is opposed by much of the Thai military, by 'old money and by the traditionalist, nationalist 'yellow shirts'.

Thaksin made his fortune in telecommunications.

His main support comes from the rural poor.

While prime minister, Thaksin's policies included virtually free healthcare and low-interest loans to villages.

The Thai King

In Bangkok and in Pattaya in Thailand, 'Al Qaeda' operatives often meet with their CIA and MI6 'liaisons'.

(Reported CIA and MI6 links to al Qaeda.)

Bangkok was the site of one of the CIA’s secret rendition prisons.

For many tourists, Thailand means prostitution.

The "Mai Travel" hotel in Pattaya, in Thailand, accommodates almost exclusively Israeli sex tourists.

(What do Israeli sex tourists in Thailand really think? - Haaretz ... )


Has the CIA turned against the 'establishment' in Thailand, partly because the Thai government is seen as being too friendly with China, and not sufficiently 'globalist'?

The globalists are backing Thailand's "red" color revolutions and its leader Thaksin Shinawatra?

Or, is that disinformation?

From landestroyer.blogspot (Warning Signs Over Old Siam):

"Thaksin ... after a promising first term in office, began criminally consolidating power and wealth...

"Throughout the red shirts' publications ... themes include insinuated threats aimed at the monarchy and more recently, calls to emulate uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, and perhaps most alarmingly, comparisons made between ousting Qaddafi in Libya and Thailand's current prime minster.

"Considering that each one of these nations amongst the 'Arab Spring' are textbook examples of foreign funded subversion, it is telling and troubling indeed that Thailand's red shirts are standing in open solidarity with them.

"Red shirt propaganda can be found online as well, including on the National Endowment for Democracy funded Prachatai website...

"Regarding Thailand's strategic importance to China, it possesses the narrow Kra Isthmus that China would like to develop into a Suez/Panama Canal-like project to shorten trips for its oil laden, China-bound tankers.

"Thailand also serves as an overland conduit, running north and south with a developed rail system connecting Singapore's shipping yards to Laos' capital of Vientiane.

"China has begun the development of a rail system through Laos and the joint upgrading of Thailand's rail system.

"Thailand also is one of the world's largest rice exporters, which makes the nation vital to China's future growth and food security."

Warning Signs Over Old Siam

The CIA probably supports both sides?

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At 20 May 2014 at 02:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tortured as a Child in the Israeli Prison System: One Man's Personal Account


At 20 May 2014 at 02:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 20 May 2014 at 02:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 20 May 2014 at 05:38 , Blogger Charles Edward Frith said...

Thaksin is in the globalists back pocket and the other side are undemocratic. It's a lose lose situation

At 20 May 2014 at 08:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I may, I would like to ask how exactly is it a bunch of nuns in a convent [ in Monaco ] know the inside scoop of the sex lives of the world's leading figures from all over the world? How exactly, where exactly, from who exactly, do you convent nuns get all your inside information?

A bunch of convent nuns know the sex lives of all the world's VIPs, the VIPs today, and all the VIPs throughout history. The Aangirfan convent nuns know every detail of every sex act of every one of the world's leading figures today and throughout all of history. Amazing! It's A Miracle!


From : Salvatore

At 20 May 2014 at 14:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


'Planes don't just disappear': Former Malaysian Prime Minister accuses CIA of covering up what really happened to flight MH370

At 20 May 2014 at 18:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nuns? Ha ha ha ha. They're just naughty schoolgirls. Doubtless this blog is written in bed at night under the sheets using a torch and all so that the nuns don't catch them at it.

Anyway Aang, whilst it's true that you concede the endless possibilities of who is and isn't villainous (and of course the Murder on the Orient Express possibility that they're all in on it), re the red faction expressing solidarity with the 'Arab Spring' and all that colour-coded monkey business, I don't know that it is particularly 'telling' (although I wouldn't dispute the 'and troubling' part). Pretty much everyone I know naively believes the media and imagines that the so-called Arab Spring is good. Perhaps the red shirts are naive in precisely that fashion? It's possible. It's also possible that they've been infiltrated and had these memes foisted upon them. That's precisely what happened to the unwitting crowds of the Arab Spring. They believed it was real.

To be honest I'm no die-hard supporter of either side. It's just that I've seen no knockout blow in either direction. You know what I mean? And in the absence of such a blow I run on the balance of probabilities and to that end I'm still inclined towards Thaksin as un-death cult, so to speak.

But! There he is with the fucking cornuto, God help us. But then again... he could just be dimly aping all the other devil worshippers he's seen on TV. Who knows? It's not impossible - the vast majority of people who do the cornuto have no idea what it means. They saw it on TV and monkey see monkey do whilst thinking very little of it.

That aside (and Bangkok and Pattaya too), the North of Thailand is properly lovely. Last time I was in Bangkok it was it's own variety of hell and it was only when I headed North that I rediscovered smiling people. I think that there's a case to be made that one could visit Thailand (ie. boycott be damned) but spend no time or money in any of the obvious centres of slavery.

anyway, best etc. etc.


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