Sunday 6 April 2014


A USA-controlled nuke base in may be subjected to an invasion.

Large numbers of troops may be sent to the Trident base at Faslane, near Glasgow.

According to the UK Royal Navy’s website:

"HMS Illustrious, the Royal Navy’s helicopter and commando carrier, and the Type 23 Frigate HMS Kent have made their way from Portsmouth to take part in a major naval exercise off the coast of Scotland."

April 4, 2014

The Diary: Rory Bremner

The exercise will involve 1,300 commandos taking part in a "a large scale amphibious assault on a beach in Luce Bay".

Commodore Jerry Kyd, who will lead the Royal Navy Task Group from sea on HMS Bulwark, said: "Joint Warrior provides excellent training within a complex political-military scenario."

Air Vice-Marshal Stuart Atha said that he hopes the exercise will provide "confidence that the RAF is ready to deploy wherever and whenever required to defend our sovereign territory and national interests."

The Diary: Rory Bremner

So, if Scotland votes for independence, it may not be allowed to close down the US-controlled nuclear submarine base in Scotland.


According to a new survey, 47 per cent of Scots are now in favour of breaking away from the UK - six points behind those who would vote to remain.

Scottish independence: Yes campaign gaining momentum with vote now 'neck and neck'.

The huge cut in the No campaign’s lead, down from more than 24 points last year, comes after the No campaign produced a number of silly scare stories which turned out to be less than accurate.

An unnamed government minister (said to be Vince Cable) admitted that an independent Scotland could be allowed to keep the pound

Scotland’s oil and gas sector is set to create a further 39,000 jobs over the course of the next two years, according to a new report.

The latest research suggests that almost 400 new jobs will become available every week as the vast majority of companies are confident about their ability to expand.

Oil and gas to create 400 jobs every week

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