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Caroline Kennedy and Mark Shand. 

Caroline Kennedy was 'crazy' about Mark Shand.

Jackie Kennedy's sister, Princess Lee Radziwill, was also one of Mark Shand's boyfriends.

Daily Mail

On 23 April 2014, Prince Charles's wife's brother Mark Shand, 62, died outside the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York.

"He was smoking a cigarette in the street when he slipped and hit his head."

Studio 54.

"Playboy" Mark Shand "spent much of his youth dancing in Andy Warhol’s infamous New York club, Studio 54."


Bianca Jagger and Mark Shand.

Mark Shand had relationships with Bianca Jagger, Averil Payson Meyer and Barbara Trentham.

Marie Helvin with Helmut Newton.

Mark Shand also had a relationship with supermodel Marie Helvin. 

Cleo Goldsmith, Mark Shand, and daughter Ayesha, in 1999. 

At one time Mark Shand was married to Cleo Goldsmith, the niece of Sir James Goldsmith.

Sir James Goldsmith is alleged to be the father of Princess Diana.

Nancy Dell’Olio

Mark has fairly recently dated the celebrity Nancy Dell’Olio.

In recent times Mark Shand has also been close to socialite Ruth Powys.

Mark Shand and his sisters.

Mark Shand's sisters were Camilla (wife of Prince Charles) and Annabel.

In 1959, Mark, aged 8, tried to murder one of his sisters.

Mark said: "She was everybody’s favourite.

"She could do no wrong and when she did I was blamed. In addition we were both extremely fat.

"At midnight I wobbled naked along the moonlit passage to my sister’s room and slowly pushed open the door.

"She was lying on her bed like a giant blancmange, mouth wide open."

Mark ended up stabbing himself rather than his sister.

Later, Mark was expelled from school for smoking cannabis.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Camilla, Mark Shand's sister.

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At 23 April 2014 at 23:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...,2451273
Palm Beach Post - 7 November 1975
Caroline Accelerating Party Pace

LONDON - Undaunted by a terrorist bombing, Caroline Kennedy is having a wonderful time being 17, pretty and in with English society.

Her art appreciation studies at Sotheby's, the fine art auctioneers, don't seem so demanding as to preclude two all-night whirls in the past week with an assortment of wealthy young men, including Mark Shand, 24, whom the newspapers call her favorite.

Last week, after being shaken up by a terrorist blast outside her host's home in Kensington, Miss Kennedy was reported to have danced all night at a society wedding reception.

This week, she frolicked at Lord and Lady Lambton's get-together of bluebloods and pop notables - of which fellow guest Andy Warhol remarked: "I haven't seen so many fraks for years."
Shand, who says he is "afraid I have no comment" on his relationship with Kennedy, also was there, and the London gossip columnists were still beating on him after the party wound up about dawn Wednesday.

Shand's uncle, Lord Ashcombe, is a multimillionaire on the strength of his forebears having built most of the swank residential Belgravia district. Gossip columnists say it was the handsome Mark who persuaded Kennedy to come to London in the first place. She arrived in September. They met three years ago in the West Indies.
Besides Warhol, other notables among the 300 guests included Mick Jagger's wife Bianca, rock star Keith Moon and Brigitte Bardot's ex-husband Gunther Sachs.

Since the Kensington bombing, which killed an eminent cancer specialist, Kennedy has moved to equally fashionable Mayfair to stay with Prince Stanislaus Radziwill...

At 23 April 2014 at 23:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...,974330
Sunday News-Journal - 3 May 1992
Writer accused in elephant deaths

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - A British writer on Saturday disputed the Sri Lankan government's claim that he caused the deaths of three wild elephants while filming a documentary.

The documentary by Mark Shand depicts the traditional methods of capturing and training wild elephants, which are a protected species in Sri Lanka.

Shand, a British writer and wildlife enthusiast, said he caught four elephants, releasing three. The fourth is being trained.

"We did not mark the elephants, so how could any one say it is these animals that died?" Shand said. "It seems an amazing coincidence; the elephants released are now found dead."

There are about 2,500 elephants in Sri Lanka.

At 24 April 2014 at 00:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Did "Le Cercle" Kill Diana?
At least three of the top-ranking members of "Le Cercle" (Dr. Henry Kissinger, billionaire George Soros, and billionaire Jeremy Goldsmith) had direct contact with Princess Diana.

Dr. Kissinger met with Diana in December of last year at a fundraiser for Cerebral Palsy. Lyndon Larouche’s organization portrays Kissinger as the eminence grise of the British Drugs-R-Us racket. According to Barbara Walters, the Princess engaged in a mild and good-humored flirtation with Kissinger. He attended her funeral.

George Soros provided the private planes on which Diana flew to and from Bosnia. He has connections throughout the Balkans and may very well be involved in the recent shipment of arms from Iran to the muslims in Bosnia.

Diana had a longstanding friendship with the Goldsmith family.

Andrew Morton’s biographies of the princess contain some brief but interesting references to Diana and the Goldsmiths:
"A few nights before the screening of the programme, scheduled for late June [1994], she attended a party at the Ritz Hotel to celebrate the birthday of her friend, Annabel Goldsmith, and the election of her husband, Sir James Goldsmith, as a Euro MP."

[Diana: Her New Life, p. 202]
"Diana: Her True Story" informs us on page 129 that ***Mark Shand***, the brother of Camilla Parker-Bowles, is married to Clio Goldsmith, "niece of the grocery millionaire."

Just yesterday, the Queen met with Jemimah Goldsmith in Pakistan.

The Reuters wire service report, dated October 7, read as follows:
"Princess Diana visited Pakistan three times before she died in a high-speed car crash in a Paris road tunnel alongside her companion, Dodi Al Fayed.

Her highest-profile visit was last May, when she went to raise funds for the cancer hospital in Lahore run by Pakistan cricket hero Imran Khan. Imran and his wife Jemima, daughter of the late Anglo-French tycoon Sir James Goldsmith and a close friend of Diana, were both at the glittering dinner at Islamabad’s presidential palace. "

Sir James Goldsmith’s connections to "Le Cercle" are spelled out in an article by Robin Ramsay titled "Brian Crozier, the Pinay Circle and James Goldsmith," that appeared November 1988 in Lobster, issue No. 17.

For a more complete overview of the Pinay Circle, see "The Pinay Circle: An Invisible Power Network," by David G. Guyatt in vol. 3 No. 5 of Nexus Magazine, August-September 1996.

At 24 April 2014 at 03:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aangirfan this morning I upheld your honour at The Tap Blog as being at the very top layer of Higher Intelligence. You were being attacked for your views on Icke, and Shirlz was furiously yours, and against all of us.

God bless Shirlz whose heart and mind are very much in the right place, altho perhaps needing a good dose of rest and recuperation.

But Shirlz missed what I said-I only have one question re Icke- for what reasons is Icke allowed?

That meant that from my first encounter with Icke (actually, that was when he visited Australia and people were pressuring me to buy a ticket for $90 which I adamantly declined to do) I was deeply suspicious.

so tonight I come here, to find you have excelled, once again.

Another common tater suspects 'fundamental Christianity' to taint your work


as tho a 'common tater' holds the trump card on this thing called


God bless Aangirfan xx

At 24 April 2014 at 03:21 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

It may be nothing, but I've got to say it... I've had a vision of a high school shooting, a man going on a rampage in a high school with a shotgun.

Apart from Ft Hood (which I didn't look into or read about)... the only other news, is an email sent to University of Arizona

''A threatening email alluding to a mass shooting has been sent to the University of Arizona''

I sincerely hope it's nothing, but it was vivid... and it's got me worried to quite honest.

At 24 April 2014 at 03:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last photo should be the subject of a caption competition.

At 24 April 2014 at 04:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shirlz - They r doing a lot of thought projection.

It is done mainly at night. They target ppl like u.

This is no joke. I know what i am talking abt.

Either that or it truly was a vision..


At 24 April 2014 at 10:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by this latest controversy over Aangirfan's comment's about David Icke on The Tap and had to go over and peruse what had been said. It is quite the paradox isn't it. I mean, who among us hasn't cut their teeth on Ickes material, but get left with this awful taste in their mouth that Icke has taken it too far with the shapeshifting thing? Icke has entered the realm of the cognitively impossible, like rising from the dead or turning water into wine, we are asked to make a leap of faith because there is NO cognitive example of physical truth to grasp. To me that's like putting a turd in the cake batter, it ruins the whole cake. I'll bet a part of Icke laments that he ever uttered that part of his thesis. But it is too late. Anyone that has spanned the entire breadth of the esoteric and occult, including Theosophy to Fritz Springmeier, has an idea that 'we', as human beings, are an experimental specie, but for the time being there is no confirmation of such a proposition definitively and Ickes propositions only detract from the very real problems that face us at present. Icke is probably somewhere close to the truth but will probably end up having to modify his thesis on extraterrestrial origin, the whole truth just isn't there.
Until then, as many have said, Aangirfan and Icke BOTH present unparalleled research.

At 25 April 2014 at 13:27 , Blogger Peter said...

Did the catholic school girls redact the picture of Ms Dell'Olio? Darn shame that.

At 25 April 2014 at 15:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The icke reptilian stuff is his shield. Without it he would be in trouble.

At 25 April 2014 at 23:43 , Blogger Anon said...

The picture of Ms Dell'Olio?

Just dust on the scanner.

- Aangirfan


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