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Brad Renfro (right) in Apt Pupil. Brad died in 2008 at the age 25

According to IGN, "Bryan Singer was raised Jewish but, as an adolescent, belonged to a 'Nazi Club' formed by himself and some non-Jewish friends."

Featured Filmmaker: Bryan Singer - IGN

Singer reportedly drew on these experiences for his film Apt Pupil.

Ethan Hawke (centre)

In 1988, Singer wrote and directed a film called Lion's Den, starring his boyhood friend Ethan Hawke.

Ethan hawke and son.

Singer directed Apt Pupil.

In a 1997 lawsuit, several underage actors claimed Singer forced them to film a shower scene in the nude.

In Apt Pupil, high school student Todd Bowden (Brad Renfro) pals up with Arthur Denker (Ian McKellen), a Nazi war criminal.

Daley and Black

Dustin Lance Black is to be called as a character witness in the sex abuse trial of X-Men director Bryan Singer.

Daily Mirror

Dustin is the boyfriend of the 19-year-old Olympic diver Tom Daley.

Dustin up surrounded by Mormon culture and military bases.

Tom Daley's lover

Alex Burton

"Alexander Burton, the actor who played Pyro in the first X-Men film, was a plaintiff in a 2000 sexual abuse lawsuit against Marc Collins-Rector. / Alleged Bryan Singer Associate Was Sued In 2000 For ...

"According to Alex Burton, the unknown who played Pyro in Singer’s first X-Men blockbuster, he was given the part after a hot-tub session with the director at a Hollywood party."

Brandon Routh (second from left), Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer

Brandon Routh was cast as Superman in Superman Returns, directed by Bryan Singer.

Brandon Routh (left)

Child actor Jonathan Brandis (above) died in mysterious circumstances in 2003, at the age of 27.

Child actor Christopher Pettiet (above) died in mysterious circumstances in 2000, at the age of 24.

Child actor River Phoenix (above left) who died in mysterious circumstances in 1993 at the age of 23.

Cory Haim, who died in 2010.

"Snuff films are done when a sex slave/prostitute/call boy, has gotten slightly haggard and past their 'sell by' date or has pissed off the wrong people.

"There is a huge market for these satanic sacrifice films among the exclusive, connected and wealthy circles i.e. the demonic Illuminati."

Insider Exposes Hollywood's Satanic Underside

The US military and Hollywood promote Satanism.

"Hollywood isn’t even trying to hide the Illuminati-Freemason Satanist Agenda but instead they are just coming out with bold and undisputed occult narrative pushing in film and TV projects."

Satanic Secrets of Hollywood's A-List

Edward Teller, father of the Hydrogen Bomb

For some twenty years, Edward Teller advised Israel on nuclear matters in general, and on the building of a hydrogen bomb in particular. 

(Edward Teller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 2009, Pamela Schuffert wrote:

"I encountered Paula, the wife of one of 'Ed Teller's Boys'... in Denver, Colorado, Christmas of 2007...

"Paula poured out her heart regarding the horror that her former husband, Jim Shaw, had endured after being forced from childhood to become one of 'Ed Teller's boys' that Teller used in grim SABBATEAN SATANIST rituals, not ONLY in the BOHEMIAN GROVE, but also in other Jewish Sabbatean satanist rituals nationwide, as well as in Hollywood."

Sabbatean Edward Teller

Child sacrifice at Bohemian Grove in California.

In 2009, Pamela Schuffert wrote:

"Paula shared how, from the time Jim Shaw was turned over as a child to Edward Teller, he was used for pornographic and pedophilic purposes, and especially in JEWISH SABBATEAN SATANIST RITUALS, forced to sacrifice babies under Teller's orders and control, and used sexually in such rituals as well.

"She also revealed Jim's firthand account of how he was introduced to Teller's many Jewish friends in HOLLYWOOD, and passed around to big names and Hollywood producers acquainted with Teller, to be sexually abused, often beaten up for sport as well."Sabbatean Edward Teller refers (spring festival time) to Henry Makow's article about the Sabbateans who pre-date the Freemasons.

Sabbatai Zevi, 1626-76, who lived in the Turkish empire, was the founder of the Jewish Sabbatean movement, 'based on a satanic strain of Cabalism.'

In 1666, he proclaimed himself to be the "Messiah".

He 'pretended' to convert to Islam.

Reportedly, his followers now include the Rothschilds.

Illuminati 666 A-ok Sign all seeing eye.

Reportedly, the Sabbatean 'satanic cult' has infiltrated and subverted most governments and religions.

Forty-one years after Shabbatai Tzvi's death, in 1717, the Sabbateans reportedly infiltrated Masonry guilds and established Freemasonry. (Cached)

Reportedly, the Sabbateans encourage licentiousness.

Reportedly, 'religion is ultimately meaningless to them, although they use it to manipulate others'.

Reportedly, 'the Sabbatean sect has indulged in wife sharing, sex orgies, adultery and incest for more than 350 years'.

Many Sabbateans live in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sephardic Jews who were expelled from the Iberian peninsula and developed an underground culture, merged with the Sabbateans in Turkey, and they developed a spring festival.


Cathy O'Brien wrote (Sex, Lies, and Mind Control by Cathy O'Brien): "One of our primary mind control programmers was Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino.

"He was with the psychological warfare division of the US Army and founder of the occult 'Temple of Set' that is proliferating on our military bases under the guise of a religion.

"He doesn't have any religious beliefs that I ever saw, but he used occultism as a trauma base for mind control.

"The only Satanic power that I ever experienced by Aquino was in the form of a stun gun.

"The high voltage that he administered to both my daughter and I, compartmentalized memories of programs for later access by certain government leaders and ClA-sanctioned drug lords that had the codes, keys and triggers to that program."

Noreen Gosch wrote ('Why Johnny Can't Come Home'): 

"It was reported to me and given in Federal Court, February 1999, by Paul Bonacci, that 'Michael Aquino ... called the Colonel' was in fact the man who came to Iowa, paid the kidnappers for taking Johnny, then took Johnny with him.

"This took place 14 days after the kidnapping.

"Bonacci stated this under oath in Federal Court.

"Judge Urbom ruled Bonacci was telling the truth."

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At 23 April 2014 at 11:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS / Friday, September 15, 1995

THE retired detective watched the murder suspect move across the television screen, and there was a flicker of recognition. Joshua Torres had just been arrested for torching a young woman. Joe Gelfand looked closer, and his case file came to life. "KQ" Gelfand remembered the tag name at the center of a Brooklyn pedophilia ring "Look at you now.

" Before retiring as a first-grade detective last year, he was the NYPD's top expert on pedophilia. Six years ago, Gelfand and his partner Mike Pascucci stood outside a 10th Ave. apartment near 51st St. for two hours. The peephole had been knocked out, and they could see into the apartment. They eventually saw a teenager walk through the apartment. "It was KQ," Gelfand said this week. "Joshua Torres. He was getting boys from his neighborhood for pedophiles and taking a cut. He was 16 years old.
" The first person they focused on was a Hollywood producer, David MacLeod, who is still wanted by the FBI. Police said he was picking up kids in New York City housing projects and taking them to hotels for sex. One of the guys around him was KQ, police later learned. MacLeod produced several films including "The Pickup Artist" and was an associate producer of "Ishtar" in 1987. He allegedly lured kids from housing projects in the Bronx and Brooklyn to hotels, where he gave them money, clothes and talk of Hollywood in return for oral sex. In December 1989 Gelfand got a tip from one of the kids that MacLeod would be on the corner of DeKalb and Seneca. He drove to the spot with an FBI agent and his partner, Pascucci, and they waited. When the producer came past, Gelfand said, they gave chase and arrested him. One pedophile caught with the ring and sentenced to four years in prison was Chris Farrell, a midtown advertising executive who became the editor of the NAMBLA newsletter, which advocates sex between men and boys. Later that month, they caught Joe Newman, 45. The kids described the sex and gave a 10th Ave. address near 51st St. in Manhattan. Then cops came with a warrant. They knocked. No one answered, so they waited. "After two hours, KQ got hungry and left his hiding spot," Gelfand said. "When we saw a kid walking through the apartment we hit the door and found KQ and another kid in the closet. "It turned out KQ was from Bushwick but living with a girl and her family in Canarsie. The girl's mother wanted to know if it was safe to have the kid living with them. I told her 'Get him out, now.

' " The victims signed their tag names to the bedroom door in the 10th Ave. apartment, which became a log of crimes. Newman, who was later convicted, had covered the graffiti with white paint. Police used an infrared camera to read the names. "The name KQ was right there," Gelfand said. Instead of selling people, he has apparently moved on to kidnaping them. Where he once got caught for leaving a hideout to get something to eat, police said he left a victim in a his hideout to starve. Having been ratted out by one of the kids he sold, KQ wouldn't tell the cops anything and did a stretch after pleading guilty. Six years later, after allegedly burning his victim at the end of a bungled kidnaping, police said KQ murdered an accomplice he suspected of talking to them. Like the slaying victims, the killers all come from somewhere. Theirs are beating hearts under the police blotter. And the monstrous case of Joshua Torres starts with the initials KQ on a pedophile's door.

At 23 April 2014 at 11:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Director served prison term for sex crime 7 years ago

The victim of a childhood sexual molestation is urging filmgoers to boycott the new Disney film "Powder," which was directed by the man who videotaped himself having oral sex with the then-12-year-old Concord boy.

The film, about a troubled teenager, is scheduled for release this Friday in 1,200 theaters nationwide. Its director, Victor Salva, confessed in 1988 to five felony counts related to having sex with a boy he directed in a low-budget film.

The molestation victim, Nathan Winters, now 20, has decided to go public with his ordeal to protest Salva's connection with the movie, which was made by a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios.
Salva confessed to having oral sex with Nathan Winters in 1987 while directing the then sixth-grader in "Clownhouse," a film about three boys terrorized by circus clowns.

"Clownhouse" won several awards and was the first horror movie released at the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival.

Salva was sentenced to three years in state prison, serving 15 months and completing parole in 1992, according to the state Corrections Department and court records in Contra Costa County. He is a registered sex offender in Los Angeles County, according to state records.
Although Salva's prison sentence was the shortest he was eligible for, it did not come as a result of a plea bargain, said Senior Deputy District Attorney Jack Waddell, who headed Contra Costa County's sexual assault prosecution unit at the time.

Winters, who also acted for Salva in the 1986 short film "Something in the Basement," told his mother during the making of "Clownhouse" that Salva had forced sex on him.

When police raided Salva's house, they found two homemade pornographic tapes, one showing Salva having oral sex with Winters.

In April 1988, Salva pleaded guilty to one count of lewd and lascivious conduct, one count of oral copulation with a person under 14 and three counts of procuring a child for pornography. At his sentencing hearing, a prosecutor said Salva appeared to seek jobs where he could work with children. Salva has written children's books and in 1985 worked at the Crawford Village Child Care Center in Concord.

Rated PG-13, the $ 10 million "Powder" is Salva's first mainstream Hollywood movie. The film was made for Caravan Pictures, a production company wholly owned by Disney.

At 23 April 2014 at 11:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Apt Pupil - Naked Shutdown [Full story]
But this seemingly routine Hollywood workday soon degenerated into a nightmarish ordeal for Stockdale and four other teenage extras - or so they claimed in vividly worded lawsuits they began filing less than two weeks later. The boys' suits say that although they'd been promised their roles wouldn't involve nudity, once they entered the set, Singer and other crew members "commanded blaringly and screamingly" that they strip. The youths were then forced to stand naked for more than four hours as the cameras rolled and an "obviously homosexual" set photographer snapped pictures of them in "indecent positions," their lawsuits allege.

Gordon and Rub planted another attention - grabbing claim in their suits: that some or all of the defendants were "known homosexuals."

The boys further claim that the crew subjected them to "ogling, leering, and suggestive glances." One crew member, Stockdale says, told him that if he left the set or refused to perform naked, he'd be fired. Director Singer cast a particularly dark shadow over the set, erupting in "multiple fits of rage," Stockdale claims. By the time the cameras were turned off for the day, the boys' lawsuits say, they'd been subjected to sexual harassment, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, and other outrages by Singer and his crew.

Fed by one of the youths' attorneys to a KNBC-Channel 4 reporter, the juicy allegations were quickly picked up by other Los Angeles TV stations. Within two days after the first lawsuit was filed, L.A. TV outlets had aired no fewer than 10 stories on it, with more to come. Reporters and anchors often tilted their accounts in favor of the earnest young plaintiffs and their anguished parents, giving short shrift to rebuttals from Apt Pupil's production company, Phoenix Pictures. The shower allegations aired nationally on Johnnie Cochran's Court TV show, Cochran & Company. One of the boys and his lawyer, Marty Rub, appeared on the program, somberly relating details of what supposedly had happened on the Apt Pupil set. Upon hearing the story, the show's co-host, Rikki Klieman, turned angrily to Cochran. "Johnny, I have to say this to you," she said, her face radiating telegenic pique. "If this is true, what the plaintiffs allege, it absolutely makes my blood run cold." The media lynching of Bryan Singer and his fellow filmmakers was under way - just as the boys' lawyers had hoped.

The lawsuits named Singer and at least seven other people as defendants, along with Phoenix Pictures. But the TV news hounds overlooked the most explosive allegations in the suits: that some or all of the defendants were "known...pedophiles or pederasts," and had criminal records for "child abuse/endangerment and/or other deviant sexual conduct." Those charges, buried deep in the legal documents, were notable not only for their salaciousness but for their recklessness, since the boys' attorneys had no evidence with which to back them up.

Indeed, their lawsuits were models of sloppy research. Three defendants' names were misspelled; another defendant was completely misidentified. Rub and his co-attorney, Peter D. Gordon, also fingered as a defendant someone who at the time had no involvement with Apt Pupil whatsoever: Scott Rudin, a powerful Hollywood producer.

Relying on inaccurate information culled from Internet sites for movie buffs, Rub and Gordon believed Rudin was Apt Pupil's executive producer. Rudin - who recently produced The Truman Show - swiftly sued the two lawyers for defamation, noting that he'd dropped out of the Apt Pupil project a year before the extras entered the Eliot school showers.

Rub and Gordon hurriedly erased Rudin's name from their suits, and Gordon drafted a proposed letter of apology to the producer that bordered on pathetic.

At 23 April 2014 at 12:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

New York Times Propaganda Photos on Ukraine Exposed

At 23 April 2014 at 12:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bombing of Syrian Red Crescent Convoy Implicates NATO in War Crimes

At 23 April 2014 at 12:46 , Blogger Unknown said...

Keep going blogger boys and girls.

Wow Aang - Good Work. And commentators.

Some other comments:

1. HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS: "The Duchess of Cornwall has been left "utterly devastated" after her brother Mark Shand died from a serious head injury after falling outside a New York club.

The 62-year-old was taken to hospital last night after slipping while lighting a cigarette and hitting his head on the pavement outside an after-party for a charity event."

2. Peaches Geldorf: Died 7 April 2014; Cremated 21 April 2014.

Cause of death: Unknown. Autopsy: Inconclusive.

It didn't stop the funeral did it...

3. Another one for the list: Simon Gipps Kent

He appeared in an episode of the TV program Dr Who

The episode was called 'The Horns of The Nimmon'...

The script was clearly written by Satanists.


At 23 April 2014 at 14:15 , Blogger shirlz007 said...

and these are the people who give us Superhero films! :'-)

At 23 April 2014 at 16:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...,3708788
Ellensburg Daily Record - 6 June 1992
Media moguls hobnob at 'Grove'
By Jack Anderson and Michael Binstein

WASHINGTON - At Bohemian Grove, the annual site of the world's most exclusive frat party, even the fourth estate sometimes gets star-struck.

Mingling aong the high-level government officials and prominent heads of industry who come together each summer at the Grove is an exclusive coterie of top members of the national media. But even though they are in the business of selling information, don't expect them to ever break the Grove's golden rule: "Do not reproduce or publish scripts, pictures, music or accounts of the Grove."

The Grove earns much of its reputation from its star-studded membership roster: George Bush, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan and IBM Chairman John Akers have all been known to show up for the two booze-drenched weeks of outdoor camaraderie. But the membership also includes prominent media figures like William F. Buckley Jr., the late Malcolm Forbes and executives of The Los Angeles Times.

Some of these media magnates apparently feel more loyalty to the Grove than to their trade. Over the years, at least a dozen stories exposing some of the relationships and rituals of the Grove, written by gumshoe reporters in the employ of Grove members, have been spiked or altered before publication.
Since then, the Grove has become the setting for Old Boy Club handshaking and deal-making on a prodigious scale. It was in the camaderie of the Grove that three members - Edward Teller, Ernest Lawrence and Luis Alvares talked University of California officials into secretly funding what became the Manhattail Project.

Grove spokesmen have denied repeatedly that the nuclear bomb had its origins at the Grove, but a hiking map written by a Grove historian and recently obtained by our associate Dale Van Atta tells a different story. The map boasts of a club house built in 1903 on the banks of the Russian River. "In 1942, the Club House was the site of the meeting which conceived the Manhattan Project, resulting in the atom bomb."

At 23 April 2014 at 21:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

20. On more than one occasion, Plaintiff was flown to Hawaii when he was 17 years old. Two of these trips took place on or between August 1, 1999, and October 31, 1999, during which times his stay lasted roughly one week. Plaintiff stayed in the Paul Mitchell estate in Kailua, Hawaii, with Collins-Rector, Shackley, and others, including a number of other juvenile males. While there, the Paul Mitchell estate contained firearms, drugs, and alcohol. As in California, there was frequent sexual contact by a number of adult males with teenage males and the providing of alcoholic beverages and drugs to the young males.

21. On each occasion when Plaintiff was in Hawaii, he was required to interact with Defendant Singer while at the Paul Mitchell estate....
22. During the first of the above-mentioned trips to Hawaii, Plaintiff was instructed that he would spend the first two nights in a room with Defendant Singer...

23. The next night when Plaintiff went to take a shower after forced sexual contact with another adult, Defendant Singer entered the shower without Plaintiff's consent...

24. During the first evening of the second of the above-mentioned trips to the Paul Mitchell estate in Hawaii, Defendant Singer came to Plaintiff's room...

At 23 April 2014 at 21:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
San Diego Union Tribune - 14-Nov-1999
A celebrity getaway in paradise
Specialist makes dreams come true

If your vacation plans call for a secret hideaway in Hawaii, an expatriate from Los Angeles, Rob Dorman, can provide shelters ranging from $200 a day for a cottage on Kauai to the legendary Paul Mitchell estate on Oahu for $3,500.
In 1978, while steering Hollywood moviemakers to homes in Hawaii, Dorman came up with the idea for the company he calls Celebrity Getaways. Copycats have followed but none with Dorman's expertise. Besides the rich and famous, he caters to vacationers seeking reasonable shelter. Honeymooners, lovers. Anyone wishing to escape the daily grind for a day, a week, a month. Perhaps forever.
**** An estate on Oahu's Lanikai Beach ***** -- six bedrooms, five baths, hand-carved doors from Bali, a dance pavilion, indoor-outdoor waterfalls, a swimming pool, carp pond and a Japanese bathhouse -- is available for upwards of $3,000 a day.

Dorman's a dream salesman, a genie who leads romantics to deserted beaches with blazing sunsets -- visions to be recalled the next time one is stuck bumper-to-bumper in Southern California traffic.

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Dorman has put together a production he calls the Tour Le Grand that features a round-trip flight from the mainland by private jet, a staffed, six-bedroom estate on Oahu, trips to neighbor islands (sightseeing by helicopter and chauffeured limousine), a horse-drawn wagon tour through the storied Waipio Valley, a private luau and the use of a Ferrari. The whole glorious 10-day holiday prices out to $150,000. (For an extra $1,100 a day, Dorman will put you behind the wheel of a Lamborghini.)

Once he sent rock star Rod Stewart by private jet to a luncheon engagement on Maui -- a four-hour fest that cost a tidy $3,800, lunch and jet included.
Hawaii - Oahu - *** Kailua/Lanikai ***

Paul Mitchell Estate 7BR
7 Bedrooms, 9+ Baths, A/C, Pool, Spa, Gym, Office, Furo, Water Features, Ponds, Beachfront
Last Revised 03/10/2014

At 23 April 2014 at 21:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Buzzfeed - April 23, 2014
Inside Bryan Singer’s Wild Hollywood World

In the wake of the lawsuit alleging Singer sexually assaulted a minor in 1999, these are the kinds of stories that keep surfacing about the filmmaker’s private world of gay Hollywood parties and the friends who scout young men to go to them...
What is not in dispute is that, since launching his career with 1995’s The Usual Suspects and becoming a blockbuster filmmaker with 2000’s X-Men, Singer has been a fixture in the gay Hollywood party scene, hosting and attending gatherings at homes in Los Angeles that have drawn anywhere between a few dozen to 1,200 revelers, most of them very young men...
Singer, however, is not in the closet. And Egan’s suit charges that house parties frequented by young men — hosted either by Singer, or by convicted sex offender Marc Collins-Rector — were the main location where, 15 years ago, Singer allegedly promised Egan a role in a movie, fondled him, and then raped him repeatedly. (A 2007 story in Radar named Singer as one of Collins-Rector’s “acquaintances” along with Ancier and David Geffen, who invested in his online TV venture DEN.) But the men who spoke with BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity — including a good friend of Singer’s, and an industry insider who has been going to Singer’s parties for about a year — contended that they never witnessed such criminal behavior by Singer, nor of anyone underage attending Singer’s parties, although they do allege drug and underage alcohol use by both Singer and partygoers on a significant scale.

At 23 April 2014 at 23:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Pedophile Rings Rule The World

Published on Apr 23, 2014

Alex breaks down the hidden horror of rampant global pedophilia. There are numerous victims bringing their cases to be heard in Hollywood as the avalanche of evil begins to implode on itself.

A man who allegedly endured sexual abuse by numerous Hollywood executives when he was a teenager has reissued his case against them. Shedding light on the abuse has created a firestorm of controversy in Hollywood. Jon Bowne explains the current state of affairs and delves into the 32 Billion Dollar global sex trade industry that claims 1 million children per year.

At 18 January 2021 at 13:20 , Blogger Neilly Free Mind said...

Thank you so much.


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