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Helen Mirren.

Jewish actress Helen Mirren's aunt was Irene Danischewsky (Irene Mironoff).

Irene Danischewsky was the lover of the American spy Tyler Kent, who worked for the Nazis.


Tyler Kent, whom the US Department of State decided not to prosecute for working as a spy for the Nazis. Tyler Kent

Some people believe that certain upper class fascists and certain upper class Jews are in alliance.

Helen Mirren's grandfather was a Tsarist-Russia army officer who came to Britain to negotiate arms deals for the Russian government in 1916 and decided to remain here.

Irene Danischewsky met the young American Tyler Kent in 1940.

Tyler Kent worked at the US embassy in London and smuggled documents to the Nazis.

Tyler Kent, as a fan of the Nazis, was naturally interested in flagellation.

Irene was married and Tyler had lots of lovers.

Helen Mirren's father did not fight during World war II.

He was declared unfit for military service.

Tyler returned to the USA at the end of the war.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Actress Helen Mirren, who has played the part of a Mossad agent.

In Israel, in the late 1980s, author Julia Pascal met a former agent of Mossad.

(Honeypot: The startling story of the killer in heels)

The Mossad agent was blonde and Swedish.

Julia Pascal has written a play about an agent of Mossad called Susanne.

According to Pascal (Julia Pascal.):

"Susanne is raised a Swedish Christian by her father who was in fact a hidden Jew...

"When Susanne discovers this, she finds a whole new unexplored identity which leads her to Israel to join Mossad, to use her intelligence and her body as a honeypot."

Mariella Novotny

Mossad makes great use of sexy female agents.

In 1986, Mordechai Vanunu revealed that Israel had nuclear weapons.

While Vanunu was in London, negotiating his story with the UK's Sunday Times, he met a blonde tourist called Cindy

Cindy was very critical of Israel.

Cindy invited Vanunu to come with her to Italy.

In Rome, Vanunu woke up naked and blindfolded, with his wrists and ankles tied.

He had been kidnapped by Mossad.

Cindy's real name was Cheryl Ben Tov, or Cheryl Hanin.

One of the most famous female spies was Mariella Novotny, who was reportedly Jewish.

(aangirfan: DOUBLE AGENTS)

Novotny was involved with J F Kennedy and UK government minister Jack Profumo.

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