Tuesday 15 April 2014


Pop star Cliff Richard was a close friend of the BBC journalist Jill Dando.

In 1999, Jill Dando was murdered by a professional hitman outside her home in Gowan Avenue in London.

Jill Dando and Cliff Richard

Jill rarely visited her home in Gowan Avenue.

Only a handful of close friends and relatives could have known she would be there on that particular day.

Reportedly, Jill was investigating a pedophile ring involving the top people.

Cliff Richard was interviewed by the police investigating the shooting.

Why was Cliff Richard interviewed by Jill Dando murder police...

Kate's doctor Alan Farthing and the murdered BBC presenter Jill Dando

Alan Farthing was part of the medical team responsible for the birth of Kate and William's new baby, Prince George.

Alan Farthing is the Queen's Gynaecologist.

Alan Farthing was the fiance of the BBC TV presenter Jill Dando.

Cliff Richard was a close friend and confidante of Jill Dando.

Savile and William's mother Diana.

Jill Dando's BBC colleague Nick Ross is married to Sarah Caplan the cousin of Jimmy Savile's friend Esther Rantzen.

Caplan and Rantzen founded the controversial charity called Childline.

There has been speculation that the murder of Jill Dando is linked to "a VIP paedophile ring which was operating within the BBC and in the Elm Guest House and various children's homes."

More here: Jill Dando, Jimmy Savile, BBC paedophiles, Cliff ...

Jacintha Saldanha's family in mourning

In December 2012, Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse at the hospital where Kate Middleton was staying, 'was found dead.'

The official story was that she had committed suicide.

Some reports suggested that she had been murdered to shut her up.

Harvey Proctor, who was a member of the UK parliament, opened a shop in Richmond in London,  near the Elm Guest House boy brothel, which was said to have been visited by a famous pop star, a famous cabinet minister, and a man linked to MI5.

Reportedly, Harvey proctor had financial backing from former colleagues, including Michael Heseltine (former top cabinet minister) and Jeffrey Archer.

In 1992, Harvey Proctor and Neil Hamilton, then a government minister, were assaulted by two men on a 'gay bashing expedition'.

Neil Hamilton’s nose was broken in the attack in Mr Proctor’s shop in Richmond-on-Thames.

Harvey Proctor

Lord Longford.

In the 1970s, Lord Longford, friend of the child killer Myra Hindley, compiled a self-funded report into pornography.

Lord Longford invited Sir Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard to join him on a wide-ranging tour of sex industry establishments, including strip clubs in Copenhagen.

Cliff Richard, Jimmy Savile, Lord Longford, Myra Hindley


The Longford Report, in 1972, was a best-seller.

It contained a long account of sex and sadism in a boys' boarding school:

‘Sometimes the prefects did a lot of the whipping; at other times they made the third-year boys do it as well, or the second-year boys whip the first years and the first years whip each other.’


Cliff Richard and Tony Blair

Cliff Richard is close friends with 'war criminal' Tony Blair.

Tony Blair has spent time at Cliff's villa (above) in Barbados.

So, who is Cliff Richard working for?

Is this a clue?


Former UK prime minister John Major and Cliff Richard.


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At 15 April 2014 at 04:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am suddenly reminded of Willie McRae. He was an SNP man who, in 1985, died after his car went off the road and at hospital it was discovered that he had a gunshot injury to his head. He had been followed in the preceding weeks by a car with a "blocked" number plate. A friend on the police force informed him that it was likely a security services car. His death has similarities to that of Jill Dando. Both having gunshot wounds to the head and both had been investigating something of importance regarding the establishment in the months prior. I am told that a bullet behind the ear is the "professional's choice" and in Jill's case with a 22 to cause maximum damage with minimum external wounding. Not sure of the calibre in the other case or location of the wound, certainly it was missed by those at the scene as they thought it was a car crash. People seem to have bad luck when they go against powerful figures.

At 7 November 2014 at 12:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does he invite the country's top government politician - the prime minister - to his overseas villa? Nobody - nobody does that, barring Mafia and Co of course. Unless you are after some kind of favor.

And the "tired and worn out looking" excuse. What do you think of that?

At 7 May 2017 at 06:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uri Geller is a strange one too. He was the one that persuaded Michael Jackson to have the interview done by Martin Basheer. He isn't whiter than white either.


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