Tuesday 2 July 2024

Val McDermid - SNP


How could I back anyone but the SNP - Val McDermid. -

(Her latest novel is Queen Macbeth.)

'We back the Scottish Child Payment for all our children, the most ambitious measure anywhere in the UK against child poverty. 

'We refuse to implement the iniquitous bedroom tax.

We support the baby box, given to every infant born in Scotland.

'We support free prescriptions, free dental care for people under 26, free parking at hospitals, free university tuition.'


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'Every week there's a challah and we say kiddush': Keir Starmer opens up about Jewish side of family

“‘Pretty much every week there's a challah and we say kiddush with Bernard, or sometimes with Victoria's sister on Zoom’, Starmer said, referring to his father-in-law.

“He emphasized the importance of their Jewish heritage, especially for their children.

“‘We're very keen for the children to know about it, to understand it.

“‘Half of the family are Jewish, they're either here or in Israel …’”



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