Monday 1 July 2024

Postal Votes - UK vote rigged?


'Delays have been reported in Scotland and England. Postal voters constitute more than a fifth of the electorate...

'Most schools in Scotland broke up for the summer holidays at the end of June and many people who had hoped to vote by post are on holiday.'


At 1 July 2024 at 23:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just an observation.............

I do not vote personally. However (anecdotally) has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a weird consensus and common ground amongst the parties in the U.K election.

Usually (based on every General Election ever) election posters and materials can be seen in every town village and city. Lamposts have little coloured posters and the candidates name on them - everywhere, with all parties visible and represented. Not so this election year - nothing anywhere.

I'm basing my observations in Southern Scotland. Maybe others have a different experience and are seeing the usual election stuff everywhere. I have visited a number of towns around the country (in just the last week) and haven't seen anything (conspicuous by their absence).

I've been in the Scottish Borders Edinburgh, Dumfries and Galloway, Lanarkshire and Fife and haven't seen anything. For there to be nothing anywhere, all the major parties must have got a memo or met to agree an election programme or something - nobody appears to have 'broke ranks' and put up their own posters and materials.

Is this Twilight Zone moment of democratic indifference a 'nod' to the end of democracy itself or is it nothing at all and 'move along - nothing to see here's.

Just wondered.

At 2 July 2024 at 04:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No posters in NW London where I live either. Literally, I've seen one. One. If people are proud to vote Labour, they're not showing it by putting up posters outside their homes.


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