Friday 23 February 2024

Executing handcuffed kids

Top general locked away evidence of SAS executions


16 Nov 2023 — ... SAS soldiers were claiming to have executed handcuffed detainees in Afghanistan.


At 24 February 2024 at 14:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

VC awarded Ben Robert Smith - put a gun to the head of a teenage Afghan boy blowing his brains out. He then turned & said to his SAS mates: "That was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen." Our friend Nathan Bewes, only son of Gary Bewes, was blown up in Afghanistan. His death revealed the unit command were away doing heavens knows what leaving the inexperienced in command. Ben Robert Smith has still not been charged. It is the murderers like him who instead of 'winning the hearts & minds' turned Afghan peoples' feelings of hatred up to max. Quote: "It has been well documented that Australian Defence Force (ADF) soldiers has been involved in war crimes in Afghanistan. A four year inquiry into the ADF war crimes in Afghanistan has revealed at least 23 deadly incidents where at least 25 ADF soldiers where involved. These soldiers were part of the Special Air Service (SAS) regiment, and have killed at least 39 Afghan civilian including women and children.

Unfortunately, this has not been well broadcast in mainstream Australian media. It is somewhat lamentable that average Australians, or at least mainstream media, does not seem to bat an eyelid on the deaths of Afghan civilians. For instance, Channel 7 has been particularly quiet on this issue."


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