Tuesday 30 January 2024

French Farmers - 'to starve Paris'

INCREDIBLE SCENES 🚜🇫🇷 Thousands of farmers arriving on the motorway to BLOCKADE the city of Paris in protest against the green agenda.

Breaking News: Macron under pressure and blockade of Paris intensifies Macron has deployed armoured vehicles to stop the farmers from blocking roads. The police officers are reported to be sympathetic to the farmers and understand how disloyal Macron is to the French people. Nevertheless the situation is increasing in intensity. While Macron and his globalists have always managed to stop protestors on foot, taking on the farmers who have the capability to knock over and push the armoured vehicles out of the way is quite another matter. Paris is under blockade and its highly likely that this situation will continue indefinitely such is the anger at the globalists and their war on the farming industry. Freedom Train International supports the farmers in France and around the world. Its time to resist the globalists Join us freedomtraininternational.org

🇫🇷 “Being French in 2024…means being able to be Prime Minister while being comfortable with being homosexual…” says Gabriel Attal today… …while there is a Farmers’ rebellion & blockades throughout the country.

🇫🇷 | In Creuse, France, farmers attacked a police station with manure! #Creuse #FarmersProtest #France

The French farmers are showing them that they aren’t playing around. French highways burn in several areas. #France #FrenchFarmers #AgriculteursEnColeres #strike #protests #Macron

The A6 motorway leading into Paris is now completely blocked by French Farmers.


At 31 January 2024 at 10:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

GABRIEL ATTAL IS HALF JEWISH < HIS FATHER IS JEWISH < HIS FORMER GAY PARTNER SAID THIS Séjourné criticized South Africa's ICJ genocide case against Israel, saying "To accuse the Jewish state of genocide is to cross a moral threshold." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St%C3%A9phane_S%C3%A9journ%C3%A9 AND https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabriel_Attal


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